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23 April 2015
New Shrimp Net Design More Fuel Efficient, Reduces Bycatch
MEXICO - Researchers at the National Fisheries Institute (INAPESCA) have created a new shrimp net design which is more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly...
22 April 2015
Acoustic Device Helps Prevent Sea Bream Damage to Shellfish Farms
FRANCE - An acoustic device to scare away sea bream causing damage to mussel and oyster stocks has been developed by the French Research Institute for Exploitation...
17 April 2015
Innovation Will Help Develop Oman's Marine Biotechnology Sector
OMAN - Using marine resources such as seaweeds, fish and microbes to develop new products for the healthcare, agriculture and other industries could hold the key...
16 April 2015
Win a Training Session with Fish Vet Group Through Fish 2.0 Business Competition
GLOBAL - Aquaculture and seafood businesses from around the world are being encouraged to enter the Fish 2.0 competition that connects sustainable fisheries and...
Support for Canadian Seafood Exports
CANADA - British Columbia's seafood harvesters are to receive support to help promote and increase export demand for Canadian Pacific sea urchins and sea cucumber...
15 April 2015
€3.1m AquaSmart Project Helping Fish Farms
IREALAND - Irish tech experts have joined industry and research partners across the EU and Israel on a pooled research and technology project which is set to boost...
10 April 2015
Sino Agro Prawn Farm Prepares for First Stocking
CHINA - Last year, Sino Agro Food (SIAF) a vertically integrated protein food producer, reported that it was building what will be the world’s largest freshwater...
09 April 2015
Early Warning System Designed for Freshwater Harmful Algae Blooms
US - NOAA has joined forces with NASA, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and US Geological Survey to transform satellite data designed to probe ocean biology...
07 April 2015
Have a Go at Playing the New Sustainable Fishing Game
EU - An educational computer game has been released that demonstrates to the players the complexities of sustainable fishing....
31 March 2015
South Korea Making Progress in Bluefin Tuna Farming Development
SOUTH KOREA - The South Korean government is aiming to successfully develop bluefin tuna farming in Jeju, by forming a research cluster comprised of government research...
30 March 2015
Alaska Fish Factor: Volunteers Needed to Help Shape New Safety Rules for Old Boats
US - Volunteers are needed to help craft new safety rules that are being written for older boats – which includes the bulk of Alaska’s fishing vessels....
27 March 2015
Industry-Changing Sealice Control Research gets Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre Funding
SCOTLAND, UK - The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has announced grants worth almost £950,000 to two research projects initiated by the salmon industry....
26 March 2015
Cutting Edge Tools to Better Assess Europe's Marine Biodiversity
EU - EU-funded researchers are helping marine scientists and governments to accurately assess the state of biodiversity in Europe’s waters....
24 March 2015
Cyclone Pam Destroys Fisheries Infrastructure in Vanuatu
VANUATU - Strong winds, heavy rains and floods resulting from Tropical Cyclone Pam have caused extensive damage to agriculture throughout Vanuatu, including the...
Agriculture Must Adopt Better Water Management to Ensure Sustainable Food Supplies
GLOBAL - As people around the world celebrated World Water Day 2015 on Sunday 22 March, the United Nations released a new report predicting major water shortages...
Marine Harvest Investigates Using Trees for Salmon Feed
NORWAY - Marine Harvest is investigating the potential to use coniferous tree products as salmon feed....
23 March 2015
Scientists Promote Climate-Smart Agriculture to Tackle Climate Change
FRANCE - Scientists and farmers must liaise, so that the necessary agricultural transitions can be implemented to face the challenges of climate change in in the...
20 March 2015
Chinese Premier Stresses Economic Targets, Agricultural Reform
CHINA - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for more reforms in agriculture and foreign trade....
17 March 2015
€17.8M Irish Fishery Harbour Programme Announced
IRELAND - The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, has announced the full details of a €17.8 million Capital Investment Package for...
12 March 2015
Fish Vet Group Expands Technical Offering into Zebrafish Research Industry
US - Fish Vet Group (FVG) the world’s largest provider of aquaculture veterinary and diagnostic services is expanding its US offering into the Zebrafish research...
Haiti to Expand Aquaculture Operations
HAITI - Due to its economic opportunities, aquaculture is growing rapidly in Haiti....
25 February 2015
New Fish Drying Technology Boosts Livelihoods in Ivorian Towns
AFRICA - A new and easy-to-assemble fish drying technology pioneered by FAO is helping to reduce health hazards, improve food safety and quality, improve working...
23 February 2015
Improve Fish Health with UR30 Copper Mesh Aquaculture Cages
GREECE - In 2012, Fitco Metal Works SA acquired from Mitsubishi Shindoh the right to produce UR30 copper alloy wire, which is used to manufacture wire mesh for fish...
Geelong Star Registered to Fish the Small Pelagic Fishery
AUSTRALIA - Australian flagged and operated vessel the Geelong Star has been nominated under the Fisheries Management Act 1991 to fish the Small Pelagic Fishery...
20 February 2015
New Vessel Sets Off for International Bottom Trawl Survey
NETHERLANDS - The RV Cefas Endeavour has commenced an 18 day charter to the Government of the Netherlands organisations Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) and the Institute for...
17 February 2015
Satellites to Allow Ocean Acidification Monitoring from Space
UK - Satellites are to become increasingly important for the monitoring of ocean acidification, revolutionising the way that marine biologists and climate scientists...
13 February 2015
Fish Skin Examined as Wound Dressing
US - As well as being a popular fish, tilapia could have another use - helping to heal our wounds....
12 February 2015
Philippines to Establish Fish Landing Centers Nationwide
PHILIPPINES - The Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) is planning to establish 252 Community Fish Landing Centers (CFLCs)...
10 February 2015
Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop
GLOBAL - Pentair's Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop is a four and a half day workshop held twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall....
2015 Seafood Champion Award Winners Honored at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit
US - Six world leaders have been recognised for promoting ocean health and sustainable seafood at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in New Orelans, US....
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