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11 August 2016
Raw Material from Byproducts Expected to Increase
UK - Scientists at the University of Stirling have used models of current and future fisheries and aquaculture production, based on FAO data, to provide estimates...
09 August 2016
Leading Mycotoxin Experts Map the Current, Future Scientific Landscape
GLOBAL - While several highly publicized incidents related to mycotoxins in food and feed have attracted worldwide media attention in recent years, including the...
05 August 2016
Authorities Failing to Address Toxic Issue with Poultry Litter as Fish Feed
INDIA - Highly putrefied poultry litter being used as feed in fish tanks in Andhra Pradesh is generating a toxic biocycle....
26 July 2016
Shrimp Industry to Benefit from New Feeding Protocol
ECUADOR - Aligning the right high-specification nutrition with precise feed management procedures could bring a new golden era for shrimp farmers in Ecuador and...
Aquaculture Testing Agency Investigated Over Certifying Substandard Products
VIETNAM - A Vietnamese aquaculture surveying, testing and accreditation centre, under the directorate of fisheries, is being investigated by police and the government...
21 July 2016
The Truth About Mycotoxin Binders
GLOBAL - Binding, or adsorbing, specific mycotoxins to limit their negative effects in livestock is a well-established method for mycotoxin deactivation. While a...
08 July 2016
Japan Learns Secrets of Norway's Sea Urchin Feed
NORWAY - A recently signed license agreement allows the Japanese company Nosan to learn Nofima’s secrets of sea urchin feed. Secrets that Nofima has been researching...
06 July 2016
Industry Insights: Increased Production, Improved Animal Welfare Meet Global Needs
ANALYSIS - The growing population, increases in household income and water scarcity are key drivers for the protein industry, and technology that can increase production...
24 June 2016
How Little Omega-3 Can Farmed Salmon Cope With?
NORWAY - Marine omega-3 is much sought after by people and fish alike. But the resource is in short supply and must be distributed wisely. Farmed salmon is one of...
21 June 2016
DIVERSIFY: New Species for European Aquaculture
EUROPE - Increasing halibut egg batch size, the training of meagre juveniles to feeding stimuli and the development of a vaccine for Viral Neural Necrosis, are some...
15 June 2016
BioMar, Cargill, Skretting Join Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)
GLOBAL - Three of the leading industry feed companies, Biomar, Cargill (former EWOS) and Skretting have now joined the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) as Associate...
New Egypt R&D Partnership to Focus on Tilapia Feed Efficiency
EGYPT - A new Fish Nutrition Research Unit has opened at the WorldFish Abbassa Research Center, in Egypt. The facility will focus on tilapia nutrition and testing...
13 June 2016
Cargill Releases EWOS's Sustainability Achievements for 2015
NORWAY - Cargill's EWOS brand continues to make measureable progress in its key sustainability indicators, according to its annual sustainability report. The EWOS...
07 June 2016
Breakthrough Made in Progress Toward Fish-Free Tilapia Feed
US - Dartmouth College scientists have discovered that marine microalgae can completely replace the wild fish oil currently used to feed tilapia, the second most...
02 June 2016
BioMar Launches New Microalgae Based Sustainable Fish Feed
DENMARK - The BioMar Group has launched a fish feed containing marine fatty acids from microalgae - easing the pressure on marine resources....
01 June 2016
Nutriad Helped Sponsor 2015-2016 USA Scholarships
US - International feed additives producer Nutriad, alongside various other corporate sponsors, proudly sponsored Targeting Excellence and as such contributed to...
31 May 2016
AquacultureUK2016: Big Fish Feed Potential for Scottish Whisky Industry
UK - Horizon Protein, a spin out from Heriot-Watt University, is working with the Scottish malt whisky industry to produce a low cost locally sourced sustainable...
27 May 2016
Olam's New Feed Mill to Give West African Aquaculture a Big Boost
NIGERIA - Although aquaculture is a popular enterprise providing employment for many thousands of West Africans, a number of factors have limited its growth. These...
18 May 2016
Fish Mercury Levels Affected by Prey Type and Quality, Study Finds
US - Whether fish hunt nearshore or in the open water and what prey they eat affect the amount of mercury that accumulates in them, a Dartmouth College study shows....
17 May 2016
Emerging Mycotoxins: Overview and Occurrence
GLOBAL - Emerging mycotoxins are a class of compounds that are attracting increasing interest among the scientific community primarily due to their high occurrence...
13 May 2016
Scientists Call for Review of EU Rules Preventing Insect Use in Feed
EU - The EU-funded PROTEINSECT project has recommended a comprehensive review of European legislation to allow for insect larvae to be used as a source of protein...
12 May 2016
Thai Union on Track for Another Record Year
THAILAND - Thai Union Group PCL (TU) reported 2016 first quarter consolidated sales of THB 31,257 million, up 9.3 per cent from THB 28,606 million from the same...
10 May 2016
Future Growth of Brazil's Aquaculture Sector Should Include IMTA
BRAZIL - Despite an economic crisis, Brazil's aquaculture sector has contined to grow at a fast rate of 8-10 per cent each year and with more than 8 million km of...
06 May 2016
TerraVia and Bunge Launch AlgaPrime™ DHA for Aquafeed Market
US - TerraVia, Inc. and Bunge Limited are launching native, whole algae DHA as a sustainable specialty feed ingredient, prioritising the aquaculture market, which...
27 April 2016
BIOMIN Commits to New Mycotoxin Project
EU - Mycotoxins, fungal metabolites that afflict cereals and other crops, cost the European agriculture industry around €3 billion each year and pose harm to human...
22 April 2016
Putting the Organic into Aquaculture
GLOBAL - With an estimated global value of just over U$84 billion in 2014, the organic industry is projected to grow to an estimated U$131 billion by the end of...
21 April 2016
'Trickle of Food' Helped Deep Sea Creatures Survive Asteroid
UK - A team led by experts at Cardiff University has provided new evidence to explain why deep sea creatures were able to survive the catastrophic asteroid strike...
18 April 2016
Marine Harvest Reports Better Than Expected Harvest Volumes
NORWAY - Marine Harvest has reported a total harvest volume of 97,000 tonnes for the first quarter of 2016. This is higher than the predicted volume of 93,000 tonnes....
New Feeding Strategy a Boost for Yellowtail Kingfish Industry
AUSTRALIA - A new feeding strategy for yellowtail kingfish has delivered rapid results and the potential for a $2 million boost for the state's industry....
15 April 2016
Calysta FeedKind Protein is Proven Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Fish Feeds
US - Leading sustainability advisor The Carbon Trust has assessed Calysta’s FeedKind™ protein against a number of key sustainability metrics, finding that it...
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