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TheFishSite Newsletter - 27th January 2009
Tuesday 27th January 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

NEW: Online e-learning Course in Sustainable Aquaculture
A new online course in aquaculture has been launched by the University of St Andrews. The School of Biology in St Andrews will lead the Sustainable Aquaculture course with industry support from and international aquaculture consultants Fish Vet Group.

For more details on this exciting new course see the website.

New Book...

Fish Ponds in Farming Systems
Throughout the last century, specialisation and intensification were buzz words for farmers in the Western world. However, this approach has not resulted in sustainable development. This book demonstrates that an alternative exists.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Harmonising Nature and Technology with Aquaponics
Born from the abstract philosophy of ecocentric ideals, aquaponics has emerged at the very frontier of agricultural technology. Yet, many years after the modern concept was first realised it has yet to receive the commercial recognition that might unlock its true potential, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheFishSite.
Species Protection and Conservation
Fish farming can contribute to the protection and restoration of endangered fish populations living in the wild through the efficient provision of juveniles for release or stocking, says a report in the Consensus Towards Sustainable Aquaculture in Europe publication.
Caligiasis In The Chilean Salmon Farming Industry
Caligiasis is a parasitic disease which affects marine fish in Chile. The parasite is endemic and is located in the skin where it feeds from the mucus of the affected fish, says Maria-Jose Birrer (Intervet Chile Ltd.)
Shrimp Market Report - January 2009
Europe and Japan experienced a noticeable drop of their shrimp imports, while the US market expanded slightly, says an FAO Globefish report.
China Fishery Products Annual 2008
China's aquatic production in 2009 is forecast at 49.5 MMT, up two percent from the estimated 48.6 MMT in 2008, says a USDA Foreign Agricultural Service report.
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* Company News

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Update New Business
US – Leaders from the US division of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health discussed the new combined company at an event held at this year’s North American Veterinary Conference.
* Global Aquaculture Industry News

   United States

 » Pfizer to Acquire Wyeth, Creating the World's Premier Biopharmaceutical Company
 » PetroSun BioFuels Starts Aquaculture Lease Program
 » Seaborne Pathogen Comes to Surface of Research
 » Relief Comes for Chesapeake's Crab Industry
 » Harnessing Ocean Power for Fish Farms
 » FMI Members Support Seafood Sustainability
 » Will US Consumers Eat Up GM Meat Rule?
 » Catfish Processing Down 16 Per Cent from Last Year
 » Catfish Feed Deliveries
New e-learning course on Sustainable Aquaculture from St Andrews

 » Marine Harvest: a Friend of the Sea

   United Kingdom

 » SFF Highlights Measures for Sustainable Industry
 » Still no Source for ISA Outbreak
 » Seafish Highlight Rules for UK Fish Import Labels
 » EU Provides Relief for ISA Struck Shetlands
 » UK Scallop Industry Shunned by 'Prejudice'
 » Beneath the Surface: Minister Reviews ISA


 » Call for Boost to Aquaculture
 » India's Marine Exports Down in 2008
 » Research Keeps Indian Aquaculture on Top
Norvax® Strep Si - Inactivated vaccine against streptococcal disease.

 » New Catfish Species Found

   South Africa

 » Abalone Aquaculture Dialogue Set for Cape Town


 » Concern Over Gulf of Mexico's Aquaculture Plan


 » Rehabilitation of Philippine's Navotas Fish Port
 » Mekong Catfish: a Big Fish in Mindano


 » Concern Raised Over Salmon Management
 » Ottawa Keeps the Faith in Aquaculture
Your biosecurity partner.

 » Chinese Urbanisation to Swallow up Global Grains

   European Union

 » EFSA Tracks European Zoonoses


 » UK University Gives Aid to Malawi Fish Farmers


 » Ireland and Russia Agree on Fisheries Trade
 » Indonesia Teams Up with Malaysia on Fish
 » A Glance at the Global Rise of Shrimp
 » Global Warming and the Suffocating Oceans
 » WWF: Next Step Towards Global Fish Sustainability

   Viet Nam

 » Aquaculture Opportunities in Face of Recession


 » Fish Farming is Argentina's Dish of the Day


 » Aquaculture: Keeping Tuna on the Menu


 » Salmon Neighbourhoods Battle ISA in Chile


 » Tasmanian Salmon: Changing with Climatic Tide


 » Fry Production: Getting the Salt Content Right
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

That's all for this week!


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