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03 March 2015
Weekly Overview: Work On-going to Determine Virus Y Relationship to New Trout Disease
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has released more information on the new disease, which was detected in freshwater rainbow trout...
24 February 2015
Genomics to Combat Shrimp Disease
GLOBAL - White spot syndrome is one of the most serious diseases of farmed shrimp, and there is currently no effective way of combating this disease....
23 April 2014
International Research Team Sequences Rainbow Trout Genome
GLOBAL - Using fish bred at Washington State University, an international team of researchers has mapped the genetic profile of the rainbow trout, a versatile salmonid...
14 April 2014
New Weakly Electric Fish Species Discovered in Central Africa
AFRICA - Two new species of weakly electric fishes from the Congo River basin are described in the open access journal ZooKeys. One of them, known from only a single...
25 February 2014
Weekly Overview: New Trout Disease Discovered in Norway
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has discovered a new disease in hatchery rainbow trout, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
21 February 2014
Project Aims to Boost European Aquaculture through Selective Breeding
EUROPE - Globally there is an increasing demand for aquaculture products. The aquaculture sector is relatively young and there is a need to increase productivity...
12 December 2013
DNA Confirms MSC Certified Seafood Supply Chain Integrity
GLOBAL - Results of the latest round of independent DNA testing on MSC labelled products show over 99 per cent were correctly labelled. Of 320 samples tested, only...
26 November 2013
Weekly Overview: Thai Shrimp Sector on Road to Recovery
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, Thailand's shrimp sector is on the road to recovery according to analysts from Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF), writes Lucy Towers,...
12 November 2013
How Safe Are Genetically Modified Foods?
ANALYSIS – Divisions over the safety of Genetically Modified crops and foods have been sharply highlighted the last few weeks in a battle between top scientists,...
17 October 2013
Reproductive Trait in Fish Impedes Tissue Regeneration
GLOBAL - New research on the reproductive habits of zebrafish offers an explanation as to why some animals' bodies repair tissues. The research team previously noticed...
25 July 2013
Where's Waldo? A New Alien-like Species Discovered off California
GLOBAL - After nearly 25 years of searching, three scientists have finally found "Waldo". No, not the loveable bespectacled character in children's picture books,...
24 July 2013
Free Aquaculture Genomics Training Opportunities
GLOBAL - Applications are now being accepted for the second training course organised by the FP7-funded AQUAEXCEL (Aquaculture Infrastructures for Excellence in...
17 April 2013
World’s Gene Pool Crucial for Survival
GLOBAL - Conserving and making the most of the planet's wealth of genetic resources will be crucial for survival, as people will need to produce sufficient and nutritious...
16 April 2013
Weekly Overview: Second ISA Outbreak Reported in Chile
ANALYSIS - Over the last week, a further case of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been reported in Chile, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor....
21 March 2013
Aqua Gen Achieves High-Density View of Atlantic Salmon Marker Patterns
GLOBAL - Aqua Gen and the Center for Integrative Genomics (CIGENE) have collaborated with Affymetrix on a salmon genotyping array to achieve the world’s first...
20 March 2013
Latest DNA Results Confirm Integrity of MSC Chain of Custody
GLOBAL - Consumers and seafood buyers in key markets across the world can be confident that products bearing the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel are correctly...
05 March 2013
Weekly Overview: Are Effective Viral Vaccines for Aquaculture on their Way?
ANALYSIS - In this weeks news, researchers in Norway have been developing knowledge on the infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) and infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN)...
19 February 2013
Weekly Overview: Exporting Farmed Fish to the US? FDA Offers Producer Training Module
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, the US Food and Drug Administration has partnered with the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) at the...
05 February 2013
Weekly Overview: Value of Norwegian Fish Exports Bouncing Back
ANALYSIS - In this weeks news, Norway has seen a rise in value in its January fish exports, the Tortugas Ecological Reserve has had no negative affect on US fishermen,...
31 January 2013
Genetic Technologies to Improve Fish Production
GLOBAL - Fisheries experts from more than 13 countries opened the first of two consultations that could herald new ways of reducing hunger and poverty by cataloguing...
11 December 2012
MSC Scholarship Supports Fisheries Research in the Developing World
GLOBAL - The MSC has awarded a further two student scholarships to develop the knowledge and understanding of fisheries biology and management. Each student will...
11 July 2012
DNA Testing Delivers Positive Results for MSC Traceability Standard, Validation Programme
GLOBAL - Independent DNA testing on randomly selected MSC-labelled products shows that the MSC traceability certification requirements continue to deliver a very...
17 April 2012
Genebank Can Save South Asian Fish Stocks’
GLOBAL - As South Asian fish stocks rapidly dwindle through overfishing, experts have suggested the setting up of a regional genebank as a remedy....
08 February 2012
AgriMarine Exports Pacific Salmon Eggs to China
CANADA and CHINA - AgriMarine Holdings, a leader in floating solid-wall containment technology and production for sustainable aquaculture, has announced that it...
13 January 2012
University Researches Genetics of Chinese Crab
GLOBAL - The Parc Científic’s Institut Cavanilles de Biodiversitat i Biologia Evolutiva is developing a study on the Chinese crab’s genes (Eriocheir sinensis)....
21 December 2011
Hatcheries Change Salmon Genetics
GLOBAL - The impact of hatcheries on salmon is so profound that in just one generation traits are selected that allow fish to survive and prosper in the hatchery...
07 September 2011
Combating Disease In Shrimps & Carp
NORWAY and INDIA - Norwegian and Indian scientists have identified and registered gene sequences in rohu carp and shrimps. The result is extensive databases of the...
12 August 2011
Sustainable Nutrition For Aquaculture
GENERAL - The third module of the University of St Andrews online Postgraduate Diploma/MSc course in Sustainable Aquaculture hosted by, examines...
11 August 2011
Unique Immune System Found In Atlantic Cod
GENERAL - Scientists have successfully sequenced the genome for Atlantic cod. The results highlight that the Atlantic cod has evolved without a set of genes, that...
08 August 2011
Sustainable Feed: Nutritional Requirements Discussed
GENERAL - The third module of the University of St Andrews online Postgraduate Diploma/MSc course in Sustainable Aquaculture hosted by, examines...
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