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24 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: New Study Investigates Climate Change's Impact on Alaskan Salmon
US - A changing climate is altering rain and snowfall patterns that affect the waters Alaska salmon call home, for better or worse. A first of its kind study now...
14 October 2016
Nut-Based Feed Satisfies Trout's Protein Requirements
US - Thanks to researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), a new feed ingredient made from tree nuts is available to fish farmers....
05 October 2016
Unaturally Warm Oceans Contibuted to 2015 Toxic Algal Bloom
US - A study led by researchers at the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration connects the unprecedented West Coast toxic...
29 September 2016
University of New Hampshire Launches Aquaponics Project
US - Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have launched an integrated aquaculture farming research project that aims to provide a model for integrating...
14 September 2016
Female Fish can Favor Sperm from Preferred Males
US - Ovarian fluid released with eggs during spawning of ocellated wrasse favors sperm from the nest-tending males preferred by females, limiting fertilisation by...
01 September 2016
Over $2.4 Million Available for Bycatch Reduction Projects
US - NOAA Fisheries is awarding more than $2.4 million to partners around the country to support innovative bycatch reduction research projects through its Bycatch...
25 August 2016
Indiana to Hold Two-Day Aquaponics Conference
US - Six Purdue University faculty members whose work includes aquaculture will be giving presentations during a two-day conference on aquaponics in October...
01 August 2016
Catfish Vaccine Reports Receives Major Honour
US - Mississippi State researchers with the Thad Cochran National Warmwater Aquaculture Center at MSU’s Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville are receiving...
28 July 2016
Overfishing Not Solely to Blame for New England Cod Collapse
US - Overfishing is a known culprit of the decline of Atlantic cod off the coast of New England but now, a new study co-authored by researchers at UC Santa Barbara...
25 July 2016
Sustainable Fishery Projects get $10 million Funding
US - Approximately $10 million in funding for projects focusing on sustainable fisheries and coastal fishing communities has been made available by NOAA Fisheries....
07 July 2016
New Study Attaches Economic Value to Ocean Ecosytems
US - What is the value of the open ocean? While commercial fisheries may be one of the most obvious sources of economic value the ocean provides, they are not the...
06 July 2016
Seaweed Could Potentially Help Fight Food Allergies
US - Seaweed has long been a staple food in many Asian countries and has recently caught on as a snack food in America as a healthful alternative to chips....
27 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Eco-entrepreneurs Turning Crab Shells into New Products
US - Turning crab shells into every day products is becoming a reality for the Tidal Vision team of eco-entrepreneurs from Juneau....
17 June 2016
Elanco Opens State-of-the-Art Vaccines Innovation Center
US - Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly and Company has announced the opening of a state-of-the-art Vaccines Innovation Center whose intentional design...
Research Finds Invasive Asian Carp Responds Strongly to CO2
US - Adding carbon dioxide gas to water, a process similar to making carbonated soda water, could help control the movement and behavior of invasive carp in the...
10 June 2016
Research Confirms Electric Eels Can Make Leaping Attacks
US - New research has revealed that eels do make leaping attacks out of the water. This discovery confirms a 200-year-old story by Alexander von Humboldt....
07 June 2016
Breakthrough Made in Progress Toward Fish-Free Tilapia Feed
US - Dartmouth College scientists have discovered that marine microalgae can completely replace the wild fish oil currently used to feed tilapia, the second most...
06 June 2016
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Organism May Affect Fisheries
US - The toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense, is a photosynthetic plankton--a microscopic organism floating in the ocean, unable to swim against a current....
03 June 2016
Mars Exploration and Agribusiness May Learn From Each Other, Says Dr Gernot Groemer
GLOBAL - There may be opportunities for the cross-fertilisation of ideas between the Mars exploration research efforts and the agriculture sector, according to Dr...
18 May 2016
Shellfish Response to Ocean Acidification Depends on Other Stressors
US - A study of California mussels, a key species in the rocky intertidal ecosystems of the West Coast, indicates that the effects of ocean acidification will vary...
Fish Mercury Levels Affected by Prey Type and Quality, Study Finds
US - Whether fish hunt nearshore or in the open water and what prey they eat affect the amount of mercury that accumulates in them, a Dartmouth College study shows....
11 May 2016
Aquaponics: How to Do It Yourself
US - The National Aquaculture Association, North Central Regional Aquaculture Center and United States Aquaculture Society are offering a free webinar to help those...
09 May 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon Fishermen Offered Rebates on Pingers for Whale Protection
US - Alaska salmon fishermen can get rebates on pingers aimed at keeping baleen whales away from their gear. The six inch, battery operated tubes are tied into fishing...
06 May 2016
New Drone Helps in Protecting Overfished Species of Groupers
US - Just as the sun begins to set, for just a couple of months, hundreds to thousands of groupers gather at their favorite hangouts along the shelf breaks in the...
20 April 2016
Pollutants in Fish Inhibit Human's Natural Defense System
US - In a new study, environmental pollutants found in fish were shown to obstruct the human body's natural defense system to expel harmful toxins. The Scripps Institution...
14 April 2016
Swarming Red Crabs Captured on Video in New Southern Range
US - A research team studying biodiversity at the Hannibal Bank Seamount off the coast of Panama has captured unique video of thousands of red crabs swarming in...
13 April 2016
Cause of Maryland Food Poisoning Outbreak Traced to Asia
US - Vibrio parahaemolyticus caused an outbreak of food poisoning in Maryland in 2010. The pathogen strain sequenced from patients proved to be the same strain as...
11 April 2016
Study Finds Low Phosphorus Threat from Aquaculture in Great Lakes
US - In the past two years there has been a great deal of discussion about net-pen aquaculture in the Michigan waters of the Great Lakes. Much of the concerns around...
04 April 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Fishermen Urged to Hook Up to New Lifeline
US - Alaska fishermen can send an SOS call directly to the Coast Guard, but many are not hooking up to the new lifeline....
31 March 2016
Rights-Based Management Could Double Fish Biomass
US - New groundbreaking research shows that with improved fishing approaches, compared to business as usual, the majority of the world's wild fisheries could be...
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