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03 May 2017
Queensland shrimps hit hard by white spot
New outbreaks of white spot disease have been found in the wild prawn populations of Moreton Bay, Queensland, prompting fears that an additional number of shrimp...
22 March 2017
Concern over dodgy tilapia imports
The Ghanaian authorities have expressed their concern after 1300 cartons of frozen tilapia, which bore no dates of manufacture or country of origin, were seized...
07 March 2017
FEDEACUA, Colombia to Pilot Draft Biosecurity Area Management Standard
COLOMBIA - The Global Aquaculture Alliance and Federación Colombiana De Acuicultores (FEDEACUA) have announced the first pilot of the draft Best Aquaculture Practices...
06 March 2017
Romania Reports Two Koi Herpesvirus Disease Outbreaks in Bucuresti
ROMANIA - The Romanian veterinary authorities have reported two new outbreaks of koi herpesvirus disease outbreaks in Bucuresti....
OIE Implements Plans to Prevent Further White Spot Disease Outbreaks
AUSTRALIA - While no new outbreaks of white spot disease have been reported in Australia, the OIE - in conjunction with the Australian veterinary authorities - have...
03 March 2017
China Strengthens Steps on Food Safety
CHINA - China still faces severe challenges to ensure food safety, despite improvements in recent years, and authorities will maintain a zero-tolerance attitude...
22 February 2017
Further Outbreak of White Spot Disease Detected in Logan River
AUSTRALIA - A new outbreak of white spot disease has been reported on a giant tiger prawn farm in Logan River, Queensland....
17 February 2017
Frozen Shrimp Exports to Korea Must Undergo Quarantine
VIET NAM - Frozen shrimp exported to the Republic of Korea (RoK) from member countries of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) must undergo quarantine checks before...
17 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Researchers Develop New Method for Quick Detection of White Spot Disease
GLOBAL - Researchers in India have developed a new method for detecting white spot disease in shrimps, giving on-the-spot results....
13 January 2017
Australian Authorities Hunt for Source of White Spot Disease Outbreak
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources are continuing to work collaboratively with the Queensland Government to determine...
10 January 2017
Weekly Overview: Endangered Sea Cucumber Farming Operation Receives $2.75 million Investment
GLOBAL - A sea cucumber farming operation in Madagascar has received a $2.75 million investment from Aqua-Spark - the sustainable aquaculture investment fund....
New Disease Detected in Vannamei Shrimps
INDIA - A new virus among Vannamei shrimps, in Thailand and Vietnam, has been detected by the department of Marine Living Resources of Andhra University. The virus...
09 January 2017
Australia Suspends Uncooked Prawn Imports
AUSTRALIA - ​The Director of Biosecurity has suspended uncooked prawn imports into Australia in response to information from the Department of Agriculture and...
23 December 2016
Investigation Finds No White Spot Disease in Wild Queensland Prawns
AUSTRALIA - ​​​No further prawn farms in the Logan River area have tested positive to white spot disease. The response is moving into the next phase, which...
22 December 2016
Sernapesca Confirms ISA Outbreak in Aysén Region
CHILE - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been detected on a salmon farm in the Aysén region of Chile....
16 December 2016
Western Australia Implements Import Restrictions on Queensland Prawns and Worms
AUSTRALIA - Western Australians are being urged to keep to new import requirements to prevent the establishment of white spot disease, following its detection on...
13 December 2016
More Australian Prawn Farms Report White Spot Disease
AUSTRALIA - Following the announcement on 2 December of a white spot disease outbreak, Australian authorities have now confirmed that the disease has been detected...
06 December 2016
Weekly Overview: Simple Test Developed to Detect Pancreas Disease Causing Virus
GLOBAL - Scientists from the University of Glasgow, UK, working with major companies in the aquaculture industry, have discovered a ‘simple test’ can be used...
02 December 2016
White Spot Detected on Queensland Prawn Farm
AUSTRALIA - ​​​White spot disease, a highly contagious viral disease of prawns, has been detected on a prawn farm in Logan River, south of Brisbane....
29 November 2016
New Freshwater Fish Parasite Detected in Japan
JAPAN - Hiroshima University scientists have identified a new species of parasite infecting an invasive freshwater fish on the subtropical island of Okinawa, Japan....
21 November 2016
Romanian Trout Farm Reports Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia
ROMANIA - An outbreak of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia on a Romanian trout farm has been reported to the OIE....
09 November 2016
Saudi Arabia Lifts Pakistani Shrimp Import Ban
PAKISTAN - Saudi Arabia has reportedly lifted its ban on the import of shrimps from Pakistan after extensive deliberations of concerned Ministries and Chairman Pak-Saudi...
20 October 2016
Koi Herpesvirus Outbreak Reported in Romania
ROMANIA - An outbreak of koi herpesvirus has been reported at a carp (Ciprinus carpio) farm in Lugoj....
07 October 2016
Suspected ISA at Farm in Gildeskål
NORWAY - An outbreak of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is suspected at sea site 13006 Hestholmen N in Gildeskål in Nordland county. ...
06 October 2016
Eutrophication Decreases Essential Fatty Acid Content In Fish
FINLAND - Eutrophication and brownification change phytoplankton community structure and decrease the production of essential omega-3 fatty acids in lakes....
20 September 2016
ISA Reported on Frøya Fish Farm
NORWAY - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been reported on a salmon and trout farm in Frøya....
08 September 2016
Suspected ISA Outbreak Disproved
NORWAY - A suspected outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) at a farm in Frøya has now been disproved....
02 September 2016
Suspected ISA Outbreak in Frøya
NORWAY - A suspected outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) has been reported in Frøya municipality following sampling....
26 August 2016
Canada Detects First Case of Whirling Disease
CANADA - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the presence of Whirling Disease in fish in Johnson Lake in Banff National Park....
02 August 2016
Kenyan Trout Farm Confirms Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Outbreak
KENYA - An outbreak of infectious haematopoietic necrosis has been reported on a Kenyan rainbow trout farm....
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