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02 October 2015
Investing in Sustainable Developments for the Aquaculture Industry
Aqua-Spark, an Investment Fund for Sustainable Aquaculture, is helping pave the way towards a more sustainable, clean and healthy aquaculture industry through its...
01 October 2015
Fisheries Experts to Hold Workshop on Shrimp Diseases
INDIA - Officials of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) in association with Department of Fisheries will organise a state-level workshop on ‘Shrimp...
Addressing the Disease Challenge: A Holistic Approach from Benchmark Animal Health
GLOBAL - Disease is one of the biggest challenges effecting the aquaculture industry and Benchmark Animal Health (BAH) is making it a priority to provide a holistic...
30 September 2015
National Lobster Hatchery to Boost EU Aquaculture Thanks to £3m Investment
UK - The National Lobster Hatchery has been awarded funding for a £3 million research project to develop European aquaculture....
29 September 2015
Seafish Chef-Led Programme to Teach School Kids About Fish
UK - Seafish is launching a student chef-led pilot education programme which aims to teach children about the variety of seafood available and how it gets from the...
25 September 2015
BIOMIN Hosts Biennial Asia Nutrition Forum Across Seven Cities
ASIA - BIOMIN, a leading global animal health and nutrition company, has announced the dates for the biennial BIOMIN Asia Nutrition Forum across seven countries...
24 September 2015
Farmers Trained on Importance of Quality Fish Seed
INDIA - Quality seed is the prime requisite for aquaculture production, but getting them is the major problem faced by farmers in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the...
23 September 2015
Researchers Identify Poxvirus as Gill Disease Culprit
NORWAY - Over the last 20 years a special type of gill disease has ravaged fish farms and given high acute mortality. Researchers have now identified a special virus...
22 September 2015
SalmoBreed Makes Breakthrough in Breeding for Sea Lice, PD Resistance
NORWAY - SalmoBreed AS has achieved a major breakthrough in genetic breeding programs for Pancreas Disease (PD) and sea lice resistance through a new genetic method...
21 September 2015
FAO Launches Fish Breeding Project in Cuba
CUBA - The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is to launch a freshwater fish breeding programme in Cuba....
18 September 2015
Nofima Reports Record Survival of Juvenile Cod
NORWAY - Never has the survival of juvenile cod been as high at the food research institute Nofima. Systematic improvements in all aspects of management have made...
17 September 2015
New Study Reveals Migrant, Child Labour in the Seafood Industry
THAILAND - A new study by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and The Asia Foundation revealed physical hazards and other vulnerabilities faced by migrant...
Researchers Find Major Gaps in Understanding Risks, Benefits of Fish Consumption
US - Fish tissue is rarely measured for concentrations of both harmful contaminants and healthful nutrients across a range of species and geographic regions, say...
Feeding the Future Salmon Industry with Trees
NORWAY - As the salmon industry strives to become more sustainable, new research from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is investigating ways to increase...
16 September 2015
Experts Gather to Tackle “Ghost” Fishing Gear in Oceans
GLOBAL - Lost and abandoned fishing gear is causing irreparable damage to the world’s oceans. The World Animal Protection gathered experts from around the world...
15 September 2015
Canada Invests C$358,000 in Cleaner Fish Research
CANADA - Researchers will use a C$358,000 investment from the Government to support the growth of the provincial salmon aquaculture industry. ...
14 September 2015
'Head and Shellders' - Waste Prawn Shells Making Shampoo More Environmentally Friendly
WALES, UK - Scientists at Glynd?r University are investigating whether waste prawn shells can make the production of shampoos and laundry liquids more environmentally-friendly....
Importance of Knowledge Transfer in Aquaculture
GLOBAL - TheFishSite has always prided itself on providing cutting edge news and technical information for the aquaculture industry, and this industry knowledge...
11 September 2015
Is Biofouling a Reservoir for Fish Diseases?
NORWAY - Can fouling on fish farm nets be a carrier or reservoir of infection that spreads when the nets are cleaned? In co-operation with Uni Research Environment,...
10 September 2015
Industry Looks to Future on Final Day of World Seafood Congress
UK - The World Seafood Congress (WSC) came to a close yesterday after three days of talks, workshops and events, which saw delegates from 23 countries across the...
08 September 2015
Salmon - Norway's Most Important Livestock
NORWAY - Salmon farming has become one of Norway's most important industries in recent years, and now new research raises the fish to its rightful place as one of...
07 September 2015
Aquaponics Workshop hailed a success
UK - An Aquaponics Design Workshop run by Aquaponic Solutions and MacAlister Elliott & Partners Ltd in conjunction with the British Aquaponics Association has been...
New Fish Research Hub to be Built in Bathinda
INDIA - India is to get its second freshwater aquaculture research centre in Punjab's Bathinda district. ...
04 September 2015
Log Books Reveal Cod's Reaction to Changing Temperatures
UK - UK fisheries survey logbooks from the 1930s to 1950s have been digitised for the first time, revealing how cod responded to changing temperatures in the last...
02 September 2015
New Clam Species from Canada's Atlantic Coast Described
CANADA - Canadian scientists have described a new species of giant file clam, originally collected from deep waters off Newfoundland 30 years ago....
Meat Protein Can Help Protect Heart Health, Study Shows
UK - Eating foods rich in amino acids could be as good for your heart as stopping smoking or getting more exercise, according to new research from the University...
31 August 2015
Join TheFishSite for 'Parasites in Focus: Part One' Webinar
GLOBAL - Join TheFishSite and Fish Vet Group's Dr Andy Shinn for the 'Parasites in Focus: Part One' webinar on 29 September 2015....
28 August 2015
Nominations Open for Aquaculture Learner of the Year Award 2016
SCOTLAND, UK - Lantra Scotland is calling on tutors, trainers, teachers and employers to put forward nominations for its prestigious Aquaculture Learner of the Year...
27 August 2015
Homegrown Solution Provides Source of Nutrition for Undernourished Women, Children
BANGLADESH - A chutney and a flour made from small fish could have significant benefits for child and maternal health in areas where undernutrition is prevalent...
26 August 2015
Cape Broyle Sea Products Receives C$30,157 to Optimize Sea Cucumber Processing
CANADA - Cape Broyle Sea Products Ltd. is receiving C$30,157 through the Provincial Government’s Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program to help achieve...
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