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29 April 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: salmon slump v halibut high
The values of Alaska salmon permits are on a downward slide, while prices for quota shares of other catches – notably halibut, black cod and various crabs –...
07 March 2017
Alaska Fish Factor: Crabbers Haul Back Pots from Panhandle to Bering Sea
US - Alaska crabbers are hauling back pots from the Panhandle to the Bering Sea, and reduced catches are resulting in record prices for their efforts. ...
23 February 2017
Weaker Lobster Landings, Growing Demand Forcing Prices Up
US - Current lobster prices on the North American market are at the highest they have been in ten years. A combination of weak landings and higher demand has pushed...
17 February 2017
Province Announces Nova Scotia-China Live Lobster Quality Project
CANADA & CHINA - A new lobster quality initiative between Nova Scotia and Tmall-Alibaba, an online retail company in China, will set a premium quality standard for...
15 February 2017
New Shellfish Licences Issued to Shetland Fishermen
UK - Five new shellfish licences have been granted to creel and scallop fishermen in Shetland. ...
08 February 2017
Weekly Overview: Rare Ice Age Fish Filmed in Derwent Water
GLOBAL - A rare fish that is thought to be from the Ice Age has been caught on video for the first time at a lake in Cumbria, UK....
02 February 2017
Co-op Scheme to Boost Australian Rock Lobster Exports
AUSTRALIA - Thanks to loan from the Western Australia government, Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative will now be able to build a 80-tonne live lobster holding...
27 January 2017
New Crab Species Discovered in the Caribbean
BONAIRE, CARIBBEAN - Recent underwater photographs and video obtained using scuba equipment by underwater photographer Ellen Muller at dive sites in the National...
26 January 2017
Norwegian Shellfish Exports Increased in 2016
NORWAY - Norway exported 44,000 tonnes of shellfish worth NOK 1.8 billion in 2016. This is a volume increase of 10 per cent and an increase by value of 21 per cent...
19 January 2017
Commerce Secretary Declares Fisheries Disasters for Nine West Coast Species
US - The US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has determined there are commercial fishery failures for nine salmon and crab fisheries in Alaska, California and...
16 January 2017
Ocean Acidification to Hit Dungeness Crab Fishery
US - The acidification of the ocean as seawater absorbs increasing amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will reverberate through the West Coast's marine...
13 December 2016
Caribbean Spiny Lobsters Found to Get Food From an Unexpected Source
UK - Researchers from the UK's University of Plymouth have found that chemosynthesis plays an unexpectedly essential role in supporting populations of the lucrative...
09 December 2016
High Levels of Shell Disease Detected in Bunbury Harbour Crabs
AUSTRALIA - Tests on crabs in the Bunbury area have revealed higher than normal levels of a shell disease....
08 December 2016
Can Atlantic Cod Return to Canada’s East Coast?
CANADA - There could be a glimmer of hope for Atlantic Cod Stocks from the Canadian Maritimes. The Gulf of Maine Research Institute has designed a new fishing net...
29 November 2016
Fishing Ban Welcomed After Earthquake Damages Fisheries
NEW ZEALAND - Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand that has damaged the Kaikoura fisheries, a harvesting ban and a $2 million...
16 November 2016
Australian Rock Lobsters Bounce Back
AUSTRALIA - ​A tagging study by Fisheries scientists has indicated the highest numbers of western rock lobsters along the west coast in decades....
15 November 2016
Foreign Investors Buying up Nova Scotia Inshore Lobster Fishery
CANADA - Foreign investors may soon be illegally buying up Nova Scotia’s iconic lobster fishery, according to the Canadian Independent Fish Harvesters’ Federation....
24 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: New Study Investigates Climate Change's Impact on Alaskan Salmon
US - A changing climate is altering rain and snowfall patterns that affect the waters Alaska salmon call home, for better or worse. A first of its kind study now...
17 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Sockeye the Exception in Rough Salmon Season
US - It was a rough salmon season at most Alaska regions this summer, with Bristol Bay being the big exception. While sockeye catches exceeded expectations, all...
12 October 2016
Weekly Overview: Breakthrough for Commercial Rock Lobster Production
GLOBAL - Researchers at the University of Tasmania, Australia, have made a breakthrough in the commercial production of rock lobster, successfully closing the lifecycle...
11 October 2016
Aquaculture Breakthrough to Transform Sustainable Lobster Production
AUSTRALIA - In a world-leading breakthrough for aquaculture, researchers at the University of Tasmania, have developed a unique aquaculture system that makes it...
10 October 2016
Rising Temperatures Reduce Marine Diversity but Increase it in Freshwater
UK - In contrast to previous research, scientists have found that habitat warming can reduce the diversity of species in marine environments, but increase speciation...
Alaska Fish Factor: US Senate Candidates Get Ready for Kodiak Fisheries Debate
Fish on! The lure of reaching a statewide radio audience has once again attracted a full slate of political hopefuls to Kodiak for its popular fisheries debate....
05 October 2016
International Cooperation to Advance Scotland’s Shellfish Industry
UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is to work with New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation, the Cawthron Institute, to explore...
Scotland's Marine Reserve Sees Lobsters Thrive
UK - The first and only fully-protected marine reserve in Scotland is proving highly beneficial for marine conservation and fisheries, with lobsters more than doubling...
Environmental DNA Used to Provide Early Detection of Invasive Crayfish
US - A University of Illinois researcher and his colleagues have analyzed environmental DNA (eDNA) to successfully detect the presence of the highly invasive rusty...
03 October 2016
Nova Scotia Urges Fair Access for Lobster Exports
CANADA - Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell has underlined the importance of fair access to export markets for Nova Scotia lobster to the standing...
19 September 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Tanner Crab Fishery Awaits Revival
US - Cordovans are hoping to revive a long lost Tanner crab fishery in Prince William Sound as a step towards keeping the town’s waterfront working year round....
05 September 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Crabbers Stunned By Latest Outlook
US - Bering Sea crabbers were stunned last week when the outlooks for the upcoming fall and winter fisheries were revealed....
02 September 2016
International Crab Trade Declining
GLOBAL - With only one tanner crab processing plant left in Alaska, which by law cannot process more than 30 per cent of the total volume, a significant amount of...
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