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TheFishSite Newsletter - 04 January 2011
Tuesday 4th January 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: New Plan for Alaska Salmon Runs

A new plan for hatching and stocking programmes aims to double the Alaska salmon run by 2030.

The ambitious plan for the next 20 years of hatchery and stocking programmes in the Kodiak area strives to double the number of salmon available through supplementary runs.

The Kodiak Comprehensive Salmon Plan Phase III sets a goal of producing a supplemental salmon run of 19.6 million fish in Kodiak streams by 2030. This is well in excess of both current supplemental runs (about 7.4 million) and even natural runs, which have averaged about 16.5 million fish in recent years.

Steady and rapid development of the Chinese fishing sector has continued, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Over the past five years,the output of aquatic products has kept an annual growth rate of about four per cent with a continuously improved product mix and steadily rising quality and safety, which have ensured effective and safe supply of these products.

It is expected that the total output may reach 53.50 million tons in 2010, the value of total output top 1,200 billion yuan (CNY), and per capita average income come up to CNY8,963 with annual average growth rate of 8.8 per cent.

2010 was a year of "ups and downs" for Scotland's fishing industry, said WWF Scotland in its end of year assessment of the state of Scotland's main whitefish stocks.

The 'ups' included North Sea haddock achieving Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation for sustainability, whilst the 'downs' involved cod stocks failing to recover sufficiently to allow an increase in quota next year, despite the progressive conservation measures taken by Scotland's fishing fleet.

Chris Harris

TheFishSite Fish Pharmacy

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Sea Lice On Farmed Salmonids In Chile
Research by Sandra Bravo, from the Aquaculture Institute at the Universidad Austral de Chile, has identified that sea lice Caligus rogercresseyi, a Caligidae species not previously documented, occurs widely in both the South of Chile and Southern Argentina.
Heavy Metals In Seafood
A new study which benchmarks the abilities of laboratories around the world to measure heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, methylmercury and inorganic arsenic) in seafood has been published by the Joint Research Centre
Small Pelagics Market Update In Namibia
The purse-seine fishery of Namibia consists largely of horse mackerel and pilchards. The latter are mainly canned within Namibia and in South Africa, and are also destined for the South African and UK markets, reports Globefish, a unit of the FAO Fisheries Department responsible for information on international fish trade.
Marine Finfish Production In Cyprus & Malta
Over the last decade, aquaculture has been one of the fastest growing food production sectors in Cyprus. Today it accounts for 70 per cent of the national fisheries production and for 70 per cent of its value.
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* Global Aquaculture Industry News


 » Port Alice Considers Land-Based Salmon Farms
 » Aquaculture Regulations 'Inadequate'
 » Sea Lice Study Accused Of Being Inconclusive


 » Ginger To Handle Construction Of Aquaculture Research Centre

   United States

 » Catfish Feed Deliveries Down
 » Identifying Shellfish That Aren't Safe To Eat
 » Breeding Bigger, Better Pacific Oysters
 » Florida Farmers Feel The Freeze
 » Larvae Helps Marine Reserves Rebuild Fisheries
 » Growing Hypoxic Zones Reduce Habitats
 » Federal Fishing Regulations Affect Fishing Families
 » Ambitious Plan Revealed For Alaskan Salmon Run
 » Ag Secretary Calls For Truce In GM Debate


 » Ministry To Stem Fish Production Shortfall


 » Rearing Salmon In China
 » Jiangxi Shaungshi Expands Into Aquaculture
 » Ocean University Sets Up Exchange Platform
 » China's Fisheries Maintain Rapid Development

 » Improvement In Sea Lice Management Welcomed

   New Zealand

 » Deepwater And HMS National Fisheries Plans Approved

   Viet Nam

 » Tra Fish Breeders’ Dilemma About WWF’s Criteria
 » Brazil Hits Vietnamese Tra Imports With 35% Tax
 » Tilapia Mortality Blamed On Oxygen Depletion

   United Kingdom

 » Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Feed
 » Boosting North Sea Fish Stocks
 » Scottish Fish Prospects For 2011
 » Mixed Reactions To Forthcoming TV Programme
 » Animal Medicines: Change To Sales


 » Is Algae The Future Of Global Fish Feed?
 » Taiwan Supports El Salvadorian Aquaculture
 » New Report Looks At World Cereal, Oilseed Prospects
 » Kuwaiti Capital Backs Turkish Fish Firm
 » BAP Celebrates Anniversary Of Tilapia Certification
 » Tiger Shrimp Producers Warned About IMN
 » Landmark Year For Veterinary Profession Ahead


 » Freshwater Fingerlings Not Source Of Pancreas Disease


 » Honduras & Indonesian Tilapia Seek Certification


 » Seaweed Helps Solve Acidification, Feed World


 » Seaweed And Aquaculture Development In Malaysia


 » Plan To Increase Mangla Fish Output Underway
 » Mariculture New Source Of Livelihood For Fishermen
Biomin - the natural way

 » DIAS Completes Share Capital Increase


 » Tilapia Project Shows Way Ahead For Zambia

   Northern Mariana Islands

 » Micronesia's First Open Ocean Aquaculture Event


 » Wild Fish Species Threatened In Bangladesh

   United Arab Emirates

 » Asmak Set To Expand


 » Company Exports More Farmed Prawns To Europe
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