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09 May 2017
Hefty funding for novel marine fish research
A project to advance aquaculture technology for high-value marine fish such as tuna and hirame (Japanese flounder) has received $1.5 million in funding....
04 April 2017
Marine research under threat
New plans to pull funding from Alaska Sea Grant a year earlier than previously announced, have inspired director, Paula Cullenberg, to issue an impassioned plea...
27 February 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Salmon Pet Treats Heading to Seldovia
US - Puppy Love will soon be putting more people to work in Seldovia, a town of less than 300 people at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula....
24 February 2017
Winners, Losers Among Fish When Landscape Undergoes Change
US - A new study by the University of Washington and Simon Fraser University has found that some fish lose out while others benefit as urban and agricultural development...
Is Training and Education American Aquaculture’s Achilles Heel?
US - There is little doubt that education and training are vital to maintaining a competent aquaculture workforce, and that in turn a competent workforce is essential...
21 February 2017
NOAA Sea Grant Hopes to Boost US Aquaculture with $10 million in Funding
US - Depending on appropriations, NOAA Sea Grant expects to have available a total of $10,000,000-$12,000,000 across fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 for a national...
23 January 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Candied Salmon Ice Cream, Poke Snack Kits and Salmon Bisque Baby Food
US - Candied salmon ice cream…poke snack kits…salmon bisque baby food… fish skin tote bags and pet oils. Those are among the more than 20 new items to be revealed...
Climate Change Prompts Alaska Fish to Change Breeding Behavior
US - One of Alaska's most abundant freshwater fish species is altering its breeding patterns in response to climate change. This could impact the ecology of northern...
18 January 2017
More Funding for UK Antibiotic Resistance Action
UK - Funding for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) Alliance has more than tripled this year in support of a new business plan which will help...
16 January 2017
Ocean Acidification to Hit Dungeness Crab Fishery
US - The acidification of the ocean as seawater absorbs increasing amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will reverberate through the West Coast's marine...
11 January 2017
Warmer West Coast Linked to Increased Risk of Toxic Shellfish
US - Hazardous levels of domoic acid, a natural toxin that accumulates in shellfish, have been linked to warmer ocean conditions in waters off Oregon and Washington...
30 December 2016
Video Series Helps Seafood Industry Understand FDA’s Fish, Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a video series, designed to assist the seafood industry and federal and state regulators in better understanding...
29 December 2016
Rockfish Siblings Shed New Light on How Offspring Diffuse and Disperse
US - A splitnose rockfish's thousands of tiny offspring can stick together in sibling groups from the time they are released into the open ocean until they move...
09 December 2016
Northern Sockeye Salmon Found to Manage Heat Stress
US - Sockeye salmon that evolved in the generally colder waters of the far north still know how to cool off if necessary, an important factor in the species' potential...
06 December 2016
Everglades Foundation Starts 4-year $10-million Prize for Algae Bloom Solution Search
US - In a bold effort to find a solution to one of the world's most challenging environmental problems, The Everglades Foundation will officially kick off its four-year,...
05 December 2016
Researchers Use Genes as HAB Early Warning System
US - In one of the most comprehensive studies to date, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have sequenced the genes of a harmful algae bloom...
29 November 2016
New Soy-Based Feed Aims to Revolutionise Aquaculture Feedstocks
US - The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) has funded research partners Battelle and Kentucky State University to develop and evaluate a new technology that could revolutionize...
25 November 2016
Marine Microalgae, a New Sustainable Food and Fuel Source
US - Taken from the bottom of the marine food chain, microalgae may soon become a top-tier contender to combat global warming, climate change and food insecurity,...
21 November 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Alaskan Universities Ramp Up Their Course Offerings
US - Alaska’s university system is ramping up programs to train the next generations of fishery and ocean specialists - and plenty of jobs await....
18 November 2016
New Fund to Help Alaska Seaweed Growers be More Successful
US - A new $418,000 grant from the National Sea Grant College Program will support research aimed at helping seaweed growers in Alaska be more successful....
USDA Invests $1.2 Million in Aquaculture Research
US - The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has announced four grants totaling $1.2 million to support the development...
08 November 2016
New Study Finds Mislabeled Seafood May Be More Sustainable
US - Recent studies estimate up to 30 per cent of seafood served in restaurants and sold in supermarkets is actually something other than what is listed on the menu...
24 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: New Study Investigates Climate Change's Impact on Alaskan Salmon
US - A changing climate is altering rain and snowfall patterns that affect the waters Alaska salmon call home, for better or worse. A first of its kind study now...
14 October 2016
Nut-Based Feed Satisfies Trout's Protein Requirements
US - Thanks to researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), a new feed ingredient made from tree nuts is available to fish farmers....
05 October 2016
Unaturally Warm Oceans Contibuted to 2015 Toxic Algal Bloom
US - A study led by researchers at the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration connects the unprecedented West Coast toxic...
29 September 2016
University of New Hampshire Launches Aquaponics Project
US - Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have launched an integrated aquaculture farming research project that aims to provide a model for integrating...
14 September 2016
Female Fish can Favor Sperm from Preferred Males
US - Ovarian fluid released with eggs during spawning of ocellated wrasse favors sperm from the nest-tending males preferred by females, limiting fertilisation by...
01 September 2016
Over $2.4 Million Available for Bycatch Reduction Projects
US - NOAA Fisheries is awarding more than $2.4 million to partners around the country to support innovative bycatch reduction research projects through its Bycatch...
25 August 2016
Indiana to Hold Two-Day Aquaponics Conference
US - Six Purdue University faculty members whose work includes aquaculture will be giving presentations during a two-day conference on aquaponics in October...
01 August 2016
Catfish Vaccine Reports Receives Major Honour
US - Mississippi State researchers with the Thad Cochran National Warmwater Aquaculture Center at MSU’s Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville are receiving...
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