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TheFishSite Newsletter - 3rd September 2007
Monday 3rd September 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Fish Lice in the UK
By Nick Taylor, Cefas and published by CEFAS Finfish News - Issue 3, Winter/Spring 2007. Over 140 species of Argulus have been described throughout the world. The majority of these crustaceans are ectoparasites of fish and are often referred to as fish lice.
Trout Market Report - August 2007
By Nicky Holmyard, FAO Globefish. Peruvian trout producers are set to benefit from a new FAO-funded project that will introduce a management and policy alignment tool to help rationalise and develop the entire aquaculture sector.
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Fisheries Sector has potential, says Tuiloa
FIJI - Principal Fisheries Officer Malakai Tuiloa says the fisheries sector has much potential and if properly planned can generate millions of dollars for the country.

  United Kingdom

Stretching aquaculture's horizons
UK - A Shetland-based maritime college has taken delivery of new fish farm cages which will be used in experimental trials.


Drought does not curb expansion
PHILIPPINES - The Department of Agriculture (DA) expects the expansion of the fisheries sector, one of the biggest economic drivers last year, to remain on target for the second semester of 2007.

  New Zealand

Ngai Tahu Seafoods back in the black
NEW ZEALAND - Ngai Tahu Seafoods has posted a $9.2 million surplus for the 2006-2007 financial year.

Water protection order for Hurunui River
NEW ZEALAND - An application has been lodged to protect the Hurunui River in Canterbury under a Water Conservation Order.

Better breeding could counter cod brood difficulties
NORWAY - Preliminary indications from a three year international research project into cod farming have shown that commercial brooding and production efficiency could be improved by selection techniques and DNA typing, writes Jane Jordan, FishSite Editor.

Herring and mackerel are poor business
NORWAY - Companies processing herring and mackerel made a loss of more than NOK 100 million last year, and preliminary analyses by Fiskeriforskning reveal that, overall, they have not made a profit in the last decade.


Ornamental fish park planned
INDIA - To fully exploit the potential of ornamental fish production and exports, the State Government will set up an ornamental fish aquapark at Manimangalam, near Tambaram.

Aquaculture can fight poverty
INDIA - Focusing on the potential of aquaculture to transform the socio-economic condition of under-developed regions, the city-based Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) has kicked-off a workshop for project directors and other associates of Western Orissa Rural Livelihood Project (WORLP).


Ministry to provide refrigeration at fish landing sites
GHANA - Government has committed seven million euros from funds allocated from the Second Spanish Protocol towards the construction of six cold stores and refrigeration facilities at some fishing sites, Minister of Fisheries, Mrs Gladys Asmah has said.
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  United States

Oyster regeneration programmes signal new hope
US - North Carolina and Virginia are boosting efforts to rejuvenate their oyster production. Two initiatives have been introduced to increase populations and revitalise the ailing shellfish sector.

43,000 endangered fish planted in Utah Lake
US - Earlier this week, the June Sucker Recovery Program transferred 43,000 fish from the Fisheries Experiment Station in Logan to Utah Lake.

Shrimp delivered for ‘giant experiment’ at Blue Ridge
US - Blue Ridge Aquaculture should know soon if its high density shrimp farming experiment will pay off.

US sees Kona Blue as potential model
US - Kona Blue Water Farms could become a model for developing a sustainable US aquaculture industry.

Low Oxygen Impairs Reproduction in coastal waters
US - Low oxygen levels in coastal waters can interfere with fish reproduction. It disrupts the fishes' hormones, says Dr. Peter Thomas, a marine scientist from The University of Texas Austin Marine Science Institute.

Marine park fish ban fears
US - West Coast councils fear a series of proposed marine parks will have significant social and economic impacts on many coastal towns.

Consumers get hooked on tilapia
US - It's the fish that chefs love to hate, but shoppers prize, and both for the same reason: This fish isn't fishy, writes Walter Nicholls.
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Residents demand inquiry after shellfish bags wash ashore
FOX HARBOUR - A Fox Harbour resident wants an inquiry to determine why dozens of black plastic bags were recently found littering a Cumberland County beach.

Proposed BC aquaculture operation rejected
VANCOUVER - For the first time ever, agriculture minister Pat Bell has rejected a proposed aquaculture operation off the BC coast.

Newfoundland and Labrador announce new aquaculture infrastructure
CANADA - A new aquatic veterinary diagnostic facility and new wastewater treatment infrastructure for processing plants have been announced for Newfoundland's south shore.

Salmon farm approved, geoduck proposal nixed
BRITISH COLUMBIA - The BC government has yet to formally respond to an all-party committee's recommendation in May that open-net pen salmon farming be phased out, but its actions since offer a strong hint about its stance.

Province sanctions two new aquaculture licences
VICTORIA - The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands has issued a new finfish aquaculture licence to Grieg Seafood for a site in Nootka Sound.


Century old hatchery with positive future prospects
INDONESIA - Built almost a century ago, by administrators of the Dutch East Indies, a complex of 44 big concrete tanks in the village of Punten, near the central East Java town of Batu, continues to be used for breeding fish.

Big scale industry
INDONESIA - According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), almost 90 percent of the world's fish farm production takes place in the developing world, with Indonesia ranking number two in output.
A clear vision from Intervet Aquatic Animal Health.
  Taiwan, Province of China

Fish farms inspected and imports banned over use of banned drugs
TAIPEI - Officials in charge of fishery policy are scheduled to visit 10 fish farms scattered around Taipei County today to see whether their operators have used banned drugs.


Plant crops to clean up aquaculture waste
Integrated aquaculture has been used for centuries in China, where farmers have grown rice and fish in the same irrigated plot. Now this small-farm practice is beginning to show promise in the West at a larger scale.


Sea-farming project will be expanded
THAILAND - Sea-farming communities on Songkhla Lake will be expanded to boost the shrimp catch and improve the incomes and lives of the fishermen and their families, fisheries officials say.


Terengganu: Biggest hub for Barramundi
MALAYSIA - A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed that could make Terengganu the biggest hub for barramundi prodution in the Asean region. It has the potential to export the fish to Europe and the Americas.

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