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19 November 2015
Progress Made on Tuna Fisheries Management at Latest ICCAT Meeting
EU - It was good news for some tuna stocks this week as the 24th International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting came to a close...
18 November 2015
EU, Mauritania Sign New Sustainable Fisheries Protocol
EU - The EU and Mauritania have now signed a new Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA)....
17 November 2015
Invasive Freshwater Species in Europe - How Do They get In?
EU - An European Commission Joint Research Centre-led article has identified escape from aquaculture facilities, releases in the wild due to pet/aquarium trade and...
16 November 2015
Latest EU Fleet Report Shows Progress Towards Sustainability
EU - The European Commission has adopted the annual fleet report (2013) which shows that Member States are continuing to make progress in adjusting their fishing...
Scottish Fishermen Await Outcome of EU/Norway Shared Fish Stock Talks
EU - The first round of talks between the EU and Norway to set catching opportunities for shared fish stocks for 2016 are taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, today...
11 November 2015
Fishing Quotas Proposed for Atlantic and North Sea
EU - The European Commission has now proposed fish quotas for 2016 for the Atlantic and the North Sea. The proposed Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quota top...
06 November 2015
New Vessel ID Requirements will Help Save Southern Bluefin Tuna
GLOBAL - It will soon become more difficult for vessels to skirt the rules and steal from the southern bluefin tuna fishery thanks to a new requirement for mandatory...
04 November 2015
New EU Project to Further Growth of Sustainable Aquaculture Sector
EU - A new research infrastructure project, funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research...
27 October 2015
Ministers Decide on 2016 Baltic Fishing Catch Limits
EU - EU Fisheries Ministers have agreed on fishing opportunities for 2016 in the Baltic Sea, following discussion at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Luxembourg...
EU Agrees Sustainable Fishing Partnership with the Cook Islands
EU - The EU and the Cook Islands have reached agreement on a Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreement (SFPA) and a Fisheries Protocol during negotiations held...
21 October 2015
New Report Highlights Weaknesses in Fisheries Agreements
EU - A new report from the European Court of Auditors has found that weaknesses in the management of EU fisheries agreements with third countries in Africa and the...
15 October 2015
Survey Highlights Consumer Misunderstanding of Food Waste
EU - A Flash Eurobarometer survey on food waste has confirmed that few Europeans understand the meaning of 'use by' and 'best before' dates....
13 October 2015
European Commission Proposes Fish Discard Plans for Atlantic
EU - The European Commission has adopted two proposals to reduce the wasteful practice of discarding fish in the north western and south western waters of the Atlantic....
02 October 2015
European Commission Warns Taiwan, Comoros with Yellow Cards
EU - The European Commission has warned the Comoros and Taiwan that they risk being identified as uncooperative countries in the fight against illegal, unreported...
09 September 2015
WSC2015: How is the EU Working to Tackle Illegal Fishing?
EU - Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing fishing is still a global challenge, despite the international tools in place. In order to have more control...
04 September 2015
More Stocks to be Fished Sustainably in Baltic Sea
EU - The European Commission has tabled its proposal on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2016....
14 August 2015
Most EU Food Waste is Avoidable
EU - European consumers waste 16 per cent of all food reaching them, according to a new study from the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)....
06 August 2015
Fragmentation of Brown Trout Habitat Threatens Freshwater Pearl Mussels
EU - The fragmentation of brown trout (Salmo trutta) habitat indirectly affects the threatened freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera), a new study...
05 August 2015
Marine Reserves Benefit Fish with Variety of Life Histories
EU - Extended mathematical models show that fish species that move around more can benefit from marine reserves, as well as more sedentary species, according to...
04 August 2015
Data Made Available for First Time on Vessels Fishing Outside EU
EU - The newly launched website identifies 15,264 EU vessels authorised to fish outside the EU between 2010 and 2014....
03 August 2015
Overexploited Fish Stocks Increasing in Mediterranean
EU - The number of overexploited or collapsed fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea has been increasing at a rate of approximately 38 every 10 years between 1970...
31 July 2015
Key Assessment of the New Common Fisheries Project Now Available
EU - A comprehensive analysis of current and emerging management measures relating to the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is now available online....
24 July 2015
Seafood Companies, Retailers Publish Source Fishery Data in Transparency Drive
UK - Five of Europe’s leading companies with interests in seafood have demonstrated a powerful commitment to corporate transparency by publishing the full lists...
Better Understanding of European Fish Stocks Needed to Ensure Sustainability
ANALYSIS - More needs to be done to understand data surrounding fish stocks in Europe and ensure the sustainability of the stock....
20 July 2015
Last Few Bursaries Remaining for Sustainable Aquaculture Courses
EU - The last few bursaries are still available for students wishing to study on the September 2015 Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture. The course...
17 July 2015
Fisheries Commissioner Praises Fishermen’s Role in Saving Seafood
EU - As new research revealed that Atlantic fish stocks, including the North Sea and Baltic, are showing strong signs of recovery, European Commissioner for Maritime...
14 July 2015
Mediterranean Fisheries Multiannual Plans Now a 'Political Priority'
EU - The latest fish stock data has revealed significant progress in northern waters but that more effort needed in Mediterranean where overfishing still continues....
08 July 2015
Eel Population to Decline if Conservation Measures Not Implemented
EU - Italian researchers have developed a model of the long-term population trends of the European eel to assess the effectiveness of conservation policies, and...
07 July 2015
Marine Protected Areas Should be Managed as Integrated Networks
EU - Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) should be managed as integrated networks rather than isolated units because of the high degree of exchange between them, a new...
02 July 2015
Leading Restaurants Help Support Seafood Sustainability, Traceability Message
EUROPE - The Environmental Justice Foundation’s (EJF) Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign is now in full swing, with prominent German and UK restaurants collecting...
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