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06 January 2017
Sri Lanka to Formulate National Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy
SRI LANKA - The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development is seeking technical assistance from Norway to formulate a National Fisheries and Aquaculture...
03 January 2017
Sri Lanka's Freshwater Fisheries Continue Growth Despite Arid Weather
SRI LANKA - Many inland reservoirs which are imperative in freshwater fisheries were at risk of drying up due to the arid weather condition that prevailed island...
21 September 2016
Rs. 2400 million Allocated for Sri Lanka's Freshwater Fisheries
SRI LANKA - Rs. 2400 million has been allocated for the development of fresh water fisheries under the programme of food security, announced Fisheries Minister Mahinda...
26 July 2016
Kuwait Expresses Interest in Sri Lanka's Fisheries Sector
SRI LANKA - Kuwait has expressed its interest in partnering with the Sri Lankan fishery industry and excepting fish exports from the country....
19 April 2016
Sri Lanka to Manufacture Fish Meal for Export
SRI LANKA - The Government of Sri Lanka is taking steps to set up a project to manufacture fish meal for export market. This project will be set up in Mannar....
04 April 2016
Sri Lanka to Increase Freshwater Fish Production to 150,000 MT
SRI LANKA - The Sri Lankan government has allocated maximum amount of funds to develop the fisheries industry as the industry is capable of earning a large portion...
10 November 2015
Sri Lanka Orders No-Fishing Zone as Mysterious Space Object Expected
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka is expected to impose a fishing ban in the Southern waters and a no-fly zone over the southern sky in preparation for the fall of mysterious...
11 August 2015
India and Sri Lanka to Find a Solution to Fishermen Issue
SRI LANKA - The central Indian government has informed parliament that it is working towards evolving a permanent solution for the Tamil fishermen issue and that...
20 July 2015
Sri Lankan Tuna, Swordfish Company Certified by Friend of the Sea
SRI LANKA - Global Sea Foods, a leading seafood processing company based in Sri Lanka, has passed two new Friend of the Sea sustainability certification inspections....
08 October 2014
2015 Budget to Include Many Fisheries Sector Development Projects
SRI LANKA - The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Ministry will launch a number of development projects in the fisheries sector under the 2015 budget proposals....
17 September 2014
Sri Lanka Fights for Passage of Fishermen Through Maldivian Waters
SIR LANKA - The right of passage for Sri Lankan fishermen through Maldivian waters as a means of access to the high seas was among the matters taken up by Professor...
29 July 2014
Mahinda Rajapaksa Global Aquaculture Fund' Launched
SRI LANKA - The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)has helped to set up an Aquaculture Fund known as "Mahinda Rajapaksa Global Aquaculture Fund"....
19 May 2014
Sri Lankan Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish Certified Friend of the Sea
SRI LANKA - Sri Lankan company Lihini Sea foods (pvt) Ltd. positively concluded Friend of the Sea audit for yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and swordfish (Xiphias...
11 April 2014
Sri Lanka Fish Exports to Double by 2016
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka is aiming to double its fish exports by 2016. ...
18 March 2014
Joint Venture Project sees Launch of Barramundi Farm in Sri Lanka
SRI LANKA - A joint venture project between Sri Lankan company Oceanpick and Kames Fish Farming Ltd of Scotland has seen the launch of the first marine fish farm...
14 March 2014
Workshop Held on Aquaculture Development in Sri Lanka
SRI LANKA - The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) in continuation with the series of seminars organized in partnership with AB Partners AS, under the Sri Lanka-Norway...
03 March 2014
First Offshore Aquaculture Begins in Sri Lanka
SRI LANKA - Offshore aquaculture has begun in Sri Lanka, after local company Oceanpick installed the country’s first sea cage....
13 February 2014
Board of Investment Approves Sri Lankan Aquaculture Project
SRI LANKA - One of the sectors targeted by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) is Aquaculture to boost the country’s fisheries production....
15 January 2014
Reciprocal Release of Fishermen Between Sri Lanka and India
SRI LANKA - Fishermen of Sri Lanka and India fishing illegally in each other’s waters continues to be a matter of concern for both Governments, particularly due...
06 January 2014
Government Issues Free Life Jackets to Fishermen
SRI LANKA - Use of life jackets by Sri Lankan fishermen has been made compulsory from 1 January 2014. In order to help fishermen comply, the government has issued...
02 January 2014
New Mobile Phone App Informs Fishermen About Borders
SRI LANKA - New apps have been developed to alert fishermen when they approach a maritime border....
31 December 2013
Sri Lanka Holds Workshop on Aquaculture Development
SRI LANKA - The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce with their partners, AB Partners AS in the Sri Lanka-Norway Business Matchmaking Program (BMMP) organised a workshop at...
23 December 2013
Fishermen Earn Rs. 950 million Under Divi Neguma
SRI LANKA - Divi Neguma has provided 15,889 beneficiaries in the fisheries sector with technical knowledge and financial assistance to launch projects to develop...
16 December 2013
Steep Increase in Fish Exports for Sri Lanka
SRI LANKA - There is a steep rise in the export of seafood and the income earned from seafood and fish products. With a great demand for sea weeds, sea cucumbers,...
29 July 2013
Big Developments in the Sri Lankan Fishery sector
SRI LANKA - Around 301 houses have been constructed for fishing families in the Trincomalee district under the Diyawara Gammana programme. Over Rs. 550 million has...
Government Raids Fish Stalls Over Formalin Complaints
SRI LANKA - The minister of Cooperatives and Internal Trade, Mr Johnston Fernando, said that numerous complaints has been received alleging that fish retailers and...
05 July 2013
Sri Lanka Enters Fish Farming in the Sea
SRI LANKA - The Board of Investment has approved a project for the establishment of oceanic finfish farms. The project will set up its farms in the open sea off...
14 June 2013
Sri Lanka has Growing Share of Ornamental Fish Supply
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka now stakes more than two per cent of a claim in the global ornamental fish trade-annually....
07 June 2013
Sri Lanka to Assess Health of Fish Stocks
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka is to conduct a marine fisheries stock assessment in 2013 for the first time in nearly four decades with technical and economic assistance...
20 May 2013
Eastern Fishing Community Pledge to Repulse Anti-government Elements
SRI LANKA - Members of fisheries committees in Sri Lanka's eastern coast of the Jaffna Peninsula pledged to repulse anti government elements operating in their areas...
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