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21 October 2013
Fish Welfare/Transportation Scholarships Open
UK - The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) is calling for applications for its 2014 Dorothy Sidley Memorial Scholarships. ...
08 October 2013
Commission Urged to Deliver New Framework for Animal Welfare Law
EU - On World Animal Day (Friday, 4 October), a symbolic day for all animals and their supporters, Eurogroup for Animals presented the European Commission with its...
24 September 2013
Understand Stress to Improve Salmon´s Success in Aquaculture
GLOBAL - Researchers at Uni Research AS have shown that stress can affect salmon's ability to learn and remember, possibly explaining why many salmon do not return...
15 August 2013
Aqua Nor 2013: New Research Tests for Sealice Resistance
NORWAY - New research by PatoGen has been testing for sealice resistance, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor, from Aqua Nor 2013, Trondheim, Norway....
14 August 2013
Lamprey Fish Still Parched Following Drought
AUSTRALIA - The Lamprey fish has no jaw, a sucker-like mouth and it swims between the estuary of the Coorong and the fresh water of the lower Murray to complete...
06 August 2013
Protection is Better than Cure for Young Salmonids
GLOBAL - ‘Prevention is better than cure’, as the old saying goes and nowhere is this truer than in aquaculture where optimising the management and control of...
02 August 2013
Robotic Fish Trigger Fear in Zebrafish
US - The latest in a series of experiments testing the ability of robots to influence live animals shows that bio-inspired robots can not only elicit fear in zebrafish,...
26 July 2013
Who Should Set Food Safety, Health, Welfare Rules in the EU?
UK - A new government report of the roles of the EU and the national government in legislating for animal health and welfare and food safety indicates overall support...
24 July 2013
Research to Improve Hydraulic Design of Fish Passage System
SPAIN - University of Valladolid's Applied Ecohydraulics Group (GEA) has developed a software capable of calculating the design and simulate fish scales....
16 July 2013
EFSA Launches Consultation into Guidance on Stunning Practices
EU - The European Food Safety Authority has launched a public consultation on the draft guidance on criteria to evaluate studies on the effectiveness of stunning...
11 July 2013
EFSA Marks First 10 years, Preparing for Future Challenges
EU - The European Food Safety Authority has shown that great advances have been made over the last year in key scientific areas such as risk-based approaches to...
05 July 2013
Copper Prevents Fish from Avoiding Danger
CANADA - Fish fail to detect danger in copper-polluted water. A new study, to be presented at the meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology on the 5 July,...
02 July 2013
Boat Noise Stops Fish Finding Home
UK - Boat noise disrupts orientation behaviour in larval coral reef fish, according to new research from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Liège. ...
Laos' New Mekong Dam Pushes Giant Catfish Toward Extinction, Says WWF
VIET NAM - A dam being constructed downstream on the Mekong River will pose a new threat to a giant catfish species with an already dwindling population, according...
19 June 2013
'Tailing' Spiny Lobster Larvae to Protect Them
US - The commercial value of spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) in the Caribbean reaches $1 billion annually, thus making it one of the most valuable fisheries in the...
14 June 2013
Fish Welfare for Disease Prevention
ANALYSIS - The key to disease prevention is the maintenance of good fish welfare among the stock according to Dr Sunil Kadri the managing director of Europharma...
12 June 2013
Plunging Fish Numbers Linked to Dam Releases
AUSTRALIA - A significant decline in the numbers of native fish in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin may be linked to released dam water being too cold for breeding....
30 May 2013
Experts Seek Approach to Combat Fish Diseases
INDIA - A two-day workshop on national surveillance programme for aquatic animal diseases held at the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources concluded on Tuesday...
29 May 2013
World Veterinary Congress - Aquatic Veterinary Programme
CZECH REPUBLIC - Don’t miss out on an Aquatic Veterinary Programme to beat all others. Earn up to 30 hours of Veterinary Continuing Education & Professional Development...
24 May 2013
New Barrier to Stop Invasive Crayfish
EU - New barriers have been developed to prevent invasive American signal crayfish from moving upstream and colonising important European crayfish habitat. The...
21 May 2013
Shellfish Abundance Risky for the Future
UK - Overfishing has reduced fish populations and biodiversity across much of the world's oceans. In response, fisheries are increasingly reliant on a handful of...
20 May 2013
Call for Action to Boost EU Aquaculture Sector
BRUSSELS - A call has gone out for European-wide action to take into account the special needs of the aquaculture sector and boost fish health in Europe, writes...
10 May 2013
Plastic Litter Found in Fish Guts
UK - Tiny pieces of plastic are being taken up by a range of different fish species with unknown effects on their health, according to a new study....
London Zoo Launches Global Appeal to Save Critically Endangered Fish
UK - Aquarists at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) London Zoo are launching an urgent worldwide appeal to find a female mate for the last remaining males of...
23 April 2013
Oyster Farmers to Benefit from Fusion Marine Appointment
UK - Aquaculture equipment specialist Fusion Marine has been appointed as the UK distributor and support company for an innovative new oyster farming system....
05 April 2013
Fish Welfare Challenges Still Faced in Aquaculture Industry
ANALYSIS - Despite all the excellent progress that has been made into fish welfare, Pete Southgate of Fish Vet Group, speaking at the GlobalGAP meeting in Madrid,...
02 April 2013
Ethics, Antibiotics, Consumer Opinion Shaping Buying Decisions
ANALYSIS - The ethics of meat production are issues that many consumers decide upon away from the supermarket, but as soon as they enter the store other driving...
27 March 2013
Correct Care helps Salmon Smolt Tackle Stressful move to Sea Cages
NORWAY - With correct physical exercise and good health screening, salmon smolt will become stronger and better at tackling the stress of being transferred to sea...
25 March 2013
Importance of Sustainability Growing for Food Industry
ANALYSIS - Sustainability is becoming a major item for the food industry around the world, as resources become more restricted and demand grows....
19 March 2013
EU Earmarks €15m for Food and Feed Safety Testing
EU - The European Commission is to grant a total of €15 million for 2013 to support the 44 EU Reference Laboratories (EU-RLs) designated for food and feed safety...
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