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08 December 2016
Study Finds Salmon Migration Affected by Fear
SWEDEN - What makes young salmon decide to leave their rivers and head out to Sea has been a hot topic for decades now. Current research from Umeå University in...
06 June 2016
Microplastic Particles Found to Threaten Fish Larvae
SWEDEN - In a new study researchers from Uppsala University found that larval fish exposed to microplastic particles during development displayed changed behaviors...
31 May 2016
New Research Shows Negative Effects of Nanoplastics
SWEDEN - Plastic accounts for nearly eighty per cent of all waste found in our oceans, gradually breaking down into smaller and smaller particles. New research from...
04 May 2016
Do Fish Survive in Streams in Winter?
Most stream-resident fish stay throughout winter despite the ice. This has been shown by Christine Weber, previous researcher at Umeå University, by tagging trout...
16 March 2016
Small Brain is Good for the Immune System – If You Are a Fish
SWEDEN - Having a small brain may provide immune benefits, at least if you are a guppy. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society shows...
09 March 2016
Oestrogen in Birth Control Pills has Negative Impact on Fish
SWEDEN - A new doctoral thesis from Lund University in Sweden shows that hormones found in birth control pills alter the genes in fish, which can cause changes in...
14 October 2015
Accurate Migration Timing Prolongs Pike Life Expectancy
SWEDEN - New research from Linnaeus University based on migrating pike in the Baltic Sea reveals how behaviors such as punctuality, flexibility and fine-tuning of...
17 May 2012
OIE: Koi Herpesvirus Outbreak in Sweden
SWEDEN - An outbreak of Koi herpesvirus disease has been reported to the OIE by Mr Leif Denneberg, Director and Head of Department, Department for Animal Production...
13 January 2012
Traces of Many Drugs Found in Swedish Waters
SWEDEN - High levels of the anti-inflammatory substance diclofenac are released from wastewater plants, according to a study from IVL Swedish Environmental Research...
10 November 2011
Fish Enzyme Can Demonstrate Environmental Toxins
SWEDEN - The level of the enzyme carbonyl reductase (CBR) is elevated in the livers of fish that have been exposed to cleaned wastewater. Scientists at the University...
10 June 2011
Will The Eel Survive?
SWEDEN - Researchers from the University of Gothenburg are questioning whether the critically endangered European eel will survive its management plan or whether...
08 December 2010
Research Identifies That Trout Have Personalities
SWEDEN - Personality is not just a feature unique to humans and pets. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have revealed that also brown trout have individual...
09 February 2010
Outbreak Of Marteilia Refringens
SWEDEN - An outbreak of Marteilia refringens in common sea mussels has been reported in Sweden. ...
19 December 2008
SCN to Start Studies on NGNA against Salmon Virus
SWEDEN - Recent studies have shown that the natural substance NGNA has good effect on several viruses. Now, the Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition are planning to start...

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