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11 May 2016
Fish-Eyed Lens Cuts Through the Dark
US - Combining the best features of a lobster and an African fish, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have created an artificial eye that can see in the dark....
What Can We Learn From Zebrafish About Human Blood Disorders?
Genetic regulation of the various types of blood cells in zebrafish and humans is highly similar, making it relatively easy and cost-effective to perform genetic,...
10 May 2016
Study Gives New Insight on Oysters Shell Formation
CHINA - Researchers know that several proteins are involved in oyster shell formation, but how expression of these proteins is controlled is not well understood....
Herring Genome Proides Insight on How Species Adapt to Environment
SWEDEN - How species genetically adapt to their environment is a central question related to the evolution of biodiversity. In a new study scientists at Uppsala...
09 May 2016
Stickleback Fish Adapt Vision in the Blink of an Eye
CANADA - Stickleback fish are able to adapt their vision to new environments in less than 10,000 years, a blink of the eye in evolutionary terms, according to new...
05 May 2016
Crayfish May Help Restore Dirty Streams, Study Finds
US - While macroinvertebrates are a tasty food source for crayfish, a new study reveals a surprising finding: When crayfish were present in in-stream experimental...
04 May 2016
Do Fish Survive in Streams in Winter?
Most stream-resident fish stay throughout winter despite the ice. This has been shown by Christine Weber, previous researcher at Umeå University, by tagging trout...
21 April 2016
'Trickle of Food' Helped Deep Sea Creatures Survive Asteroid
UK - A team led by experts at Cardiff University has provided new evidence to explain why deep sea creatures were able to survive the catastrophic asteroid strike...
20 April 2016
Fighting Fiddler Crabs Call Each Other's Bluff
JAPAN - Male fiddler crabs bluff their way through fights. They also adapt their combat strategies if they have lost their original enlarged claw and have regrown...
14 April 2016
Swarming Red Crabs Captured on Video in New Southern Range
US - A research team studying biodiversity at the Hannibal Bank Seamount off the coast of Panama has captured unique video of thousands of red crabs swarming in...
07 April 2016
Researchers Discover New Virus Threatening Global Tilapia Stocks
GLOBAL - An international scientific team led by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and Tel Aviv University has identified and...
Minnow Rediscovered by Texas AgriLife Scientists
US - With no more "swimmable" water than thirsty West Texas has, it's hard to imagine a fish, even a minnow-sized fish could remain "missing" for more than a century....
06 April 2016
Researchers Find New Type of Symbiosis: Bacteria Eat Ammonia in Fish Gills
NETHERLANDS - Microbiologists and fish researchers from Radboud University have discovered that bacteria in the gills of fish convert harmful ammonia into harmless...
30 March 2016
Researchers Make Major Cavefish Discovery in Thailand
Thailand - Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), US, have identified unique anatomical features in a species of blind, walking cavefish...
17 March 2016
Fish Guide Design for Future Contact Lenses
US - Making the most of the low light in the muddy rivers where it swims, the elephant nose fish survives by being able to spot predators amongst the muck with a...
16 March 2016
Small Brain is Good for the Immune System – If You Are a Fish
SWEDEN - Having a small brain may provide immune benefits, at least if you are a guppy. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society shows...
Nothing to Stop Cobia Becoming Invasive in East Pacific, says Scientist
PANAMA - Scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have responded to claims that their recent comments over the invasive potential of cobia are...
14 March 2016
New Latin American Fish Species Identified
BRAZIL - Unidentified since its discovery in 2007, a large fish species from Amazonia has failed to give out enough information about itself, leaving only insufficient...
09 March 2016
Fish Populations Revealed Through Seawater Analysis
JAPAN - A Japanese research group has shown that measuring quantities of fish DNA in seawater can reveal how many fish inhabit that environment....
07 March 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fish Stomachs Help Solve Halibut Size Mystery
US - Fish stomachs could help solve the mystery of why Alaska halibut are so small for their age. Halibut weights are about one-third of what they were 30 years...
04 March 2016
Parasites Help Brine Shrimp Cope with Arsenic Habitat Contamination
SPAIN - Artemia (also commonly known as 'sea monkey') is famous for being able to live in extreme environments and has become a model organism used to test the toxicity...
DNA the Key to Fish's Tale of Survival
AUSTRALIA - Researchers have played the role of matchmaker to help bring two freshwater fish species back from the brink of extinction....
01 March 2016
Study Reveals How Fish Control Microbes Through Their Gills
US - In an effort to improve vaccines that keep farmed fish healthy, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine are interested in...
19 February 2016
New Study Finds Wild and Hatchery Fish DNA Very Different
US - A new study on steelhead trout in Oregon offers genetic evidence that wild and hatchery fish are different at the DNA level, and that they can become different...
12 February 2016
Why Do Some Fish Eat Their Own Eggs?
GERMANY - Many animals go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their offspring - yet some species actually eat some or all of their babies. Nor is there always...
11 February 2016
New Study Finds Fish Fins Sense Touch
US - A new study has found that the pectoral fins of fish feel touch through a surprisingly similar biological mechanism to mammals....
27 January 2016
Why do Some Fish Thrive in Oil-Polluted Water?
CANADA - Scientists thought guppies in Northern Trinidad could be a rare example of adaptation to crude oil pollution. But they found something else....
22 January 2016
Cryopreservation: A Valuable Tool for Aquaculture and Wild Fish Stocks
GLOBAL - Cryogenetics is helping to increase fish numbers through its milt preservation and fertilisation technology, and also through its diverse gene bank. These...
20 January 2016
Canadian Government Invests in Tackling Seafood Fraud
CANADA - The Government of Canada has announced funding for genomics research in plant protection and food safety regulation....
Snapping Shrimp Sound Patterns Uncover Reef Ecosystem Secrets
US - If you put a microphone underwater near the oyster reef in North Carolina's Pamlico Sound, you can hear it: a crisp, crackling noise that sounds like someone...
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