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09 September 2014
Archerfish Target Prey with 'Skillfully Thrown' Water
GERMANY - Archerfish hunt by shooting jets of water at unsuspecting insects, spiders, or even small lizards on leaves or twigs above, knocking them into the water...
01 September 2014
Zebrafish Help to Unravel Alzheimer’s Disease
BELGIUM - New fundamental knowledge about the regulation of stem cells in the nerve tissue of zebrafish embryos results in surprising insights into neurodegenerative...
04 August 2014
Genomic Boost to Disease Resistance in Rohu Carp
NORWAY - A collaborative project between Norway and India has discovered markers for genes that control resistance against the bacterial disease Aeromoniasis in...
14 July 2014
Cage Farming of GIFT Tilapia Opposed in Kerala
INDIA - The Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) has expressed strong concern about a proposal sugested by the Fisheries Department to promote cage culture of...
11 July 2014
Dumped WWII Chemical Munitions Still Affecting Fish
EUROPE - Thousands of tonnes of chemical warfare agents were dumped into the Baltic Sea after the Second World War. A recent study has shown that fish caught near...
25 June 2014
Three Truths about Public’s Perception of Genetic Modification
ANALYSIS - The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the American food system is controversial. Public discourse of GMO has been characterized by polarization...
11 June 2014
Cermaq Supports Atlantic Salmon Genome Sequencing Project
CANADA - Cermaq Canada is proud to have been part of a research project which has sequenced the Atlantic salmon genome. Healthier food, more environmentally sound...
09 June 2014
Quality Fish Seed Needed to Increase Production
BANGLADESH - Experts at a workshop have stressed that annual fish production in the country can be enhanced by producing quality fish seed through practicing an...
04 June 2014
Fish Use Red Biofluorescence to Communicate
GERMANY - Tübingen University biologists have shown that marine fish use red biofluorescence to communicate....
02 June 2014
More Than Half of US Would Buy GM Fish
US - A new survey has found that most US consumers would buy genetically modified (GM) fish if approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)....
Alaska Fish Factor: Senate Appropriations Committee Passes GM Labelling Requirement
US - If genetically modified salmon gets a green light by the federal government, it will be labeled as such if US Senators on both sides of the aisle have their...
28 May 2014
Climate Change Accelerates Hybridization Between Native, Invasive Trout
US - A new article by researchers from the University of Montana, the US Geological Survey and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks asserts that climate warming is increasing...
16 May 2014
Tiny, Toothy Catfish with Bulldog Snout Defies Classification
US - Kryptoglanis shajii is a strange fish – and the closer scientists look, the stranger it gets. This small subterranean catfish sees the light of day and human...
15 May 2014
Scientists Link Unusual Fish Larva to New Species of Sea Bass
US - Identifying larval stages of marine fishes in the open ocean is difficult because the young fishes often bear little or no resemblance to the adults they will...
Genetics Used to Measure Environmental Impact of Salmon Farming
SWITZERLAND - Determining species diversity makes it possible to estimate the impact of human activity on marine ecosystems accurately. The environmental effects...
14 May 2014
WAS Adelaide: Special Session on Regional Cooperation for Improved Biosecurity
AUSTRALIA - Raising awareness of the link between genetics and disease will be addressed by the global aquaculture community at a special session on regional cooperation...
05 May 2014
18 New Species of Molluscs Discovered
SPAIN - Molluscs are invertebrates that make up one of the most numerous groups in the animal kingdom. They are everywhere, from great heights of over 3,000m above...
29 April 2014
Variable Gene Expression in Zebrafish
GERMANY - Early embryonic development of vertebrates is controlled by the genes and their “grammar”. Decoding this grammar might help understand the formation...
24 April 2014
New Electric Fish Genus and Species Discovered in Brazil
BRAZIL - Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA), Brazil, this week report that they have...
23 April 2014
International Research Team Sequences Rainbow Trout Genome
GLOBAL - Using fish bred at Washington State University, an international team of researchers has mapped the genetic profile of the rainbow trout, a versatile salmonid...
17 April 2014
Rothamsted Research Granted Permission for New GM Field Trial
UK - Rothamsted Research has got the go-ahead to carry out its GM field trial on Camelina plants that accumulate omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs)...
15 April 2014
Reef Fish Arrived in Two Waves
US - The world's reefs are hotbeds of biological diversity, including over 4,500 species of fish. A new study shows that the ancestors of these fish colonized reefs...
14 April 2014
New Weakly Electric Fish Species Discovered in Central Africa
AFRICA - Two new species of weakly electric fishes from the Congo River basin are described in the open access journal ZooKeys. One of them, known from only a single...
10 April 2014
New Species of Crayfish Discovered in Australia
AUSTRALIA - Hidden in one of Australia's most developed and fastest growing areas lives one of the world's smallest freshwater crayfish species. Robert B McCormack...
09 April 2014
Fish Discovered with Previously Unknown Type of Eye
GERMANY - The University of Tübingen’s Institute of Anatomy has discovered a fish with a previously unknown type of eye....
08 April 2014
DNA Testing Confirms Friend of the Sea Labelled Fish's Origin
ITALY - DNA analysis carried out in March 2014 by Bicocca University of Milan has confirmed that the sample of Friend of the Sea labelled products tested uses the...
01 April 2014
More Male Fish ”Feminized” by Pollution on Basque Coast
SPAIN - The UPV/EHU’s Cell Biology in Environmental Toxicology group has conducted research using thick-lipped grey mullet and has analysed specimens in six zones:...
24 March 2014
Net Loss Increased for AquaBounty in 2013
US - AquaBounty Technologies, Inc, has reported that its net loss last year increased to $4.7 million, compared with $4.4 million in 2012....
Saline Tilapia Research Completed in Dagupan
PHILIPPINES - Saline tilapia, or tilapia mollibicus, was developed in Dagupan City through 15 years of research through the joint collaboration of Filipino and French...
18 March 2014
Ecuador to Import Rainbow Trout Eggs to Improve Production
ECUADOR - The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGAP) has developed a project for aquaculture development in Ecuador....
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