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14 February 2017
Aquaculture Project for Tribespeople
INDIA - After scripting a success saga in an inland aquaculture project to improve the lives of tribespeople in the Karapuzha reservoir, the Central Inland Fisheries...
03 January 2017
Fish Gene Bank to Help Cope with Climate Change
INDIA - Experts have recommended setting up a common gene bank for vulnerable fish species as well as setting up fish sanctuaries in order to mitigate the impacts...
15 November 2016
Scarce Freshwater Fish Pose Danger in India
INDIA - Alarm bells have started ringing in India. Migratory fish like the Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha), which travel long distances inland through major rivers in East...
11 November 2016
African Catfish Battle to Stay in India
INDIA - The African catfish (Clarias gariepinus), a banned variety of fish in India as it has been posing a threat to indigenous varieties, appears to be making...
09 November 2016
Fishmeal Company Ordered to Close Following Pollution Breaches
INDIA - The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has served a closure order on the Golden Fish Meal and Fish Oil Company at Semmankuppam due to violations...
17 October 2016
New Mackerel Species Expected to Form New Commercial Fishery
INDIA - There is a new kid on the block in South India and it is called the Indian Chub Mackerel. The new species is expected to become a potential resource for...
06 October 2016
Toxin Accumulation in Marine Fish Causes Ciguatera Outbreak
INDIA - Outbreaks of ciguatera in India’s coastal city of Mangaluru is seen as an indication that a part of the marine fishery in the region might have toxin accumulation...
28 September 2016
Japan, South Korea Show Interest in Indian Seafood Sector
INDIA - Japan and South Korea, two major forces in the seafood sector, have expressed interest to invest in value addition of seafood products in India, said India’s...
27 September 2016
Indian Seafood Industry Calls for Single Global Quality Monitoring Agency
INDIA - Seafood exporters of India have demanded for a single international agency to oversee quality control and related issues for export of marine products, writes...
15 September 2016
New Eel Species Found on Indian Coasts of the Bay of Bengal
INDIA - Scientists from Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered at least two new species of eel fish, within last ten months, from the Bay of Bengal along...
12 September 2016
Ocean Warming Disastrous for Indian Ocean Species and Ecosystem
INDIA - Ocean warming, which is already affecting humans, fish stocks and crop yields while posing the threats of more extreme weather events and increased risk...
08 September 2016
Fish Byproducts Converted to Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
INDIA - Large quantities of fish are consumed in India on a daily basis, which generates a huge amount of fish waste material. In an attempt to do something positive...
06 September 2016
India Plans to Upscale Fisheries Production
INDIA - In order to increase livestock and fishery production in the country while providing livelihood opportunities to farmers, India has earmarked over 1000 crore...
25 August 2016
Odisha State Eyes Rs 3,000cr from Seafood Exports in 2016-17
INDIA - The Odisha state government is hoping to export seafood worth Rs 3,000 crore during this financial year. It has adopted a comprehensive fishery policy to...
24 August 2016
India’s Blue Revolution: Fishery Production to see a Boost in Andaman & Nicobar Islands
INDIA - In order to boost fishery productions and achieve the goal set under the Blue Revolution plan, the government of India has expeditiously initiated various...
21 June 2016
New Policy to Increase India's Fish Export Earnings
INDIA - India has set an ambitious target to increase the country's export earnings from fish and fish products from Rs 33,441 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 1,00,000 crore...
17 May 2016
India's 2016 Marine Fish Production Below Estimates
INDIA - Marine fish production in the country stood at 3.58 million tonnes in 2015-16, against the potential yield of 4.41 million tonnes estimated for India's exclusive...
31 March 2016
MPEDA, Tata Trusts to Help Rural Communities Move to Aquaculture
INDIA - The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has partnered with Tata Trusts to help rural communities which are dependent on fisheries and aquaculture....
09 February 2016
Odisha State Aims to Produce 500,000 MT Fish in 2015/16
INDIA - The Odisha state government has set a target to produce five lakh metric tonne (MT) (500,000 MT) fish in 2015-16, said the fisheries and animal resources...
05 January 2016
Rs.3,000 crore Scheme Approved for India's Fisheries
INDIA - The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Prime Minster Narendra Modi, has approved a Rs.3,000 crore umbrella scheme for the integrated...
09 November 2015
India to Revise National Policy on Marine Fisheries
INDIA - The minister of agriculture, Radha Mohan Singh, has announced that the government is in the process of revising the National Policy on Marine Fisheries which...
05 November 2015
Norway Looks to Double Seafood Exports to India
INDIA - Norway is looking to double its seafood exports to India over the next few years and so is urging the Indian government to improve the country's marine regulatory...
19 October 2015
Odisha Targets Rs 10,000 Crore from Marine Exports by 2020
INDIA - Odisha is the first state in India to adopt a comprehensive fishery policy, which aims to generate revenue worth Rs.10,000 crore from marine food exports...
09 October 2015
Mumbai gets First Ever Live Seafood Mart
INDIA - Cambay Tiger - India’s finest seafood brand - has launched the city’s first ever LIVE seafood mart in Bandra, the heart of Mumbai....
06 July 2015
Record Revenue from Indian Seafood Exports
INDIA - India exported a record one million tonnes of sea food in the last fiscal year, the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has said....
29 June 2015
Andhra Pradesh Announces New Fisheries Policy for Aquaculture Development
INDIA - Andhra Pradesh's Agriculture Minister, P Pulla Rao, has announced that the state government has devised a new fisheries policy with the aim of enhancing...
12 June 2015
Melghat Farmers’ Eye Sustainable Fishing Technique
INDIA - In order to try and save the environment from further deterioration, Melghat fishermen are being taught more sustainable fishing methods....
08 June 2015
Odisha to Spend $4 Million on Lake Chilka Development
INDIA - In order to develop lake Chilka for fishermen’s benefit, Odisha state will spend $4 million (Rs 26.74 crore) during the fiscal year....
05 June 2015
India's Marine Fish Catch Down by 5 Per Cent in 2014
INDIA - With marine pollution and changes in temperature in the ocean climate, India’s marine fish catch has recorded at drop of five per cent in 2014....
India not Tapping Deep Sea Fisheries Resources
INDIA - With an exclusive economic zone of 2.17 million sq km of deep sea, India is yet to make use of its 541,000 sq km zone rich with marine resources....
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