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26 September 2012
2013 Welfare Conference: Call for Abstracts
SPAIN - The UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium will be held in Barcelona in July 2013; the organisers have put out a first call for abstracts....
25 September 2012
Stunning Salmon - With a Focus on Welfare and Quality
NORWAY - Nofima and the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) held a meeting on the stunning and slaughter of salmon. The focus was on knowledge and...
20 September 2012
Does Higher Welfare Mean Better Nutrition?
GLOBAL - Higher-welfare animal products were shown to have a number of nutritional benefits over intensively-reared animal products, in a new study by Compassion...
11 September 2012
AQUA 2012 Review : The Importance of Knowledge Transfer
ANALYSIS - The Czech Republic was home to AQUA 2012 last week as thousands of scientists, academics and farmers gathered in the beautiful historic city of Prague,...
Swim Tunnel for Fish Can Improve Quality and Profitability
NORWAY - Researchers at the food research institute Nofima have built a swimming tunnel to measure how fish react to different types of fishing gear....
07 September 2012
Marine Harvest Committed to be GLOBAL G.A.P. Certified Worldwide
GLOBAL - Norwegian based aquaculture and fisheries company Marine Harvest is now in the process of implementing GLOBAL G.A.P. Certification for all of its salmon...
06 September 2012
AQUA 2012: Minimising Pain of Eyestalk Ablation in Freshwater Prawn
CZECH REPUBLIC - Carlos Sainz-HernJuan from the Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacipara el Desarrollo Integral Regional (CIIDIR IPN -SINALOA), Mexico, has examined...
AQUA 2012: Blue Gravel Enhances Welfare of Gilthead Seabream
CZECH REPUBLIC - Nafsika Karakatsouli from the University of Athen, Greece, has looked at fish preference to different coloured gravel substrate layers. This work...
05 September 2012
New Fish Welfare Technology Available
NORWAY - Since 2009, researchers from the Institute of Marine Research, Nofima and the University of Oslo have developed new technology to measure the environmental...
28 August 2012
Mekong Dams Could Rob Millions of Their Primary Protein Source
GLOBAL - Hydropower dams planned for the lower mainstem of the Mekong River could decimate fish populations and with them the primary source of protein for 60 million...
23 August 2012
Cuttlefish gets a Boost From Olympic Dam Delay
AUSTRALIA - The shelving of BHP Billiton's A$30 billion Olympic Dam mine expansion in South Australia has caused disappointment for some, but for others it's brought...
Scientific Analysis Confirms MSC Certified Seafood Harvested from Healthy Stocks
GLOBAL - The first comprehensive analysis of fish stocks targeted by MSC certified fisheries has concluded that stocks are healthy and well-managed to ensure continuing...
20 August 2012
Winter Survey Finds Gladstone Fish Healing
AUSTRALIA - Fish sampling conducted in June and July has found fish health in Gladstone waters is continuing to improve, even in the tougher conditions of winter....
Combating Destructive Fishing in Greece Discussed
GREECE - EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki met with Member of the European Parliament for the Greens, Nikos Chrysogelos and his colleagues on the island of Paros in...
14 August 2012
Focus on Fish Quality Brings Better Animal Welfare
AUSTRALIA - The Aquatic Animal Welfare Working Group (AAWWG), which operates under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS), has established a set of overarching...
08 August 2012
Weather Causes Huge Fish Kill in Srinagar's Nigeen Lake
INDIA - Thousands of fish have died in the Nigeen Lake in the Hazratbal area of the city apparently due to an abrupt change in weather conditions over the past 48...
26 July 2012
Funding to Improve Animal Welfare
UK - The NC3Rs has announced 21 new grants totalling £5.1 million for research to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in science - referred to as 'the...
25 July 2012
Eye Disease Increasing Among Kinneret Tilapia
ISRAEL - A contagious virus targeting the eyes of tilapia fish in Lake Kinneret has lately become more prominent in the country’s Galilee oasis....
19 July 2012
Application Underway for Irish Salmon to Receive Protected Status
NORTHERN IRELAND - The consultation process has been launched for the application of ‘Irish Salmon’ for registration as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)....
18 July 2012
Misreporting Shrimp Catches Results in Significant Fines for Four Harvesters
CANADA - Investigations by fishery officers with Fisheries and Oceans Canada have resulted in the convictions of four commercial harvesters who misreported their...
17 July 2012
Know Fishing Rules at Mt Crosby Weir or Risk Fines
AUSTRALIA - People looking to enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing in the southeast are reminded to familiarise themselves with rules around where they can and can't...
16 July 2012
Alga Persists Along East China's Coast
CHINA - A massive algae "green tide" is likely to persist in East China's beachside resort of Qingdao for the next few days, although thousands of tonnes of the...
12 July 2012
Threatened Sharks, Rays Granted Protection in the Mediterranean
MEDITERRANEAN - Ten species, including hammerheads, tope, and shortfin mako, will now be strictly protected under the Barcelona Convention....
11 July 2012
Copper Found to Make Salmon More Vunerable to Predators
US - Minute amounts of copper from brake linings and mining operations can affect salmon to where they are easily eaten by predators, says a Washington State University...
10 July 2012
Fish Learn to Cope in a High CO2 World
GLOBAL - Some coral reef fish may be better prepared to cope with rising CO2 in the world’s oceans – thanks to their parents....
ISA Confirmed at Farm in Newfoundland
ANALYSIS - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed that Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) has been found at a commercial aquaculture facility in Newfoundland...
05 July 2012
Double Nets Are Not a Lasting Solution for Cod
NORWAY - Double standard multi-filament nylon thread will not constitute a lasting solution to prevent escapes of fish from aquaculture, according to a report by...
28 June 2012
Animal Rights Group Calls for Ban on Scottish Farmed Salmon
US/UK - Animal rights groups the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) and Save Our Seals Fund (SOSF) are now calling on the US Government to ban...
Release of Salmon Ordered on River Wye to Safeguard Stocks
UK - A new byelaw has come into force on the River Wye this week (27 June) aimed at safeguarding its salmon and sea trout population, Environment Agency Wales has...
27 June 2012
MSC Award for Scottish Mussels
UK - Scottish rope grown mussels from the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group (SSMG) have achieved the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council. ...
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