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11 February 2016
New Study Finds Fish Fins Sense Touch
US - A new study has found that the pectoral fins of fish feel touch through a surprisingly similar biological mechanism to mammals....
27 January 2016
Why do Some Fish Thrive in Oil-Polluted Water?
CANADA - Scientists thought guppies in Northern Trinidad could be a rare example of adaptation to crude oil pollution. But they found something else....
22 January 2016
Cryopreservation: A Valuable Tool for Aquaculture and Wild Fish Stocks
GLOBAL - Cryogenetics is helping to increase fish numbers through its milt preservation and fertilisation technology, and also through its diverse gene bank. These...
20 January 2016
Canadian Government Invests in Tackling Seafood Fraud
CANADA - The Government of Canada has announced funding for genomics research in plant protection and food safety regulation....
Snapping Shrimp Sound Patterns Uncover Reef Ecosystem Secrets
US - If you put a microphone underwater near the oyster reef in North Carolina's Pamlico Sound, you can hear it: a crisp, crackling noise that sounds like someone...
19 January 2016
Nofima Identifies Genetic Markers for PD Resistance
NORWAY - In cooperation with R&D partners, Nofima has identified and validated genetic markers for resistance to Pancreas Disease (PD) in Atlantic salmon....
14 January 2016
Japanese University Successfully Produces Offspring from Frozen Trout
JAPAN - Researchers at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have come up with a way to produce rainbow trout using sperm production cells extracted...
08 January 2016
Heart is Fishy Defence Against Ocean’s Dead Zones
UK - New research has revealed how the heart is one of the major factors which determine whether a fish lives or dies in oceanic Dead Zones....
31 December 2015
Killifish Project Explores Genetic Foundation of Longevity
US - Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have mapped the genome of an unusually short-lived fish, paving the way for scientists to use the...
Camouflaged Cuttlefish Employ Electrical Stealth
US - When you're as soft and delicious as a cuttlefish, evading predators is a full-time job. Not only do these squid-like creatures employ stealthy visual camouflage...
30 December 2015
Anti-Diabetic Drug Found to Cause Intersex in Male Fish
EU - A new study has found that a widely prescribed anti-diabetic, metformin, can cause intersex in male fish....
Polarization Vision Helps Fiddler Identify Rivals
UK - Fiddler crabs use polarization vision to sense the approach of rivals, scientists at the University of Bristol have found. The research, carried out in Panama,...
29 December 2015
Cichlid Fish View Unfamiliar Faces for Longer
JAPAN - Fish viewed digital models with unfamiliar fish faces longer and from a further distance than models with familiar faces, according to by Masanori Kohda...
11 Lobster Facts That Will Leave You Shell-Shocked
GLOBAL - As may of you sit down to eat lobster over the Christmas Holiday, here are 11 weird and wonderful lobster facts. ...
28 December 2015
Researchers Determine Marine Fish are Influenced by Food Supply
US - For years, scientific literature, as well as fisheries management and conservation efforts, has assumed that the survival of adult fish is relatively constant...
Fish Competitors Can Pose More of a Threat than Predators
SWITZERLAND - When the biodiversity of an ecosystem is reduced by invasive species, competition for food plays a more important role than has previously been supposed....
24 December 2015
First Malaysian Fish Genome Sequenced
MALAYSIA - A Malaysian-led research group from Monash University Malaysia has successfully sequenced the genome of a Malaysian fish: the Asian arowana. This is the...
23 December 2015
Mountain Growth Helped Spawn Fish Diversity in New Zealand
NEW ZEALAND - The growth of mountain ranges on New Zealand's South Island directly influenced the evolution of different freshwater fish species in the region, according...
11 December 2015
Saving the Endangered Eel: Could Catfish Be The Answer?
JAPAN - Kinki University has attracted much attention for becoming the first in the world to produce farmed bluefin tuna, but recently it has also succeeded in producing...
08 December 2015
Weekly Overview: Aquaculture Ship to Move Salmon Farming Further Offshore
ANALYSIS - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry, following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move...
19 November 2015
AquaBounty Receives FDA Approval for GM Salmon
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved AquaBounty Technologies's New Animal Drug Application for the production, sale, and consumption of its...
13 November 2015
New Amazonian Catfishes Form a New Genus
BRAZIL - Being close relatives within the same genus, eight catfishes showed enough external differences, such as characteristic elongated mouths, hinting to their...
06 November 2015
Researchers Discover Salmon Puberty Gene
NORWAY - Researchers have discovered that a specific gene plays a very important role in determining whether a salmon returns to spawn as a large or small salmon....
04 November 2015
Electric Eel: Most Remarkable Predator in Animal Kingdom
US - The electric eel may be one of the most remarkable predators in the entire animal kingdom. That is the conclusion of Kenneth Catania, Stevenson Professor of...
23 October 2015
Prawns Reveal the Secrets of Innovation
UK - Small and hungry prawns are more likely to be resourceful in the face of adversity than their less desperate counterparts according to new research published...
15 October 2015
EU Rejects National Bans on GM Food, Feed
EUROPE - Individual countries within the EU should not be allowed to decide to ban GM food and feed products, Environment Committee MEPs decided this week....
13 October 2015
Fish Schools Use Two 'Gears' to Conserve Energy
US - Schools of fish and flocks of birds could use two "gears" - one slow and another fast - in ways that conserve energy, a team of New York University researchers...
07 October 2015
Are Fish the Greatest Athletes on the Planet?
CANADA - When you think of the world's greatest athletes, names like Usain Bolt generally spring to mind, but scientists have discovered the best athletes could...
23 September 2015
Blue Crabs More Tolerant of Low Oxygen than Previously Thought
US - Results of a new study led by researchers at William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science show that adult blue crabs are much more tolerant of low-oxygen,...
18 September 2015
Nofima Reports Record Survival of Juvenile Cod
NORWAY - Never has the survival of juvenile cod been as high at the food research institute Nofima. Systematic improvements in all aspects of management have made...
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