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16 March 2017
Optimism despite mounting losses for GM salmon firm
The head of AquaBounty claims the company had “a highly successful year”, despite posting a loss of $8.5 million in 2016 – up from $7.0 million the year before....
17 February 2017
New Methods Further Discern Extreme Fluctuations in Forage Fish Populations
US - New research, building on the pioneering work of Soutar and Isaacs in the late 1960s and others, shows in greater detail that such forage fish stocks have undergone...
19 January 2017
AquaBounty Completes NASDAQ Listing, Raises $25m for Commercialisation of GM Salmon
US - AquaBounty Technologies has completed the listing of its common shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market and finalized the equity subscription from Intrexon....
29 December 2016
Rockfish Siblings Shed New Light on How Offspring Diffuse and Disperse
US - A splitnose rockfish's thousands of tiny offspring can stick together in sibling groups from the time they are released into the open ocean until they move...
09 December 2016
Northern Sockeye Salmon Found to Manage Heat Stress
US - Sockeye salmon that evolved in the generally colder waters of the far north still know how to cool off if necessary, an important factor in the species' potential...
05 December 2016
Researchers Use Genes as HAB Early Warning System
US - In one of the most comprehensive studies to date, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have sequenced the genes of a harmful algae bloom...
17 October 2016
Why Midshipman Fish Only Hum At Night
US - Research has found that Midshipman fish hum repetitively at night when it is time to breed, in an attempt to attract females to their nests for spawning....
05 October 2016
Environmental DNA Used to Provide Early Detection of Invasive Crayfish
US - A University of Illinois researcher and his colleagues have analyzed environmental DNA (eDNA) to successfully detect the presence of the highly invasive rusty...
14 September 2016
Female Fish can Favor Sperm from Preferred Males
US - Ovarian fluid released with eggs during spawning of ocellated wrasse favors sperm from the nest-tending males preferred by females, limiting fertilisation by...
02 September 2016
Researchers Find Bivalves Live Longer at High Latitudes
US - Researchers in the Department of Earth Sciences, Syracuse University, have shown that high-latitude bivalves live longer and grow slower than those in the tropics. ...
18 July 2016
GMO Labelling Bill Passed in US
US - New legislation designed to offer consumers more information about genetically engineered ingredients in their food passed in the US House of Representatives...
22 June 2016
Modern Mussel Shells Much Thinner than 50 Years Ago
US - Shells of California mussels collected from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington in the 1970s are on average 32 per cent thicker than modern specimens,...
10 June 2016
Research Confirms Electric Eels Can Make Leaping Attacks
US - New research has revealed that eels do make leaping attacks out of the water. This discovery confirms a 200-year-old story by Alexander von Humboldt....
11 May 2016
Fish-Eyed Lens Cuts Through the Dark
US - Combining the best features of a lobster and an African fish, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have created an artificial eye that can see in the dark....
What Can We Learn From Zebrafish About Human Blood Disorders?
Genetic regulation of the various types of blood cells in zebrafish and humans is highly similar, making it relatively easy and cost-effective to perform genetic,...
05 May 2016
Crayfish May Help Restore Dirty Streams, Study Finds
US - While macroinvertebrates are a tasty food source for crayfish, a new study reveals a surprising finding: When crayfish were present in in-stream experimental...
14 April 2016
Swarming Red Crabs Captured on Video in New Southern Range
US - A research team studying biodiversity at the Hannibal Bank Seamount off the coast of Panama has captured unique video of thousands of red crabs swarming in...
07 April 2016
Minnow Rediscovered by Texas AgriLife Scientists
US - With no more "swimmable" water than thirsty West Texas has, it's hard to imagine a fish, even a minnow-sized fish could remain "missing" for more than a century....
17 March 2016
Fish Guide Design for Future Contact Lenses
US - Making the most of the low light in the muddy rivers where it swims, the elephant nose fish survives by being able to spot predators amongst the muck with a...
07 March 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fish Stomachs Help Solve Halibut Size Mystery
US - Fish stomachs could help solve the mystery of why Alaska halibut are so small for their age. Halibut weights are about one-third of what they were 30 years...
01 March 2016
Study Reveals How Fish Control Microbes Through Their Gills
US - In an effort to improve vaccines that keep farmed fish healthy, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine are interested in...
19 February 2016
New Study Finds Wild and Hatchery Fish DNA Very Different
US - A new study on steelhead trout in Oregon offers genetic evidence that wild and hatchery fish are different at the DNA level, and that they can become different...
11 February 2016
New Study Finds Fish Fins Sense Touch
US - A new study has found that the pectoral fins of fish feel touch through a surprisingly similar biological mechanism to mammals....
20 January 2016
Snapping Shrimp Sound Patterns Uncover Reef Ecosystem Secrets
US - If you put a microphone underwater near the oyster reef in North Carolina's Pamlico Sound, you can hear it: a crisp, crackling noise that sounds like someone...
31 December 2015
Killifish Project Explores Genetic Foundation of Longevity
US - Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have mapped the genome of an unusually short-lived fish, paving the way for scientists to use the...
Camouflaged Cuttlefish Employ Electrical Stealth
US - When you're as soft and delicious as a cuttlefish, evading predators is a full-time job. Not only do these squid-like creatures employ stealthy visual camouflage...
28 December 2015
Researchers Determine Marine Fish are Influenced by Food Supply
US - For years, scientific literature, as well as fisheries management and conservation efforts, has assumed that the survival of adult fish is relatively constant...
19 November 2015
AquaBounty Receives FDA Approval for GM Salmon
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved AquaBounty Technologies's New Animal Drug Application for the production, sale, and consumption of its...
04 November 2015
Electric Eel: Most Remarkable Predator in Animal Kingdom
US - The electric eel may be one of the most remarkable predators in the entire animal kingdom. That is the conclusion of Kenneth Catania, Stevenson Professor of...
13 October 2015
Fish Schools Use Two 'Gears' to Conserve Energy
US - Schools of fish and flocks of birds could use two "gears" - one slow and another fast - in ways that conserve energy, a team of New York University researchers...
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