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28 January 2014
Ukraine Clears 10 Vietnamese Fishery Establishments for Export
VIET MAN - On 21 January 2014, the National Agro Forestry Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD) published an official letter, sent by State Veterinary...
23 January 2014
Our Race Against Bacteria: Linking Livestock Production and Human Medicine
GLOBAL - The last decade has seen veterinary authorities address the routine use of antimicrobial drugs and prescribe more judicious use. But how could this benefit...
Risk Assessment Institute Offers Consumer Tips for Handling Fish
DENMARK - As part of International Green Week 2014, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) provides information on fish and sea food, their health benefits...
22 January 2014
Japan Removes Reduces Ethoxyquin Testing of Viet Nnam Shrimp
VIET NAM - On January 21 2014, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (MHLW) issued an official announcement on increasing maximum residue limits (MRL)...
21 January 2014
Malaysian Consumer Group Calls for Ban on Antibiotics in Animal Feed
MALAYA - A consumer group in Malaysia has called on the authorities to ban antibiotic use in animal feeds following the EU ban on antibiotics in animal feed....
European Parliament Calls for Crack Down on Food Fraud
EU - European Members of Parliament have called on European countries to fix penalties for food fraud at at least twice the economic gain the fraudster gets from...
20 January 2014
Fisheries Still Affected by Oil Spill in the Philippines
PHILIPPINES - Fisherfolk in Estancia, particularly Barangay Botongan hit by an oil spill, are still warned by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, not...
17 January 2014
New Research Shows Dogfish, Swordfish and Mussels Accumulate the most Toxic Metals
SPAIN - Researchers at the University of Granada have published the largest study to date that analyses the levels of toxic metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, tin and...
Harmful Algal Bloom Affecting Philippines Shellfish
PHILIPPINES - The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has warned the public not to catch or eat shellfish from some coastal waters due to the presence...
14 January 2014
Weekly Overview: University of Arizona Release PCR Test for Early Mortality Syndrome
ANALYSIS - The University of Arizona, US, is releasing a PCR test that detects the bacteria causing the deadly shrimp disease Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS)....
10 January 2014
Russia Closes Door to More Norwegian Fish
NORWAY - The Norwegian ambassador is meeting with Russian veterinary authorities to discuss the fish export situation after Russia halted imports of Norwegian white...
Tests Show Puget Sound Geoduck Clams Safe to Eat
US - Arsenic tests by Washington State health officials have found that geoducks from Poverty Bay in Puget Sound are safe to eat....
06 January 2014
New Research Overturns Assumption about Mercury in the Arctic
GLOBAL - For years, scientists have assumed that if mercury is high and increasing in fish in the North American and European Arctic, the same is true of fish elsewhere...
03 January 2014
Mercury-Contaminated Fish Detected in Menorca
SPAIN - Oceana has detected mercury contamination in samples of monkfish and scorpion fish fished in the island of Menorca (Balearic Islands), in the Maó area....
31 December 2013
Global Food Security Relies on Trade
GLOBAL - On a global scale food supply is sufficient to feed the entire population but its uneven distribution leaves a significant proportion of the world’s population...
30 December 2013
US Consumers Confused about GMOs
US - Over half of US consumers express some level of concern about genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)....
27 December 2013
Holistic Farming Approach to Meet World Food Demand Sustainably
GLOBAL - A holistic long-term approach may be the key to introducing sustainability into the food and agriculture (F&A) equation, according to a new report from...
23 December 2013
Media Get First Tour of Fish Radiation Check Process
JAPAN - With the continued flow of radioactive water into the sea from the crippled Fukushima plant, consumers at home and abroad are concerned about the safety...
17 December 2013
Weekly Overview: New Year Promises More Sustainable Fishing as Reformed Fisheries Policy Comes into Effect
ANALYSIS - Last week, the European Union Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform package was approved in a final plenary vote. The new policy will now come into effect...
16 December 2013
China Bans Imports of Shellfish from US West Coast
CHINA and US - China has suspended imports of shellfish from the west coast of the United States, an unprecedented move that cuts off a $270 million Northwest industry...
10 December 2013
Invasive Asian Paddle Crab Could Spread Devastating Diseases
AUSTRALIA - If you are crabbing over summer in the West Coast Region, the Department of Fisheries is calling for help from fishers in reporting any unusual crabs...
05 December 2013
Researchers Find Ways to Control Fish Oil Quality
NORWAY - New quality analyses give more realistic targets for rancidity in fish oils, which means better quality control opportunities for the industry....
04 December 2013
Japan Raises Ethoxyquin Limits on Viet Nam Shrimp
VIET NAM - Japan is considering raising the maximum residue limits (MRL) for Ethoxyquin (ETQ) on shrimp from Viet Nam to 0.2 ppm, 20 times higher than the current...
02 December 2013
Agencies Praised for Global Help on Food Safety and Animal Health
GLOBAL - A five-agency programme has shown “impressive” and “highly relevant” results in helping developing countries meet international standards on food...
26 November 2013
Is Income Set to Become Dominant Driver of Global Food System?
US - Per capita income is set to eclipse population growth as the dominant driver of change in the global food system, says a Purdue researcher noted for his work...
25 November 2013
AquaBounty GM Salmon Eggs Cleared for Production in Canada
CANADA - Environment Canada, the agency of the Government of Canada with responsibility for regulating environmental policies and issues, has decided that Genetically...
22 November 2013
Aquaculture 2013: Aquaculture's Role in the 'First 1000 Days of Life'
GLOBAL - The aquaculture sector has an important role to play in increasing the availability of nutrient and Omega 3 fatty acid rich fish to families in poorer areas...
21 November 2013
Demand for Details on Food Labels Includes Good and Bad
US - It's no surprise that labels are becoming the "go to" place when people have questions about how food is produced. But new Cornell University research finds...
20 November 2013
Shanghai Courts Get Tough on Food Safety Violations
CHINA - Shanghai courts are stepping up their efforts to tackle crimes that jeopardize food safety, with prison sentences for offenders rising from just over three...
18 November 2013
Impact of Typhoon Haiyan to be Discussed at Food Security Summit
THAILAND - The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) Food Security Summit, hosted at the UNCC on 26 and 27 November in Bangkok will go ahead with the aftermath...
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