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14 November 2016
Wholesalers Advised to Look Out for Treated Tuna
UK - Seafish's regulation team has recently been made aware of an issue with some tuna that is being placed on the UK market....
21 September 2016
AquacultureEurope 2016: What Can Satellite Data Do for Aquaculture?
UK - The BBSRC and NERC-funded ShellEye project is helping shellfish farmers manage threats from harmful algal blooms and E. coli bacteria that lead to losses equaling...
17 May 2016
Smart Fish Labelling to be Presented at Aquaculture UK
UK - Researchers from Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Finland are working on a joint project called Smart-Fish that will be presented at the Aquaculture UK conference...
19 October 2015
Green Solutions Can Be Good for Business, says Young's Seafood
UK - Mike Mitchell, CSR and Technical Director at Young’s Seafood Limited has outlined how sustainability initiatives and responsibly sourcing fish can be good...
02 April 2015
Confusion Increasing over Medicines in Farmed Animals
UK - The majority of shoppers in the UK believe growth hormones are used by farmers to make animals for food grow faster and that antibiotics used in livestock make...
31 March 2015
NOAH Calls for Evidence-based Decisions on Future Legislation
UK - The UK industry body for veterinary medicines, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has called for backing for the EU regulations and changes that will...
15 January 2015
Limited Places Available for Fish Quality Assessment Course
UK - There are now limited places available on Seafish's five day Advanced Fish Quality Assessment Course, which will be held in North Wales from 2-6 March 2015....
19 November 2014
Seafish Delivers Seafood Importance Message to Northern Ireland Schools
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - A brand new education pack designed to teach children about the importance of seafood for a healthy diet has been made available to every...
16 October 2014
Are There Enough Fish to Go Around?
UK - Scientists from the University of York have released a report highlighting the gap between declining wild fish supplies and healthy eating advice recommending...
16 September 2014
Concerns Raised over Future Safety of UK Food Imports
ANALYSIS - Concern is rising in the UK over the safety of imported meat and food products after funding for non-statutory residue testing is withdrawn at the end...
25 August 2014
Fish and Chip Shop Awards Adds New Healthier Category
UK - The new Healthy Eating ‘Fish and Chips’ Award, sponsored by LoSalt, acknowledges UK fish and chip businesses that are excelling in educating and informing...
29 July 2014
Concern Continues Over Potential Residues in Imported Foods
ANALYSIS - Concern is mounting over the threat of veterinary medicine residues in food products imported into the UK, writes Chris Harris....
10 July 2014
New Safe Smoked Fish Web Tool Launched
UK - All UK businesses producing smoked fish now have access to a free web tool, which can help them make their food safer for consumers....
07 July 2014
Sainsbury’s Launches First Freedom Food Rainbow Trout
UK - The first and exclusive Freedom Food-labelled rainbow trout Loch Trout Fillets has been launched at 400 Sainsbury’s stores in the UK....
02 July 2014
New Education Pack Teaches Children About Fish, Food and Nutrition
UK - A primary school in Port Talbot got a special lesson on the importance of eating seafood during a visit from the Welsh Government’s Marine and Fisheries Department...
02 May 2014
Sainsbury’s Launches UK's First Sustainable Tuna Sandwich
UK - Sainsbury’s is the UK’s first retailer to launch a MSC certified sustainable tuna sandwich. With a range of MSC certified pole & line caught sandwiches...
01 April 2014
£4 Million Investment for UK Food Production Innovation
UK - Businesses including an urban farm and spin-outs from Universities across the UK have received a share of £4 million of funding from government and industry...
26 March 2014
New Study Looks at Norovirus Removal in Oysters
UK - The Food Standards Agency is inviting tenders to design and execute a research study to identify and evaluate possible enhancements to improve norovirus removal...
04 October 2013
UK Analysis Finds Negligible Residues
UK - Out of more than 31,000 samples and more than 34,000 analytical tests for residues in meat and fish products taken in the UK last year, just five incidents...
Aquaculture and Fishermen to Benefit from New Harmful Algal Bloom Warning System
UK - A forecasting system to warn of impending harmful algal blooms has won this year’s most beneficial Earth-monitoring service for European citizens....
02 October 2013
Concerns over Mercury Levels in Fish May be Unfounded
UK - New research from the University of Bristol suggests that fish accounts for only seven per cent of mercury levels in the human body....
24 September 2013
Agency Seeks Comments on UK Feed Law?
UK - The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a consultation to seek the views of stakeholders on proposed changes to the Feed Law Code of Practice. ...
23 September 2013
UK Food Standards Agency Tackles Cadmium in Crabs
UK - The Food Standards Agency has organised a working group to look at ways to reduce cadmium levels in brown meat from crabs through different processing methods....
29 July 2013
Shellfish Harvesting Sites Closed Over Toxin Fears
SCOTLAND, UK - Following detection by the FSA of unusually high levels of toxins, various shellfish harvesting sites in Scotland have been closed. These toxins,...
26 July 2013
Who Should Set Food Safety, Health, Welfare Rules in the EU?
UK - A new government report of the roles of the EU and the national government in legislating for animal health and welfare and food safety indicates overall support...
23 July 2013
Sewerage Infrastructure Improvements Led to Cleaner Shellfish
UK - Shellfish harvesting areas in the UK are cleaner, thanks to sewerage improvement schemes over the last decade which have lowered average levels of Escherichia...
12 July 2013
Study Shows Consumers Want to Know How Food is Produced
UK - An independent study shows that eight out of 10 UK consumers want to know which farm system has been used to produce their meat and dairy products. ...
20 June 2013
Young's Seafood to Use New Front of Pack Nutrition Label
UK - Young’s Seafood Limited has signed up to the Department of Health’s new consistent front of pack nutritional label design. ...
24 May 2013
Beneficial Levels of Iodine in Seafood Highlighted
UK - Seafood is one of the best natural sources of Iodine, but consumer awareness of its health benefits is virtually non-existent....
05 April 2013
Mislabelling Underlines Need to Eat More Home Caught Scottish Seafood
SCOTLAND, UK - The news that some types of fish are being mislabelled or substituted and sold for other cheaper varieties underlines the need for consumers to demand...
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