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TheFishSite Newsletter - 6th January 2009
Tuesday 6th January 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Invasion From the Deep: Jellyfish Swarms
From the dark depths of the open oceans vast blooms of jellyfish are descending unforseen upon coastal waters worldwide, reports Adam Anson for TheFishSite. As the frequency of these invasions increases, the threat to both tourism and fisheries alike becomes evermore evident, but what has triggered this increase and what can be done to stop it?
Ocean Sensor Technology
As fish farm units (cages) get bigger, producers are using various techniques and equipment to better manage their stocks, says a report in the CONSENSUS brochure: 'Towards Sustainable Aquaculture in Europe'.
Production Methods for Atlantic Salmon
Rapid increases in production have led to falling prices, which in turn have put increasing pressures on producers to limit costs. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations explains how the different systems of production work.
Fishmeal Market Report - November 2008
In the third quarter of the year, fishmeal production was characterized by very limited catches, a normal feature for this period of the year, reports FAO Globefish.
Schering Plough Aquaculture.
* Global Aquaculture Industry News

   European Union

 » EU and Norway Quota: a Story by Numbers


 » Collaboration on Genetics and Breeding
 » Fish Rationing in Asia Pacific
 » New Research into White Spot Syndrome
 » The Potential of Aquaculture
 » Tilapia Supply Slipped in 2008

   United Kingdom

 » Species of Habit: UK Import Seafood for Consumption
 » Support For Salmon Summit
 » Fish Farm Plan 'Could Hit Seals'
 » Breeding Programme Boosts Endangered Crayfish
 » Infectious Salmon Aneamia Hits the Shetlands
 » ISA Delays Cause Wrath in Scotland


 » Quick Growing Cod: a Step Towards Farms
 » Genetic Characterisation of Farmed Rainbow Trout
 » Artificial Bagged Bait Gives More Haddock
 » Nofima Fight Malnutrition with Herring Milt
 » Success in Norway for Landcatch Smolts
BigPool3 and only from BD Fish Equipment

 » New Species of Catfish Discovered in Sumatra
 » Shrimp Farmers Move from Mangroves to Ocean
 » Ministry Passes 84 Processing for Chinese Exports

   United States

 » Operating Loss for Cape Cod Aquaculture
 » Study Evaluates Harm of Ocean Fish Farms
 » Seafood Science to Improve Image in US
 » Cod Plan for Mussel Farm
 » Catfish Processing Down Eight per cent from Last Year
 » Opposition Grows to Asian Oyster Plan
 » Health Benefits of Farmed Salmon Confirmed
 » Virus Detected in Largemouth Bass in Kansas
 » Uncertainties Lie Ahead for Alaskan Fisheries
 » $2 Million for Areas Affected by Sockeye ‘Disaster’
 » 900,000 Clackamas Salmon Saved
 » Chesapeake Blue Crabs in Decline
 » Interstate Fish Restrictions Delayed Indefinitely
 » Maine Considers Steps to Protect Lobsters
 » Renewed Treaty Protects Pacific Salmon Stocks
 » 50 Years of Fish: An Alaskan Story of Success


 » Oyster Growers Alarmed over Increased Fees
 » West Coast Closure Proposal Draws Wrath
 » New Model Places Strain on Oyster Industry
 » High Quality Prawns Down Under
 » Bid to Beat Black Market Oysters
 » Hard Line for Illegal Crabbing


 » The Price of Farmed Salmon
 » Fishing Industry Calls for Government Talks
 » Rainbow Trout to be Farmed in Manitoba
 » Glancing Back at the History of Salmon Farming in B.C.
 » Future Food: Manitoba's Aqua-Farm Fish Plan
 » Zebra Fish Help in BSE Fight
 » Fishing Continues to Evolve
 » Newfoundland Fishery Proceeds to Exceed $1 Billion


 » Unlocking DNA for Disease Resistant Carp

   Viet Nam

 » Black Tiger Shrimp Drops to 10-Year Low
 » Chile eyes Viet Nam as Potential Market
 » Viet Nam Becomes Eighth Largest Seafood Exporter
 » Mekong Shrimp Farmers Pushed to the Edge


 » Thia Shrimp Producers Wind Down as Crisis Unfolds


 » Chile Alert of Seafood Contamination
 » Disease Leads Salmon Farms to Crisis


 » Mariculture Zones Support Shellfish Farmers
 » Natural Food Better for Tilapia, Fishery Exec Says
 » Philippines Set to Catch a Fruitful Future


 » €11 Billion Budget for Malta Fisheries

   New Zealand

 » Ten Year Struggle: Space Allocated for Aquaculture
 » Warm Waters Slow Growth of NZ Salmon
 » NZ Gov Announce $600,000 Aquaculture Funds


 » Tough Times Ahead for Malaysia's Seafood Industry
 » Malaysia Targets Double in Fish Production
 » Big Profits from Clean Catfish
 » Firm Eager to Breed Endangered Kelah


 » SCN to Start Studies on NGNA against Salmon Virus


 » €202 Million Of Fishing Quotas Delivered For Ireland For The Coming Year
 » Pioneering Cod Farming Project Launched
 » Achill Turbot Farm Opens
Sbae Industries

 » Project to Boost Inland Aquaculture
 » Rare Fish Found in Orissa

   Sri Lanka

 » Boost in Fresh Water Fish Breeding


 » Myanmar Fish Exports Hit


 » Institute Starts Stocking Aquaculture Cages


 » Fish Ponds Growing in Meru Region


 » Grading Catfish


 » Govt Asked to Check Fish Pesticides


 » Fish Farming in Malawi's Dustbowl


 » Fish Farmers Get N5m Loan


 » Study: Fish Memory May Lead to Greener Farming


 » New Threat Found in Chinese Fish: Melamine


 » Bluefin Tuna Farming Gaining Ground


 » Saving the Amazon with Aquaculture


 » Bulgaria at Forefront of Black Caviar Wave

That's all for this week!


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