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01 April 2015
Ear Bones Show Black Bream Migration Patterns
AUSTRALIA - Research from the University of Adelaide has shown that black bream fish, which are important for recreational and commercial fishing, vary their migration...
30 March 2015
Breeding Cooperative Fish Could Improve Growth Rates
NETHERLANDS - Research at the University of Wageningen has raised possibilities that breeding fish for behaviour could help to improve their growth in aquaculture....
27 March 2015
Can Genetically-Sterilised Farmed Salmon Help Save Wild Populations?
UK - Scientists at the University of East Anglia are researching whether genetically sterilising farmed salmon would prevent them from breeding with their wild counterparts....
12 March 2015
Fish Vet Group Expands Technical Offering into Zebrafish Research Industry
US - Fish Vet Group (FVG) the world’s largest provider of aquaculture veterinary and diagnostic services is expanding its US offering into the Zebrafish research...
11 March 2015
Female Killifish Are Picky When it Comes to Partners
US - A new study offers insight into a process that could lead one species to diverge into two. The study found that female killifish that avoid mating with males...
04 March 2015
Pollution Impacts on Fish to Worsen with Climate Change
UK - The impact of pollution on fish could be made dramatically worse by climate change according to a new study published in the journal PNAS....
03 March 2015
Weekly Overview: Work On-going to Determine Virus Y Relationship to New Trout Disease
ANALYSIS - In this week's news, The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has released more information on the new disease, which was detected in freshwater rainbow trout...
24 February 2015
Genomics to Combat Shrimp Disease
GLOBAL - White spot syndrome is one of the most serious diseases of farmed shrimp, and there is currently no effective way of combating this disease....
16 February 2015
Four New Fish Species Discovered in India
INDIA - Four new species of fish have been discovered in Kerala....
29 January 2015
Oil from GM Camelina Can Substitute Fish Oil in Fish Feed
UK - Oil derived from GM Camelina plants that have been modified to produce 20 per cent EPA in their seeds, is entirely suitable for feeding Atlantic salmon, according...
29 December 2014
New Research Shows Electric Eels Deliver Taser-Like Shocks
US - The electric eel - the scaleless Amazonian fish that can deliver an electrical jolt strong enough to knock down a full-grown horse - possesses an electroshock...
16 December 2014
Fish Use Chemical Camouflage from Diet to Hide From Predators
US - A species of small fish uses a homemade coral-scented cologne to hide from predators, a new study has shown, providing the first evidence of chemical camouflage...
15 December 2014
New Trout Species Discovered in Turkey
TURKEY - A group of researchers from Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Faculty of Fisheries in Turkey, have discovered a new trout species. ...
04 December 2014
MPEDA to Hold Global Tilapia Summit
INDIA - The Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA), the research and development wing of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), is to hold...
22 November 2014
Benchmark to Acquire Two Major Players in Aquaculture Breeding
UK - Benchmark Holdings PLC has announced the proposed acquisitions of the entire issued share capital of SalmoBreed AS and 81.84 per cent of the issued share capital...
14 November 2014
Shape Up Quickly – Applies to Fish Too!
SWEDEN - Fish can live in almost any aquatic environment on Earth, but when the climate changes and temperatures go up many species are pushed to the limit. The...
13 November 2014
Member States to Overrule EU on Location of GMO Crops
EU - Long-awaited draft plans to allow EU member states to restrict, or ban, the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms on their own territory...
12 November 2014
Should Member States Overrule EU on GMO Decisions?
EU - Should member states be able to overrule the EU when considering the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their territory?...
10 November 2014
New Research Finds Crustaceans Win Battle Against Being Feminised
UK - Male crustaceans can ‘lock down’ their maleness to avoid being completely feminised by seawater contaminated by feminising pollutants, according to scientists....
03 November 2014
Polluted Water Causing Female Fish to Swap Sex
EU - Hypoxia – low levels of dissolved oxygen – can cause genetically female fish to develop into males, new research has found. Hypoxia in aquatic environments...
30 October 2014
AquaBounty Resolves Panama Permitting Issues
PANAMA and US - Officials in Panama have fined AquaBounty $9500 due to a deficiency in certain local permitting requirements affecting its Panama operations....
22 October 2014
Male Bluefin Killifish Signal Different Things With Different Fins
US - They help fish swim, but fins also advertise a fish’s social standing and health. In a new study, researchers report that for the male bluefin killifish (Lucania...
16 October 2014
Aquaculture Europe 2014: New Epitheliocystis Agents in Sea Bream Investigated
GREECE - Delivering her presentation at Aquaculture Europe 2014, in San Sebastian, Spain, Helena Seth-Smith discussed how she has investigated the novel agents of...
15 October 2014
Cichlids’ Egg-Spots: How Evolution Creates New Characteristics
SWITZERLAND - The evolution of new traits with novel functions has always posed a challenge to evolutionary biology. Studying the colour markings of cichlid fish,...
09 October 2014
Blue x Channel Hybrid Catfish Provide Promising Future for US Farmers
US - The blue x channel hybrid catfish is expected to be key to the survival of the struggling commercial catfish industry in the US. The strong survival rates and...
08 October 2014
Researchers Using Breeding to Improve Cod's Resistance to Disease
NORWAY - It is important to minimise the risk of disease in cod aquaculture. Scientist Rama Bangera of Nofima has studied the effect that the cod’s genes have...
02 October 2014
Britain’s Rarest Freshwater Fish Found in Cumbrian Lake
UK - Two adult vendace, Britain’s rarest freshwater fish and a relic of the last ice age, have been found in Bassenthwaite Lake in north-West England last month,...
29 September 2014
Alaska Fish Factor: Alaska's Two Most Important Species Growing in Abundance
US - Alaska’s conservative management combined with the grace of Mother Nature are swelling the abundance of two of the state’s largest and most important fisheries....
25 September 2014
Disease Resistant Carp Fish Seed to Fetch Good Profits to Farmers
INDIA - The Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) has released disease-free Jayanti Rohu fish seed. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)...
23 September 2014
Scientists Announce Support for AquaBounty GM Salmon
US - Ninety scientists have sent a letter to President Obama this week regarding their concerns about a "damaged" FDA review/approval system for animal biotechnology...
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