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24 May 2016
New Research Could Reduce Aquaculture Reliance on Wild Prawn Brood Stock
AUSTRALIA - Discovering the secrets of how one of the world’s most popular prawn species produces sperm and transfers it to create the next generation could help...
23 May 2016
Big isn't Always Better When it Comes to Male Fish Genitals
AUSTRALIA - Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have been looking at the breeding habits of fish, to test the theory that bigger genitals make...
20 May 2016
Biodiversity Protects Fish from Climate Change
GLOBAL - Fish provide protein to billions of people and are an especially critical food source in the developing world. Today marine biologists confirmed a key factor...
18 May 2016
Salmon Smolts Find Safety in Numbers
CANADA - Using tags surgically implanted into thousands of juvenile salmon, UBC researchers have discovered that many fish die within the first few days of migration...
16 May 2016
Xelect Providing Advanced Technologies to the Aquaculture Industry
UK - Xelect provides advanced technologies and services to small, medium and large businesses across the entire aquaculture supply chain including breeding companies,...
12 May 2016
Latin American Technology Transferred to Vietnam Shrimp Farms
MEXICO - The development of a number of techniques to improve shrimp larvae in their resistance and size, is something that for several years the specialists of...
10 May 2016
New Albany Shellfish Hatchery to Drive Growth
AUSTRALIA - The Liberal National Government has reaffirmed its support for Western Australia’s emerging aquaculture industry in the 2016-17 State Budget with a...
06 May 2016
New Drone Helps in Protecting Overfished Species of Groupers
US - Just as the sun begins to set, for just a couple of months, hundreds to thousands of groupers gather at their favorite hangouts along the shelf breaks in the...
29 April 2016
Farmed Fish Found to Have Deformed Ear Bone
AUSTRALIA - New research published in the journal Scientific Reports has revealed for the first time that half of the world's farmed fish have hearing loss due to...
12 April 2016
The New Farmed Caviar King is Here
ROMANIA - As a fish farmer, to wait for 17 years for a Huso female (Beluga) or 11 years for a Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii (Osetra) to offer you the treasured caviar...
30 March 2016
Researchers Make Major Cavefish Discovery in Thailand
Thailand - Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), US, have identified unique anatomical features in a species of blind, walking cavefish...
11 March 2016
Overfishing Devastates Spawning Aggregations
GLOBAL - Globally declining fish populations are a frequently cited ecological and commercial calamity, but relatively little attention has been paid to the specific...
10 March 2016
Potential Western Atlantic Spawning Area Found for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
US - Scientists from NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) and the University of Massachusetts Boston have found evidence of Atlantic bluefin...
StofnFiskur Becomes First Salmon Breeding Company with OIE Compartment Standard Approved by Sernapesca
ICELAND - StofnFiskur hf in Iceland has been approved by the Chilean Fisheries and Aquaculture Authorities, Sernapesca in accordance with the OIE Compartment standard...
07 March 2016
Overfishing Increases Fluctuations in Aquatic Ecosystems
US - Intense fishing of primarily larger fish not only makes fish populations smaller, it changes the remaining fish. ...
02 March 2016
Student Exposes Illegal Release of Alien Fish in Japan
JAPAN - An undergraduate student in Japan has recently exposed the illegal release of bluegill fish which poses a significant threat to the native biodiversity....
29 February 2016
Invasive Big Head Carp Found in Minnesota River
US - A bighead carp has been caught on the Minnesota River near New Ulm by a commercial angler. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the 25-pound...
19 February 2016
New Study Finds Wild and Hatchery Fish DNA Very Different
US - A new study on steelhead trout in Oregon offers genetic evidence that wild and hatchery fish are different at the DNA level, and that they can become different...
16 February 2016
Ministry Gives Go-Ahead for Asian Seabass Imports
INDIA - The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has issued its final guidelines, allowing private entrepreneurs and enterprises to import Asian Seabass...
15 February 2016
Scientists Call for Alert as Escaped Cobia Spread
PANAMA - Cobia, a promising fish for aquaculture, lives throughout the world's oceans except in the Central and Eastern Pacific. In August 2015, a large number of...
10 February 2016
Workshop Promotes Farming of Endangered Fish
INDIA - A national workshop on conservation of native freshwater fishes held at the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies has urged the State government...
08 February 2016
$1.6m Project Boost for Fiji Aquaculture
FIJI - The Caboni Yaqara Multi-species Hatchery in Togovere, Ra, will supply fish farms and boost income generating initiatives across the country, said Prime Minister...
04 February 2016
Government to Establish Mud Crab, Seabass Hatchery in Guntur
INDIA - There is good news for fish farmers in Andhra Pradesh after the State and Central governments announced that they are establishing a mud crab and seabass...
22 January 2016
Cryopreservation: A Valuable Tool for Aquaculture and Wild Fish Stocks
GLOBAL - Cryogenetics is helping to increase fish numbers through its milt preservation and fertilisation technology, and also through its diverse gene bank. These...
20 January 2016
Snapping Shrimp Sound Patterns Uncover Reef Ecosystem Secrets
US - If you put a microphone underwater near the oyster reef in North Carolina's Pamlico Sound, you can hear it: a crisp, crackling noise that sounds like someone...
19 January 2016
Weekly Overview: New Rule Allows for First Aquaculture Development in US Federal Waters
ANALYSIS - NOAA has filed a final rule which will implement the US’s first comprehensive regulatory program for aquaculture in federal waters....
18 January 2016
New Fish Hatchery to Help Fish Farmers in Punjab
PAKISTAN - Five new fish nurseries and one large fish hatchery are to be built in Punjab to meet the demand for fish seed in the province. ...
15 January 2016
NORGHATI: Developing Sustainable Aquaculture in Ghana
ANALYSIS - Ghana’s economy and communities rely heavily on aquaculture, however the sustainable growth of the industry is hindered by poor quality fingerlings,...
14 January 2016
Japanese University Successfully Produces Offspring from Frozen Trout
JAPAN - Researchers at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have come up with a way to produce rainbow trout using sperm production cells extracted...
13 January 2016
BFAR Implements Sardine Fishing Ban
PHILIPPINES - The fishery ministry of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has implemented a three month closed season for sardine fishing in Sulu Sea...
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