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29 May 2017
Hope to breed out PD risk
A breakthrough which makes possible to breed fish with natural resistance to pancreas disease (PD) in Atlantic salmon has been made by Nofima, SalmoBreed and other...
09 May 2017
Losses mount for GM salmon firm
AquaBounty, the biotechnology company known for its GM AquaAdvantage salmon strain, has posted losses of just over $2 million for the first quarter of 2017, compared...
31 March 2017
Boost for Pacific cleanerfish project
A project to research the potential of using kelp perch and pile perch to pick sea lice off farmed Atlantic salmon is one of three to land funding from British Columbia’s...
16 March 2017
Optimism despite mounting losses for GM salmon firm
The head of AquaBounty claims the company had “a highly successful year”, despite posting a loss of $8.5 million in 2016 – up from $7.0 million the year before....
27 February 2017
Mini Eyeless Catfish Finally Given a Name
GLOBAL - After almost four decades, an elusive, eyeless catfish measuring less than an inch now has a name and a detailed description, thanks to two scientists from...
17 February 2017
New Methods Further Discern Extreme Fluctuations in Forage Fish Populations
US - New research, building on the pioneering work of Soutar and Isaacs in the late 1960s and others, shows in greater detail that such forage fish stocks have undergone...
16 February 2017
GM Foods: Why Presenting 'Just the Facts' Won't Work
AUSTRALIA - When it comes to controversial science issues, scientists need to rethink their approach to engaging the public, according to the authors of a new study...
15 February 2017
Cultivated Scallops Populations Develop Distinct Genetic Structure
GERMANY - The scallop is one of the largest edible molluscs, and gourmets consider it to be a great delicacy. To meet this demand, the fishing industry cultivates...
08 February 2017
Weekly Overview: Rare Ice Age Fish Filmed in Derwent Water
GLOBAL - A rare fish that is thought to be from the Ice Age has been caught on video for the first time at a lake in Cumbria, UK....
07 February 2017
Rare Ice Age Fish Filmed in Derwent Water
UK - A rare fish that is thought to be from the Ice Age has been caught on video for the first time at a lake in Cumbria....
03 February 2017
New Technology Detects Multiple Fish Species Through DNA Analysis of Seawater
JAPAN - A Japanese research group has used a new technology that identifies multiple fish species populating local areas by analyzing DNA samples from seawater,...
02 February 2017
Ocean Acidification Can Also Promote Shell Formation, New Research Finds
GLOBAL - Fact: More carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air also acidifies the oceans. It seemed to be the logical conclusion that shellfish and corals will suffer, because...
31 January 2017
Weekly Overview: New Species of Catfish Discovered in Myanmar
ANALYSIS - A new species of catfish has recently been discovered in Myanmar....
27 January 2017
New Crab Species Discovered in the Caribbean
BONAIRE, CARIBBEAN - Recent underwater photographs and video obtained using scuba equipment by underwater photographer Ellen Muller at dive sites in the National...
25 January 2017
Chinese Scientists Discover New Species of Catfish in Myanmar
MYANMAR - During a survey of the freshwater fishes of the Mali Hka River drainage in the Hponkanrazi Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar, scientists Xiao-Yong Chen, Tao...
New Research Shows Limpets are Construction Workers of the Seashore
IRELAND - New research from a beach-roaming biomechanics engineer paints a surprisingly industrious picture of limpets -- the marine snails that are abundantly plastered...
19 January 2017
AquaBounty Completes NASDAQ Listing, Raises $25m for Commercialisation of GM Salmon
US - AquaBounty Technologies has completed the listing of its common shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market and finalized the equity subscription from Intrexon....
11 January 2017
Wastewater Treatment Upgrades Result in Major Reduction of Intersex Fish
CANADA - Upgrades to a wastewater treatment plant along Ontario's Grand River led to a 70 per cent drop in fish that have both male and female characteristics within...
10 January 2017
Researchers Express Optimism Over Transgenic Chinese Carp
CHINA - Chinese researchers who created a rapidly growing “giant” transgenic carp have expressed cautious optimism it will one day land on dining tables....
03 January 2017
Fish Gene Bank to Help Cope with Climate Change
INDIA - Experts have recommended setting up a common gene bank for vulnerable fish species as well as setting up fish sanctuaries in order to mitigate the impacts...
30 December 2016
Why Fish Send Red Signals in the Deep Blue Sea
GERMANY - Tübingen University biologists discover the many meanings of fluorescence where colors fade....
29 December 2016
Rockfish Siblings Shed New Light on How Offspring Diffuse and Disperse
US - A splitnose rockfish's thousands of tiny offspring can stick together in sibling groups from the time they are released into the open ocean until they move...
Female Fish Judge Males on DIY Skills, Study Shows
GLOBAL - An international team has showed that male fish build nests to suit local environments - and females judge males on their ability to respond to changing...
21 December 2016
Study Finds Barramundi at Risk From Acid Oceans
AUSTRALIA - Wild barramundi populations are likely to be at risk under ocean acidification, a new University of Adelaide study has found....
13 December 2016
Scientists Reveal How Fish Adapt to Toxic Levels of Pollution
UK - A new report identifies the genetic mechanism responsible for evolutionary adaptation to toxic pollution observed in wild Atlantic killifish populations....
12 December 2016
New Worldfish Strategy Targets Increased Sustainable Fish Production
GLOBAL - A new six-year strategy launched by WorldFish aims to boost sustainable aquaculture production and small-scale fisheries in developing countries, at the...
09 December 2016
Northern Sockeye Salmon Found to Manage Heat Stress
US - Sockeye salmon that evolved in the generally colder waters of the far north still know how to cool off if necessary, an important factor in the species' potential...
Two New Basslet Species Discovered in the Caribbean
GLOBAL - Living in deep reefs in the Atlantic Ocean, the banded basslet, a small and colorful species with a wide range of distribution, has long been thought to...
08 December 2016
Study Finds Salmon Migration Affected by Fear
SWEDEN - What makes young salmon decide to leave their rivers and head out to Sea has been a hot topic for decades now. Current research from Umeå University in...
Why the Flounder is Flat
GERMANY - Scientists have long been puzzled by the flounder's asymmetrical physiology. The mechanism that triggers the unusual asymmetry has now been identified...
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