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TheFishSite Newsletter - 2 June 2009
Tuesday 2nd June 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Old Industries Get New Looks

85 years old and still going strong, the World Organisation for Animal Health celebrated it's anniversary by renewing and strengthening their commitments. The Assembly proceeded to elect a new President of the Assembly of OIE Delegates. Dr Correa Messuti from Uruguay was elected President for a three-year term of office.

Restructuring was also on the cards for fish farming company NIREUS. A change was announced in the Board of Directors of the Norwegian listed company MARINE FARMS ASA, in which the group controls, directly and indirectly, 33.34 per cent. A new set of objectives was approved amongst the major shareholders.

Bold changes were also made by Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership this week, having agreed on a CA$57 million loan to bear interest at market rates and be secured by mortgages and charges on all property. Clearwater currently has outstanding debt facilities of approximately CA$95 million.

Adam Anson

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Cracking the Demise of Oysters
Oysters were once a dominant feature in temperate estuaries all around the world, but centuries of intensive fishing has decimated their populations. Now, renewed awareness of their importance has gained limelight, and aquaculture may play an essential role in their survival, writes Adam Anson, TheFishSite.
Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation Annual Report
2008 was a significant year in the history of the Scottish salmon farming industry, not least because of the continued growth in production, but also because it is now widely recognised that production standards have improved. Adam Anson, TheFishSite, summarises this annual report by the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation.
A Little Science, a Lot More Fish
Lives of Nepal's subsistence fish farmers dramatically improved with help from an MU professor, some science and vertical cages, writes Randy Mertens, Missouri University.
Fishmeal Market Report - May 2009
In 2008, the fishmeal production in the world’s major producing countries declined somewhat, writes Helga Josupeit in this Food and Agriculture Organisation Globefish report.
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
* Global Aquaculture Industry News


 » Ireland to Open Up on CAP Agenda

   United States

 » Shellfish Research in Deep Bay
 » Restoring Waterways with Bivalves
 » Final Stages for Global Tilapia Farm Standards
 » Report Links Cod Collapse and Fisheries
 » ARS Create Vitamin Supplement Mix for Farmed Fish
 » GAA Appoints New Vice President
 » Miami Business Award Goes to Tuna Project
 » Turning the Tide on Ocean Environment

   Viet Nam

 » Vietnamese Concerned Over a Redefinition of Catfish
 » 30 More Aquatic Enterprises Approved by EU
 » HIV/AIDS: Growing Threat to Viet Nam's Fish Farmers
 » Vietnamese Tra Swimming Against the Tide
Schering Plough Aquaculture.

 » Sustainable Salmon at the Expense of Production


 » Indian Seafood Exporters Vie for New Ministry
 » Rural Aquaculture: New Indian Government Go Inland

   New Zealand

 » NZ$1.9 million Government Support for Aquaculture
 » Strong Sales for Sanford Sustainable Seafood


 » FAO Brings Aquaculture Salvation to Myanmar

   United Kingdom

 » ISA Detected on Fifth Scottish Salmon Farm


 » 2.5 Per Cent Rise in Global Aquaculture
 » FAO Brings Climate Focus to Fisheries
 » 85th OIE Anniversary Marked with New Transparency
 » 2048: End of the Line for Seafood?
 » NIREUS Makes Bold Steps of Change
 » Shellfish Trade Could Disappear to Acidification
BigPool3 and only from BD Fish Equipment

 » FAO Collaborates on Brazilian Aquaculture Census


 » The Enzyme that Keeps Salmon Fresh
 » Cod Larvae Strive on Partially Digested Proteins
 » Observations at Norwegian Fish Farms


 » NIFES Transfers Aquaculture Knowledge to Mauritius


 » Cyclone Causes Chaos on Bangladeshi Fish Farms


 » Philippines Region 2 Fish Production in Yearly Decline


 » Malta Boosts Tuna Ranches in Face of Extinction


 » Genetically Enhanced Tilapia Introduced in Cuba


 » Crossbred Shrimp for Robustness and Resilience


 » Clearwater Reports $57 Million Loan


 » China Gets Tough Over Food Safety

That's all for this week!


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