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16 November 2015
Clearwater Seafoods Reports Record Sales for Q3 2015
CANADA - Clearwater Seafoods has reported record sales and adjusted EBITDA of $147.3 million and $38.8 million for the third quarter of 2015 versus 2014 comparative...
What will a Liberal Government Mean for Canadian Agriculture?
CANADA - As the new majority Liberal Government, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (above), gets down to work, the agricultural community is looking forward to...
06 November 2015
Marine Harvest Invests $40 million in RAS
CANADA - Marine Harvest Canada is building seven new recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) at its two North Vancouver Island salmon farms, based on the successful...
03 November 2015
Canadian Yellowtail Flounder Re-certified to MSC
CANADA - The Ocean Choice International (OCI) Grand Bank Yellowtail Flounder Fishery has been re-certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fishery Standard...
02 November 2015
Clearwater Seafoods Completes Acquisition of Macduff Shellfish Group
CANADA - Clearwater Seafoods has completed its purchase of Macduff Shellfish Group Limited....
29 October 2015
Only Four per cent of World's Ocean is Protected
CANADA - Despite global efforts to increase the area of the ocean that is protected, only four per cent of it lies within marine protected areas (MPAs), according...
28 October 2015
Nova Scotia Launches New Aquaculture Regulations
CANADA - The Nova Scotia government has released new aquaculture regulations in a move to create a more responsible and transparent approach to aquaculture development....
07 October 2015
Are Fish the Greatest Athletes on the Planet?
CANADA - When you think of the world's greatest athletes, names like Usain Bolt generally spring to mind, but scientists have discovered the best athletes could...
New Ruling Allows Direct Seafood Sales in Newfoundland
CANADA - Individual consumers and restaurants will be able to legally purchase fish directly from harvesters throughout Newfoundland and Labrador thanks to regulatory...
22 September 2015
Plastic Pollution Low on the Priority List for Many Communities
CANADA - The majority of plastics in the ocean are microplastics those less than 5mm in size, making them ideal for ingestion by even the smallest of animals, with...
15 September 2015
Canada Invests C$358,000 in Cleaner Fish Research
CANADA - Researchers will use a C$358,000 investment from the Government to support the growth of the provincial salmon aquaculture industry. ...
04 September 2015
Canadian Region Continues Investment in Aquaculture
CANADA - The Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Government is investing $1.5 million in economic infrastructure and an expanding aquaculture industry on the south...
06 August 2015
How Will Canada Support Sustainable Aquaculture Sector?
ANALYSIS - The Canadian government is to back the expansion of an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable aquaculture industry through the introduction...
31 July 2015
Wide-Ranging Fish Species Fare Best Under Climate Change
CANADA - Marine species that already have large ranges are extending their territories fastest in response to climate change, according to new research from University...
30 July 2015
Thousands of Skeletons Examined to Help Fish Sustainability
AUSTRALIA - More than 300,000 ear bones (otoliths) taken from fish skeletons donated over the years to the Department of Fisheries have been examined to help determine...
Government to Strengthen Canada's Inshore Fleets
CANADA - Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) recently announced plans to enforce the policy on Preserving the Independence of the Inshore Fleet in...
21 July 2015
New Study Gives Clearer View of Oil Spill Harm to Fish
CANADA - A mixture of bitumen and gasoline-like solvents known as dilbit that flows through Prairie pipelines can seriously harm fish populations, according to research...
01 July 2015
Pink Salmon Survival Affected by Freshwater Acidification
CANADA - Pink salmon that begin life in freshwater with high concentrations of carbon dioxide, which causes acidification, are smaller and may be less likely to...
19 June 2015
Winning Fish Supply More Energy to Muscles During Fights
CANADA - Researchers who paired Siamese fighting fish in mock fights found that winning fish could supply more energy to their muscles during fights than losing...
17 June 2015
Researchers Work to Reduce Risk from Algae Blooms
CANADA - University of Alberta scientists are working to mitigate the risks of toxic algae blooms using advanced flow cytometry, a technique they developed and have...
11 June 2015
New CEO of Cooke Seafood USA Appointed
CANADA - Ross Butler has assumed a new role as CEO of the newly formed Cooke Seafood USA Inc. and of the Wanchese Fish Company....
09 June 2015
Cooke Aquaculture to Buy US Fish Company
CANADA - Cooke Aquaculture has signed an agreement to purchase Wanchese Fish Company based in Suffolk, Virginia US. This deal and investment into the wild fishery...
28 May 2015
Canada Invests in Canadian Aquaculture Exports
CANADA - The Canadian government is to grant nearly C$2.5 million over two years to the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA). ...
Canadian Government Reduces Newfoundland Halibut Quota Share
CANADA - The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced last week that it will no longer honour the longstanding stable sharing arrangement on the...
07 May 2015
C$2.6 Million Investment to Support World-Class Fisheries Science
CANADA - Newfoundland and Labrador's Budget 2015 will provide C$2.6 million to support world-class fisheries science at the Marine Institute's Centre for Fisheries...
22 April 2015
Fisheries Act Changes to Strengthen Aquaculture Regulation
CANADA - Changes to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act, which came into force yesterday, 21 April, signal a more transparent and rigorous approach to regulating...
15 April 2015
Canada’s Food Production Growing but Wasting More
ANALYSIS - Canada wastes 6 billion kilogrammes of food each year – nearly a third of its total production....
14 April 2015
New Funding to Boost Shellfish Farming Research
CANADA - Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, has announced support of C$667,000 to Vancouver Island University (VIU) towards...
31 March 2015
New Humane Society to Protect Animals in Saskatchewan
CANADA - A new humane society has been established in Saskatchewan to take over enforcement of the province's Animal Protection Act, writes Bruce Cochrane for Farmscape....
05 March 2015
Superchilled Water Causing Fish Deaths on Nova Scotia Fish Farms
CANADA - Three fish farms in Nova Scotia are dealing with fish mortalities due to the extreme cold water temperatures....
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