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18 May 2016
Fish Mercury Levels Affected by Prey Type and Quality, Study Finds
US - Whether fish hunt nearshore or in the open water and what prey they eat affect the amount of mercury that accumulates in them, a Dartmouth College study shows....
17 May 2016
Emerging Mycotoxins: Overview and Occurrence
GLOBAL - Emerging mycotoxins are a class of compounds that are attracting increasing interest among the scientific community primarily due to their high occurrence...
13 May 2016
Scientists Call for Review of EU Rules Preventing Insect Use in Feed
EU - The EU-funded PROTEINSECT project has recommended a comprehensive review of European legislation to allow for insect larvae to be used as a source of protein...
12 May 2016
Thai Union on Track for Another Record Year
THAILAND - Thai Union Group PCL (TU) reported 2016 first quarter consolidated sales of THB 31,257 million, up 9.3 per cent from THB 28,606 million from the same...
10 May 2016
Future Growth of Brazil's Aquaculture Sector Should Include IMTA
BRAZIL - Despite an economic crisis, Brazil's aquaculture sector has contined to grow at a fast rate of 8-10 per cent each year and with more than 8 million km of...
06 May 2016
TerraVia and Bunge Launch AlgaPrime™ DHA for Aquafeed Market
US - TerraVia, Inc. and Bunge Limited are launching native, whole algae DHA as a sustainable specialty feed ingredient, prioritising the aquaculture market, which...
27 April 2016
BIOMIN Commits to New Mycotoxin Project
EU - Mycotoxins, fungal metabolites that afflict cereals and other crops, cost the European agriculture industry around €3 billion each year and pose harm to human...
22 April 2016
Putting the Organic into Aquaculture
GLOBAL - With an estimated global value of just over U$84 billion in 2014, the organic industry is projected to grow to an estimated U$131 billion by the end of...
21 April 2016
'Trickle of Food' Helped Deep Sea Creatures Survive Asteroid
UK - A team led by experts at Cardiff University has provided new evidence to explain why deep sea creatures were able to survive the catastrophic asteroid strike...
18 April 2016
Marine Harvest Reports Better Than Expected Harvest Volumes
NORWAY - Marine Harvest has reported a total harvest volume of 97,000 tonnes for the first quarter of 2016. This is higher than the predicted volume of 93,000 tonnes....
New Feeding Strategy a Boost for Yellowtail Kingfish Industry
AUSTRALIA - A new feeding strategy for yellowtail kingfish has delivered rapid results and the potential for a $2 million boost for the state's industry....
15 April 2016
Calysta FeedKind Protein is Proven Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Fish Feeds
US - Leading sustainability advisor The Carbon Trust has assessed Calysta’s FeedKind™ protein against a number of key sustainability metrics, finding that it...
Overcoming Challenges to Export in Kenyan Aquaculture
KENYA - Issac Njagi, from the Technical University of Kenya, explains some of the common challenges faced by Kenyan fish farmers wanting to export to international...
14 April 2016
Only Two Weeks Remaining to Enter Aquaculture Feed Competition
GLOBAL - There are just over two weeks remaining to enter the F3 (Fish-Free Feed) Challenge. ...
08 April 2016
Global Aquafeed Market Expected to Reach $156 Billion by 2022
GLOBAL - According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, the global aquafeed market is poised to reach $156 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 13.3% during...
05 April 2016
Weekly Overview: New Locally Produced Feed to Cut Costs for Indian Shrimp Farmers
GLOBAL - Researchers at the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) in India have developed a highly cost-effective formulated feed for the shrimp...
New Indian-Made Shrimp Feed to Cut Costs for Farmers
INDIA - Researchers at the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) have developed a highly cost-effective formulated feed for the shrimp industry....
NASA Examines El Nino's Impact on Fish Populations
US - NASA scientists are studying how El Nino years can have a big impact on the amount of phytoplankton available in the ocean for fish to eat and therefore the...
31 March 2016
Combined Mycotoxin Threat to Livestock Rated High in the US, According to BIOMIN Survey
US - Increased occurrence and co-occurrence levels in the 2015 corn harvested in the United States pose a higher risk to livestock production in 2016, according...
29 March 2016
Weekly Overview: Improving the Standard of Asia's Aquaculture
ANALYSIS - Despite the fast growth of aquaculture in Asia, there are still sustainable and technological advances that need to be made....
18 March 2016
Lake Huron's Chinook Salmon Fishery Unlikely to Recover
US - Lake Huron's Chinook salmon fishery will likely never return to its glory days because the lake can no longer support the predatory fish's main food source,...
15 March 2016
Changes in Aquaculture Feed May Impact Seafood Nutritional Benefits
US - New research published in the journal Environment International has suggested that a move toward plant-based feeds in quaculture alters the environmental footprint...
10 March 2016
Infographic: The Global Mycotoxin Threat 2016
GLOBAL - The prevalence of mycotoxins, toxic fungal metabolites found in almost all types of agricultural feedstuffs and grains, is a major concern with regards...
09 March 2016
Mycotoxin Testing and Survey Results: Biomin Webinar
GLOBAL - Watch the webinar with experts from BIOMIN and Romer Labs for an an in-depth discussion about monitoring mycotoxins using available detection methods. ...
08 March 2016
Weekly Overview: HAB's Cause Huge Salmon Losses in Chile
ANALYSIS - Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB's) in southern Chile have so far caused the deaths of millions of salmon....
07 March 2016
Paraiso Springs Becomes First Latin American Company to Offer Four-Star BAP Tilapia
GUATEMALA - Paraiso Springs Aquaculture Guatemala is Latin America’s first company qualified to offer Global Aquaculture Alliance four-star Best Aquaculture Practices...
AQUACULTURE 2016: The Future of Fish Nutrition
US - The development of fish nutrition has come a long way over the last few years but more research needs to be conducted into trace element nutrition, the use...
26 February 2016
AQUACULTURE 2016: Advances in White Worm Feeding
US - White worms are commonly used in the diets of many farm raised fish. As the aquaculture feed industry strives to become more sustainable, research is looking...
24 February 2016
AQUACULTURE 2016: Aquaculture to Meet Future Demand for Seafood
US - Future growth to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population must come from aquaculture, explained Dr James Anderson, University of Florida, whilst giving...
22 February 2016
Nutriad Concludes 2016 Polish Maize Mycotoxin Survey
POLAND - Poland is one of Europe’s biggest grain producers and the farming sector has changed dramatically since it joined the European Union (EU) more than 10...
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