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TheFishSite Newsletter - 23rd July 2007
Monday 23rd July 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Indonesia Fishery Products Shrimp Report 2007
By USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides highlights of the shrimp farming industry data from the USDA FAS Fishery Products Shrimp Report 2007 for Indonesia. A link to the full report is also provided.
Detection of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus
By USGS. Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) is considered to be one of the most important viral pathogens of finfish and is listed as reportable by many nations and international organizations (Office International des Epizooties 2006).
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
* Global Fish Industry News (link to all this weeks news)

Viet Nam

Food and farming sector needs modernisation
VIET NAM - Vietnam needs to modernise its agriculture and fish production systems if it is to be competitive and become more self-reliant within an increasingly global trading market. It has the potential to be a key player, but it will have to restructure its farming sector, educate its work force and learn to add-value to its products for it to succeed.

Veteran builds model fish farm business
VIET NAM - Returning from the battle for Hue in 1975 to his hometown of Khanh Hoa, soldier Tran Anh Kiet started a fish breeding business that has now expanded into the Central Highlands to provide hundreds of jobs for locals.

Mass mortality in Bac Lieu Sea
VIET NAM - Reports from the arca-breeding co-operatives in the Bac Lieu Sea say that aquatic life is suffereing and marine species have been dying in large numbers.

United States

Hawaii-based buyout will broaden marine activities
HAWAII - Marine Aqua has purchased Hawaii-based Unlimited Aquaculture LLC(UA).

Crawfish virus widespread
US - More than half of 135 Louisiana crawfish ponds tested for white spot syndrome virus so far have shown up positive, according to an LSU AgCenter aquaculture expert.

Ocean Stewards Rally Behind Offshore Aquaculture Bill
HAWAII - A diverse group of Ocean Stewards Institute members, representing the full breadth and depth of the emerging open ocean aquaculture industry, convened at the National Marine Aquaculture Summit in Washington, DC recently.

New VP for UV disinfection specialist
US - Kentucky-based Aquionics has appointed Greg Stanley as its new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

World Wildlife Fund President Describes Fisheries Crisis
BLUE HILL — Carter Roberts has news for you, and it definitely isn’t good.

How to Detect and Confirm Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in Fish
US - A new fact sheet by scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey's Western Fisheries Research Center describes the best methods for resource managers and others to detect and confirm a new and virulent strain of viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) virus in fish, including popular game fish and bait fish.

Oysters destined for double-duty
US - Oysters are prized for their taste and contribute to a vibrant aquaculture industry on the Cape. Now, in a new experiment, the town of Orleans is banking on these aquatic filter feeders to improve the water quality of coastal embayments.
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Oil rigs could become coral farms
Australia - Decommissioned oil rigs off Australia's coastline could become hubs for marine-based businesses such as coral harvesting for aquariums, a fish expert says.

Future park plan
AUSTRALIA - A proposed Ulladulla Future Park will integrate scientific research, tourism and recreation at the town's decommissioned waste water treatment plant site. Concept plans for the project will go before Shoalhaven City Council this week.

Come the raw prawn on Aussie aquaculture
AUSTRALIA - A significant increase in the number of fishers using prawns sold for human consumption as bait/berley is creating a disease pathway for the introduction of exotic diseases into Australia’s marine and aquaculture resources.

New course in growing algae
AUSTRALIA - Academics at the University of Tasmania's aquaculture school are teaching Australia's first course in the unusual skill of growing algae.

United Kingdom

Seeking projects on animal welfare and rural enterprise
UK - The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is inviting applications for its travel fellowships for 2008. Out of the 11 awards offered, two focus on animal welfare and ‘Making a living in the countryside’.

Breach reports now own line
UK - Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation (SSPO) is now reporting breaches of containment on its website.


Chile Admits Sea Lice 'outbreak'
CHILE - The Chilean Government has acknowledged for the first time that sea lice – parasitic crustaceans that affect both wild and farmed fish – are causing serious problems for the country’s lucrative farmed salmon industry.


World Bank Doles Out $32 Million for Fish Farming
NIGERIA - In an effort to boost economic growth and increase access to quality business, the Federal Government of Nigeria has received $32 million from the World Bank, for the production and facilitation of fish farming.
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Rising domestic consumption pulls in shrimp
CHINA - China is changing from a net shrimp exporter to a net importer; more than 80 per cent of Vannamei farmed in China is now consumed domestically.

Chinese firm pumps US$10 million into Mekong Delta
CHINA - Chinese food processor TongWei on July 19 signed a 49-year lease on 7 ha of land in the Tan Huong industrial zone in Tien Giang province for the production of fish fodder.


No easy answers in salmon-farming debate
CANADA - Two words that jump out from the recent Pacific Salmon Forum update are "scientific consensus." The independent advisory forum wants to build one on the topic of farmed fish versus wild fish, but it seems unlikely that's ever going to happen.


EU Farmers Slam WTO Proposals
BRUSSELS - Europe's biggest farmers group slammed World Trade Organisation (WTO) proposals on Wednesday for how to save global trade talks. The proposals, they say would cut import tariffs too much and seemed designed to help US farmers.

New Zealand

NZ an emerging niche player in global Aquaculture market
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand has begun to successfully carve out a very valuable and promising niche in global aquaculture markets, according to a recently released industry note from the world’s leading food and agribusiness bank, Rabobank.

Marine farmers air their frustrations
NEW ZEALAND - Marlborough's marine farmers have aired their frustrations to National Party leader John Key over lack of ability to grow the marine farming industry.

Training to boost aqua-marine industry held in Capiz
Roxas City - The season-long training to help boost the province's aqua marine production was recently concluded.

WWF urges business to take lead in fight vs climate change
PHILIPPINES - The catastrophic consequences of climate change are knocking on the Philippines' door. With increased temperatures, more frequent and stronger typhoons and rising seas expected to be brought about by widespread and increased emission of greenhouse gases, there is a real possibility that coastlines and fishponds will be lost.

Training to boost aqua-marine industry held
PHILIPPINES - Provincial Agriculture chief Sylvia dela Cruz disclosed that the first phase of the collaborative fisheries development project of the provincial government of Capiz, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) and the Capiz State University (CapSU) has already ended.


Tuna Collapse Making Waves
Overfishing, competition from fish farms, water pollution, and government subsidies to fishermen have brought bluefin tuna stocks to near collapse.


More cod breeding expected
NORWAY - This year Norwegian fish farmers are producing 12,000 tons of cod, but predictions estimate that within ten years this volume will have increased to 100,000 tons.


Government keen on meeting national fish production target
CHANA - Government has initiated programmes to meet national target on fish production, said Mr Khalid Syalih, Brong-Ahafo Regional Director of Fisheries.
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Fish exporters set conditions for EPAs
UGANDA - With barely five months to go before the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) come into force, it is still unclear whether agreements in the negotiations will be reached.

That's all for this week!


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