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TheFishSite Newsletter - 20 July 2010
Tuesday 20th July 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: How Important Is Sustainability?

In Canada, the Department of Fisheries has proposed new Pacific Aquaculture Regulations, which it is hoped will increase sustainability in the sector.

The regulations are currently open to comments.

The Marine Stewardship Council has warned that the North East Atlantic mackerel could lose it's accreditation if arrangements aren't made to allocate quota sensibly.

The Council is concerned about the sustainability of North East Atlantic stocks as countries are increasing the pre-arranged quota allocations.

In the Philippines, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has pledged to promote sustainable fish farming through seminars, live fish displays and other interactive activities at this years Agrilink 2010.

Supermarket, Delhaize America has announced a new sustainable seafood sourcing programme.

The National Prawn Company (NPC) and Saudi oil company Aramco met earlier this week to discuss possible areas of cooperation in the field of environmental management.

NPC is currently engaged on a huge expansion project that, when complete in a few years, will cover an area of about five times the size of Bermuda and see the company’s output of top quality prawns soar to over 40,000 tons per annum.

Charlotte Johnston
New e-learning course on Sustainable Aquaculture from St Andrews
* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Iceland Seafood Market Report
The fisheries industry is one of the mainstays of the Icelandic economy, particularly at the present time when the importance of foreign currency generating sectors has increased.
Diamond vs. Square-Mesh Codend Selectivity
Researchers from the New South Wales (NSW), Australian Department of Industry and Investment look at the methods available for harvesting estuarien squid trawls.
Strenghtening The Capacity Of Smallholder Aquaculture Farms
A project by the South East Asian Aquaculture Network identified areas of interest for five countries to help enhance local farmers entrepreneurship, with the long term aims of improving the competitiveness of these aquaculture smallholders in the domestic, regional and global markets, to improve sustainability of their farming systems, to make them adopt responsible farming practices and improve their profitability.
Cultured Aquatic Species - Whiteleg Shrimp
Information on the culture of the whiteleg shrimp from the FAO Cultured Aquatic Species Information Programme.
Schering Plough Aquaculture.
* Global Aquaculture Industry News

   United States

 » New Virus - a Risk to Wild Salmon
 » Harvest Limit Increases For Pollock In NE
 » Reduce Subsidies That Lead To Overfishing
 » NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area In Gulf of Mexico
 » Supermarket Introduces Sustainable Seafood Sourcing
 » Louisiana Blue Crab Fishery Pursues Sustainability Certification
 » Is There A Future For Shrimp Crawfish?
 » MSC Americas Hire Commercial Manager For Retail
 » National Policy For Oceans, Coasts And Lakes
 » Support For US National Ocean Policy
 » Assessing Long-Term Effects of Oil Spill


 » Plaice is Thriving Again

   European Union

 » Bluefin Tuna Naturally
 » Looking At Market Stocks


 » Town Council to Close Processing Plant
 » Salmon Farmers Ready To Review Regulations
 » Pacific Aquaculture Regulations
 » Controlling Invasive Species In Inland Waterways

 » Fisheries Production to Grow
 » BFAR Promotes Sustainable Fish Farming
 » Enhancing Aquaculture Through Feeds & Technology


 » Oceanus Group for Stock Exchange Float


 » Forensic Techniques Boost Traceability
 » NE Atlantic Mackerel Could Lose MSC Certification


 » Storm Causes Over $3 Million Worth Of Damage
 » Governments Urged to Boost Seafood Consumption

   Saudi Arabia

 » NPC And Aramco Cooperate On Environment


 » Iceland Seafood Market


 » Detecting Anisakis in Fish
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
   New Zealand

 » Cash Boost for Bay of Plenty Aquaculture
 » International Fisheries Conference Underway

   United Kingdom

 » DEFRA Allowed to Appeal over Import Levy
 » Humber Seafood Summit A Success

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