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TheFishSiteNewsletter - 21st May 2007
Monday 21st May 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Advances in Catfish Harvesting Gear: Seines and Live Cars
By C. Douglas Minchew, Mack W. Fondren, Edwin H. Robinson, of Mississippi State University and John W. Watson and Charles W. Taylor of NOAA, Southeast Fisheries Science Center. Published by the Southern Regional Agricultural Center (SRAC).
Facts on White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV)
By LSU AgCenter. White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) has been confirmed for the first time in Louisiana in crawfish from a pond in St. Martin Parish.
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* Global Fish Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

  Iran, Islamic Republic of

Support for shrimp industry
IRAN - Experts are scrutinizing a comprehensive plan to support shrimp farmers and exporters as they are pushing for its implementation.


Farmed salmon vital element of BC economy
CANADA - A profile of the British Columbian salmon farming industry showed the sector made a significant contribution to coastal economies last year.

Anti-aquaculture campaign a fallacy - Lost capacity down to ecomonics
CANADA - There is no moratorium on salmon farms in BC, writes Jennifer Lash of the Living Oceans Society and the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform. Her comments are in response to a recently published article by Dan Miller, British Columbia's former premier: Let's Keep Options Open.

Fish farm report likely to reignite controversy
CANADA - Environmentalists and salmon farmers are bracing for a renewal of hostilities expected to begin today with the release of a British Columbia government committee report on sustainable aquaculture.

Aquaculture Committee Recommendations Ignore Scientific Research
OTTAWA - The BC Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture today recommended that the entire BC salmon aquaculture industry be moved to closed containment production systems within the next five years. This recommendation threatens to undo 30 years of research dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of BC's salmon aquaculture industry.
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  United States

Chinese fish no threat, says US official
US - The director of Mississippi's Poison Control Centre has said that the Chinese catfish suspected of being tainted with outlawed antibiotics poses no threat to human health.

Virus Hits Crawfish Pond; Quarantine, Tests Under Way
US - A virus that could threaten the state’s crawfish industry has been confirmed in a commercial pond in St. Martin Parish, prompting a quarantine of the pond and a testing program to determine the spread of the disease.

FDA continues investigations into melamine-spiked feed
US - The FDA is continuing its investigation into the presence of melamine and its compounds in fish feed manufactured by the Canadian company Skretting.

Alaska's salmon season is officially underway
ALASKA - Alaska's 2007 salmon season is officially underway and it promises to be another good one. The statewide catch is projected to come in at 171 million fish, up more than 21 percent from the 2006 season.

FDA Clears Fish of Melamine in Washington State
US - Food and Drug administration lab tests have found no detectable levels of melamine in farmed fish from Washington state.

American Shrimp Co. certifys own evaluators to boost capacity and quality standards
US - Wild American Shrimp, Inc. (WASI) has announced that it has completed the training of 100 Licensed Certified Evaluators (LTEs) who will ensure that wild-caught U.S. shrimp processed in facilities along the southern Gulf and Atlantic coasts meet the highest of standards.

Fish farm fined for pollution and unapproved water system
US - MONTAGUE. Australis Aquaculture, a fish farm at Turners Falls, has reached an agreement with the state Department of Environmental Protection to address odours from its plant and correct its wastewater treatment system.

Aquaculture turns to high-end fare
US - Gene Evans is Florida's only commercial fish farmer raising beluga sturgeon, prized for white meat and $100-per-ounce caviar. He used to hunt fish, now he's farming them and beleives its;l the way to feed the world.

Aquaculture Lobbyist: A Big Fish In A Small Pond
US - FLORIDA. Pet fish may not appear powerful, but they do have their own political lobbyist.

Consumer group calls for chinese fish ban as import rejections escalate
US - A Food & Water Watch analysis reveals that refusals of seafood shipments from China for veterinary drug residue contamination increased dramatically in April, even though the U.S. Food & Drug Administration inspects barely one percent of all seafood imports.
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  New Zealand

Chickens come home to roost on botched aquaculture reforms
NEW ZEALAND - Labour need to come clean and admit they botched the 2005 aquaculture reforms, says National's Environment spokesman, Nick Smith.

Aquaculture legislation to be amended, minister says
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand's Government is going to amend aquaculture legislation. An Environment Court decision has indicated that aquaculture activities could be allowed outside designated management areas, said Environment Minister David Benson-Pope.

Bureaucracy forces NZ mussel farmer to quit after 30 years
NZ - Three decades have passed since Peter Large joined a small group of hardy men to nurture an emerging industry, grown entirely through number eight wire ingenuity. Now there are well over 2000 hectares of mussel farms in Marlborough's pristine sounds, producing 50,000 tonnes of mussels and making up 80 percent of the industry's national $350 million yield.


First government-owned fish farm in Parwan
AFGHANISTAN - The first-ever government-owned fishery has been launched in the central Parwan province. The fish farm, built in Tajikan village of the Jabal Siraj district, will start production in the coming six months.


Rapid expansion warrants more research
AUSTRALIA - Aquaculture is a diverse and rapidly expanding industry that makes a significant contribution to regional development in all Australian states. The Commonwealth Scientific Industry Research Organisation is developing improved breeds, feeds, and health and environmental management systems to support the sustainable growth of Australian aquaculture.
  Viet Nam

Invasion of Species in Vietnam's Water
VIET NAM - Vietnam has imported 41 species of strange aquatic animals in the past 50 years. The Ministry of Fisheries’ investigation shows that seven species must be under strict control because they can damage ecological balance in the country.

RoK certifies hundreds of Vietnamese fish exporters
VIET NAM - An additional nine Vietnamese seafood exporters have been licensed to ship their products to the Republic of Korea, bringing the total number to 323.

Shrimp exports to Japan to undergo semicarbazide testing
VIET NAM - Shrimp exports from Viet Nam to Japan will now have to undergo semicarbazide (SEM) testing, says the National Fisheries Quality and Veterinary Directorate (Nafiqaved).

Fisheries industry nets award
VIET NAM - The fisheries industry has been conferred the Golden Star Order by the State for retaining its rank as the world's fifth largest fish farmer for five years in a row.


Fiji explores fish farming opportunities
FIJI - Fiji is looking to fish farming as a potential future export earner. Officials are among a Pacific-based delegation who are currently training in Thailand to learn more about farming coral fish such as grouper.


Cell cultivation success marks advance for immune research in cod
NORWAY - Fiskeriforskning has successfully cultivated cod cells in the laboratory. With its own cell culture, research into cod health will be more effective.


Seafood From China May Pose A Threat To Human Health
CHINA - Adding to China's recent problems of food safety is now seafood contamination. As the world's largest producer and exporter of fish and fish products, China may need to more closely monitor shellfish contaminant levels, because contaminants are finding their way into seafood.


US extends deadline to file marine dumping details
INDIA - Indian marine products exporters are breathing a sigh of relief after the US Department of Commerce (DoC) extended the deadline for filing the mandatory quantity and value (Q&V) questionnaire in the anti-dumping case to May 23.
A clear vision from Intervet Aquatic Animal Health.
  European Union

Wider EU fish policy wants aquacultural development
Brussels - The steady growth in the demand for fish products represents great potential for the aquaculture industry in Europe. In a speech to EU officials outlining the future of the union's fisheries policy, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Commissioner Joe Borg said more could be achieved by widening Europe's strategy - and fish farming is a key player.


Greek share goes up in Norwegian firm
GREECE - Greece's largest fish farming business Nireus, now owns a 29.88 percent of Norwegian fish producer Marine Farms.


AngloGold Ashanti commissions aquaculture project
GHANA - An aquaculture project comprising a suite of fish growth schemes integrated with livestock rearing, a year-round leafy vegetable farming and ecotourism has been commissioned at Homase in the Amansie Central District of Ashanti.


Sabah to embark on aquaculture in a big way
MALAYSIA - The Sabah government has identified a site, covering 69,900 hectares, for aquaculture development in efforts to boost the state fisheries industry.


50 shrimp farms and crops last in tidal surge
BANGLADESH - The tidal surge that swept the coast last week washed away shrimps from at least 50 farms and damaged crops on about 2,000 acres in 12 villages in Patuakhali Sadar and Baufal upazilas.

  United Kingdom

British prawns go to China then come back again
UK - Supermarkets and food producers are taking their products on huge journeys, despite pledging to cut their carbon emissions.

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