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20 October 2016
A Look at Sustainable Fishmeal Alternatives - World Nutrition Forum 2016
CANADA - During the BIOMIN World Nutrition Forum 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, last week, Dr Krogdahl spoke about the fishmeal dilemma and gave an overview of some...
19 October 2016
Probiotic Usage in Fish to Grow as More and More Benefits Will Be Discovered - World Nutrition Forum 2016
CANADA - Today's interview was conducted with Dr. Daniel Merrifield, a lecturer in fish health and nutrition at the University of Plymouth, UK, and co-author of...
17 October 2016
BIOMIN Recognizes B.R.A.I.N. Award Winner Rudolf Krska at 2016 World Nutrition Forum
CANADA - To the applause of 800 delegates, Dr Rudolf Krska of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) was awarded the biennial B.R.A.I.N....
15 October 2016
BIOMIN Aims to Be Phytogenic Feed Additive Market Leader by 2020 - World Nutrition Forum
CANADA - The World Nutrition Forum 2016 starts today. Over 800 industry professionals, researchers and academics from across the world have travelled to Vancouver,...
30 September 2016
ACCH2016: Addressing Knowledge Gaps for Lumpfish Production
CANADA - The use of cleaner fish such as lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) to control sea lice in aquaculture is rapidly emerging as an effective alternative to medicinal...
29 September 2016
ACCH2016: Improving Aquaculture Feed Sustainability with Genomics
CANADA - In terms of sustainability, fish feed remains one of the finfish aquaculture industry’s greatest challenges. To alleviate pressure on wild stocks, there...
27 September 2016
ACCH2016: Diversification Necessary for Canadian Aquaculture Development to be Successful
CANADA - If Atlantic Canada wants to have a strong aquaculture industry, then they must not “put all [their] eggs into one salmon basket”. This was the key message...
19 September 2016
St John's Hosts Canada's Largest Aquaculture Conference
CANADA - The largest aquaculture conference and trade show in recent Canadian history is taking place at the Delta Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador...
12 September 2016
Nova Scotia Launches Premium International Seafood Brand in China
CANADA - Nova Scotia has launched a new international seafood brand in China to market its premium seafood in global markets....
08 September 2016
Government Invests $94 Million in Ocean Science Institute
CANADA - The Canadian government is investing $94 million into a world-leading international institute for ocean science that will foster innovations related to...
02 September 2016
Closing High Sea to Fishing Could Increase Fish Catches in Coastal Waters
CANADA - Closing the high seas to fishing could increase fish catches in coastal waters by 10 per cent, compensating for expected losses due to climate change, finds...
16 August 2016
Sustainable Seafood to Become Easier to Identify for Chinese Shoppers
CHINA - The Global Aquaculture Alliance and Gfresh are to promote responsible aquaculture in China, giving Chinese shoppers the chance to source and identify sustainable...
10 August 2016
Clearwater Results Suggest Positive Outlook for 2016
CANADA - Clearwater Seafoods has reported promising results for the second quarter of 2016 that should support a positive outlook for the year....
03 August 2016
New WWF Report Reveals Small Fish in Big Trouble
CANADA - WWF-Canada is warning that forage fish are in trouble, following a new assessment of Canadian fisheries....
27 July 2016
New Funding to Help Nova Scotia Shellfish Farming Expansion, Start-Up
CANADA - The government of Nova Scotia is offering funding through the Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board for those who would like to start, expand...
15 July 2016
Aquaculture Investment to Move Industry Forward in Nova Scotia
CANADA - Government is investing $2.8 million in the aquaculture sector to create more jobs in Nova Scotia....
20 June 2016
NUTRIAD present at World Mycotoxin Forum
CANADA - International feed additives producer Nutriad was present in Winnipeg (Canada) where the 9th World Mycotoxin Forum (WMF) combined with the 14th IUPAC, to...
Cooke Seafood Purchases Icicle Seafoods
CANADA - Cooke Seafood has now purchased Icicle Seafoods, Inc. This deal enhances the Cooke family’s investments in both the wild fishery and the aquaculture sectors,...
16 June 2016
New Standards for Aquatic Animal Veterinary Clinics
CANADA - Government is working with the Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association to develop standards for certifying aquatic animal clinic facilities....
07 June 2016
Restricting Illegal Fishing Boats' Access to Insurance May Help Stop Illegal Fishing
CANADA - New research from the University of British Columbia has found that rogue fishing vessels are able to secure insurance including those that have been flagged...
23 May 2016
BIOMIN Announces 2016 World Nutrition Forum Speakers
CANADA - "The opportunity to bring researchers at the forefront of technology together with leading industry professionals in a scientific forum that stresses networking...
29 April 2016
Canadian Seafood Production Remains Stable
CANADA - Canada’s annual production of seafood has been relatively stable, averaging just over 1.0 million MT during the five year period from 2010 to 2014. This...
31 March 2016
Interim Quotas Nail in Coffin for Inshore Northern Shrimp Fishery
CANADA - Granting offshore trawlers in Shrimp Fishing Area (SFA) 6 an advance on next season’s quotas or interim quotas would undermine the full stock assessment...
11 March 2016
Novia Scotia Seafood Looks Set to Double in a Decade
CANADA - The hard work of Nova Scotia's harvesters, buyers and exporters means that seafood exports are nearing their goal of doubling in value within a decade....
03 February 2016
Nova Scotia Looking for New Seafood Brand
CANADA - Nova Scotia has put out a request for a new seafood brand/logo to represent the province....
27 January 2016
Why do Some Fish Thrive in Oil-Polluted Water?
CANADA - Scientists thought guppies in Northern Trinidad could be a rare example of adaptation to crude oil pollution. But they found something else....
20 January 2016
Canadian Government Invests in Tackling Seafood Fraud
CANADA - The Government of Canada has announced funding for genomics research in plant protection and food safety regulation....
14 January 2016
Climate Change Could Cut First Nations Fisheries' Catch in Half
CANADA - First Nations fisheries' catch could decline by nearly 50 per cent by 2050, according to a new study examining the threat of climate change to the food...
13 January 2016
Real-Time Fishery Management Significantly Reduces Bycatch
CANADA - Using real-time management policies to regulate fisheries can reduce the accidental bycatch of juvenile fish and endangered species with substantially less...
29 December 2015
New Study Helps Generate Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change Effects
CANADA - Using future climate change scenarios and water quality projections, experts found that sediment and the blue-green algae producing nutrients phosphorus...
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