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09 December 2016
Australian Government Addresses Critical Shortage of Pacific Oyster Spat
AUSTRALIA - The State Government and industry are working together to ensure the continual supply of juvenile Pacific Oysters and help safeguard South Australia’s...
07 December 2016
Florida University to Explore Hogfish Aquaculture
US - Hogfish, a popular and delicious species targeted by commercial and recreational spear fishermen, is currently being overfished in Florida state and federal...
06 December 2016
Why Coral Trout Could be the Next Big Thing in Global Aquaculture
JAPAN - Amid a decline in numbers of coral trout in the wild, the National Research and Development Agency, Japanese Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)...
02 December 2016
Researchers Use Genomics for More Targeted Rainbow Trout Breeding
DENMARK - With the use of genomic selection, Danish researchers will target their breeding of rainbow trout towards adaptations to different production environments...
16 November 2016
Australian Rock Lobsters Bounce Back
AUSTRALIA - ​A tagging study by Fisheries scientists has indicated the highest numbers of western rock lobsters along the west coast in decades....
15 November 2016
Weekly Overview: Personality Test Could Help Improve Sole Farming
ANALYSIS - Researchers in Spain and Scotland have made a discovery that may help sole reproduce better in captivity, and in turn help improve aquaculture production....
27 October 2016
New Project to Make Faster-Growing Fish Available to Poor Communities
GLOBAL - A new project, funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the European Commission ( EC) and led by WorldFish, aims to use...
25 October 2016
Fish Farms May Hold Key to Studying Adaption of Fish to Climate Change
UK - Climate change is disrupting the sensory systems of fish and can even make them swim towards predators, instead of away from them, a paper by marine biologists...
20 October 2016
Breakthrough in Amoebic Gill Disease Control
NETHERLANDS - Hendrix Genetics has now discovered a way to control Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD). The company has been selective breeding its Landcatch salmon with...
19 October 2016
Rwanda Seeks to Double Production at Kigembe Fish Farming Facility
RWANDA - The Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) is planning to more than double production at Kigembe Fish Farming Centre, located in Gisagara District of Southern Province....
17 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Sockeye the Exception in Rough Salmon Season
US - It was a rough salmon season at most Alaska regions this summer, with Bristol Bay being the big exception. While sockeye catches exceeded expectations, all...
New Mackerel Species Expected to Form New Commercial Fishery
INDIA - There is a new kid on the block in South India and it is called the Indian Chub Mackerel. The new species is expected to become a potential resource for...
14 October 2016
Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Proving Successful in Fundy National Park
CANADA - More than 500 adult Atlantic salmon have been released into Fundy National Park as part of a conservation project....
Canadian Government to Fund Research Supporting Atlantic Salmon Recovery
CANADA - The Canada government will be providing more than C$600,000 to Atlantic salmon science and conservation experts to further the understanding of Atlantic...
12 October 2016
Weekly Overview: Breakthrough for Commercial Rock Lobster Production
GLOBAL - Researchers at the University of Tasmania, Australia, have made a breakthrough in the commercial production of rock lobster, successfully closing the lifecycle...
11 October 2016
Aquaculture Breakthrough to Transform Sustainable Lobster Production
AUSTRALIA - In a world-leading breakthrough for aquaculture, researchers at the University of Tasmania, have developed a unique aquaculture system that makes it...
07 October 2016
Mussel Spawning Trials Now Underway in Scotland
SCOTLAND - Trials to get mussels to spawn in a hatchery environment are now underway at the NAFC Marine Centre at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)....
06 October 2016
New Study Finds Fishing Erodes Natural Size Variation
FINLAND - Fishing typically removes the large individuals from the population, this leads to evolutionary shrinking of fish but also erodes natural trait variability...
How Genomics is Boosting Spain's Aquaculture Breeding Programmes
SPAIN - Spain has a long history of aquaculture, with the earliest shellfish and fish rearing facilities in the country traced back to Roman times. By the Middle...
05 October 2016
Scotland's Marine Reserve Sees Lobsters Thrive
UK - The first and only fully-protected marine reserve in Scotland is proving highly beneficial for marine conservation and fisheries, with lobsters more than doubling...
04 October 2016
What Happened to Fraser River Sockeye?
CANADA - For this special 300th episode, Tradex Foods investigated the question that has been in the back of everyone’s mind – where has all the Fraser River...
30 September 2016
ACCH2016: Addressing Knowledge Gaps for Lumpfish Production
CANADA - The use of cleaner fish such as lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) to control sea lice in aquaculture is rapidly emerging as an effective alternative to medicinal...
21 September 2016
Rs. 2400 million Allocated for Sri Lanka's Freshwater Fisheries
SRI LANKA - Rs. 2400 million has been allocated for the development of fresh water fisheries under the programme of food security, announced Fisheries Minister Mahinda...
15 September 2016
New Eel Species Found on Indian Coasts of the Bay of Bengal
INDIA - Scientists from Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered at least two new species of eel fish, within last ten months, from the Bay of Bengal along...
14 September 2016
Female Fish can Favor Sperm from Preferred Males
US - Ovarian fluid released with eggs during spawning of ocellated wrasse favors sperm from the nest-tending males preferred by females, limiting fertilisation by...
07 September 2016
New Tax Rate on Artemia Imports Hurting the Shrimp Breeding Industry
VIETNAM - Artemia egg importers and shrimp breeder producers have lodged a complaint to the Prime Minister about the imposition of the five per cent import duty...
06 September 2016
New Method to Determine Cod's Sex Gene Could Increase Profits
NORWAY - New methods at University of Oslo have made it possible to determine the Atlantic cod´s gender genetically. This could increase profits on cod in aquaculture....
05 September 2016
Countries Fail Again to Agree Recovery Plan for Pacific Bluefin Tuna
GLOBAL - Members of the Northern Committee (NC) of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) have again failed to agree an urgently needed recovery...
23 August 2016
Research Alliance to Improve Aquaculture and Livestock Breeding
UK - The University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute and Hendrix Genetics have established a research agreement to improve the sustainability of animal production....
22 August 2016
Climate Change Altering Rules of Sperm Competition, New Study Shows
UK - The impact of climate change on global seawater conditions could change the rules of sperm competition for many important marine species, a pioneering new study...
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