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29 November 2016
Fishing Ban Welcomed After Earthquake Damages Fisheries
NEW ZEALAND - Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand that has damaged the Kaikoura fisheries, a harvesting ban and a $2 million...
16 November 2016
Australian Rock Lobsters Bounce Back
AUSTRALIA - ​A tagging study by Fisheries scientists has indicated the highest numbers of western rock lobsters along the west coast in decades....
15 November 2016
Foreign Investors Buying up Nova Scotia Inshore Lobster Fishery
CANADA - Foreign investors may soon be illegally buying up Nova Scotia’s iconic lobster fishery, according to the Canadian Independent Fish Harvesters’ Federation....
24 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: New Study Investigates Climate Change's Impact on Alaskan Salmon
US - A changing climate is altering rain and snowfall patterns that affect the waters Alaska salmon call home, for better or worse. A first of its kind study now...
17 October 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Sockeye the Exception in Rough Salmon Season
US - It was a rough salmon season at most Alaska regions this summer, with Bristol Bay being the big exception. While sockeye catches exceeded expectations, all...
12 October 2016
Weekly Overview: Breakthrough for Commercial Rock Lobster Production
GLOBAL - Researchers at the University of Tasmania, Australia, have made a breakthrough in the commercial production of rock lobster, successfully closing the lifecycle...
11 October 2016
Aquaculture Breakthrough to Transform Sustainable Lobster Production
AUSTRALIA - In a world-leading breakthrough for aquaculture, researchers at the University of Tasmania, have developed a unique aquaculture system that makes it...
10 October 2016
Rising Temperatures Reduce Marine Diversity but Increase it in Freshwater
UK - In contrast to previous research, scientists have found that habitat warming can reduce the diversity of species in marine environments, but increase speciation...
Alaska Fish Factor: US Senate Candidates Get Ready for Kodiak Fisheries Debate
Fish on! The lure of reaching a statewide radio audience has once again attracted a full slate of political hopefuls to Kodiak for its popular fisheries debate....
05 October 2016
International Cooperation to Advance Scotland’s Shellfish Industry
UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is to work with New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation, the Cawthron Institute, to explore...
Scotland's Marine Reserve Sees Lobsters Thrive
UK - The first and only fully-protected marine reserve in Scotland is proving highly beneficial for marine conservation and fisheries, with lobsters more than doubling...
Environmental DNA Used to Provide Early Detection of Invasive Crayfish
US - A University of Illinois researcher and his colleagues have analyzed environmental DNA (eDNA) to successfully detect the presence of the highly invasive rusty...
03 October 2016
Nova Scotia Urges Fair Access for Lobster Exports
CANADA - Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell has underlined the importance of fair access to export markets for Nova Scotia lobster to the standing...
19 September 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Tanner Crab Fishery Awaits Revival
US - Cordovans are hoping to revive a long lost Tanner crab fishery in Prince William Sound as a step towards keeping the town’s waterfront working year round....
05 September 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Crabbers Stunned By Latest Outlook
US - Bering Sea crabbers were stunned last week when the outlooks for the upcoming fall and winter fisheries were revealed....
02 September 2016
International Crab Trade Declining
GLOBAL - With only one tanner crab processing plant left in Alaska, which by law cannot process more than 30 per cent of the total volume, a significant amount of...
19 August 2016
Global Warming's Saltier Beaches Have Implications for Mussels, Crabs
US - Batches of sand from a beach on the Delaware Bay are yielding insights into the powerful impact of temperature rise and evaporation along the shore that are...
18 August 2016
Strong Lobster Supplies but Weakening Demand
GLOBAL - In 2015, global lobster landings reached 160,000 tonnes. Over half of these are comprised of American lobster (Homarus americanus), which dominate the world...
Goans Complain Too Many Barriers to Crab Farming
INDIA - Barriers to land use, non-availability of seeds and high initial investment are currently holding back Goans who are eager to start crab farming....
16 August 2016
Spanner Crab Catch May Increase in Cooler Waters
AUSTRALIA - New research as found that fishermen can catch more spanner crab in cooler waters. Previous studies thought catch rates were connected to warmer temperatures...
11 August 2016
Low-Powered LED Lights Can Improve Snow Crab Catchability
CANADA - The Atlantic Canada snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) fishery may have started out as a bycatch fishery over 60 years ago, but today it has become the second...
04 August 2016
Fishermen Share Tips on Reducing Ghost Gear
UK - A new short film featuring fishermen in Wales, working as part of the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Initiative, shares top tips on how fishermen can reduce...
27 July 2016
Western Australia Deep Sea Crab Fishery MSC Certified
AUSTRALIA - The Western Australia Deep Sea Crab Fishery has been certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishery standard....
22 July 2016
Goa Offering Financial Assistance to Develop Aquaculture
INDIA - In an attempt to boost aquaculture in the state of Goa, the state fisheries department recently launched new schemes for enhancing mussel and crab farming....
13 July 2016
Nutriad at VietShrimp in Vietnam
VIETNAM - VietShrimp International was successfully held in Bac Lieu (Vietnam) from June 24-26. The theme was “Converge to develop Vietnam Shrimp Industry.”...
29 June 2016
Fisheries Unite for World’s First MSC Certified Recreation, Commercial Fishery
AUSTRALIA - A monumental milestone in fisheries management has been achieved following a collaborative effort from community based organisation, Recfishwest and...
27 June 2016
Alaska Fish Factor: Eco-entrepreneurs Turning Crab Shells into New Products
US - Turning crab shells into every day products is becoming a reality for the Tidal Vision team of eco-entrepreneurs from Juneau....
Rock Lobster Research Leads to Positive Management Changes
AUSTRALIA - Commercial Rock Lobster fishers will now be able to fish for prized Southern Rock Lobster year round, as part of new arrangements that will add value...
23 June 2016
New Breeding Tactics Discovered in Male Banana Fiddler Crabs
AUSTRALIA - While male banana fiddler crabs (Uca mjoebergi) in Australia typically court females, some may coerce mating by waiting for females to enter their burrows...
08 June 2016
Fiddler Crabs Use 'Morse Code' to Attract Mrs Right
JAPAN - Male fiddler crabs produce female-luring vibrations in their burrows. The vibrations and pulses that male fiddler crabs produce when they are trying to lure...
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