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TheFishSite Newsletter - 17th September 2007
Monday 17th September 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Fish Slaughter, Killing, and Euthanasia: A Review of Major Published U.S. Guidance Documents and General Considerations of Methods¹
By Roy P.E. Yanong, Kathleen H. Hartman, Craig A. Watson, Jeffrey E. Hill, B. Denise Petty, and Ruth Francis-Floyd.² University of Florida, IFAS Extension.
Aquaculture and drought
By Philip Read, Aquaculture Extension Officer, Fish Conservation and Aquaculture, Port Stephens Research Centre. Published by New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Primefact 628.
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* Global Fish Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


Fishing for the truth: Farmed Salmon's not all bad
CANADA - For once, low summer Fraser River sockeye runs are not being blamed on salmon farming. Which is surprising, considering that almost every other negative impact on British Columbia's wild fish stocks seem to be pinned on the salmon business.

Festival to celebrate valuable industry
CANADA - Nova Scotia's aquaculture industry will be celebrated this Saturday (September 15) at the Aquaculture Harvest Festival in Shelburne.

New fish farm tested
CANADA - British Columbia's first closed-containment salmon farm is going ahead at Middle Point near Campbell River, using a bag system for small fish and moving to solid-wall containers floating in the ocean as they grow.

Develop fish farm industry — official
CANADA - Aquaculture produces close to 50 per cent of the marketable fish and seafood produced in Nova Scotia, Canada’s top fish-producing province, says a provincial representative.

  United States

Low oxygen levels result in dead fish at Herrin lake
US - Mayor Vic Ritter called it a "natural phenomenon." That's the expert opinion of state Department of Natural Resources field workers in Marion after inspecting the 60-acre Herrin City Lake, where a few thousand dead fish floated to the top of the water from a lack of sufficient oxygen.

Fish farm may be on the move
US - The developer of a fish farm southeast of Pierre wants to go forward, but in a different location.

Freshwater Shrimp Harvested in Wise County
US - Fresh shrimp without taking a trip to the coast is now a reality at a farm in Wise County.

Smoked salmon spread is recalled
US - The US Food and Drug Administration announced the recall of smoked salmon spread due to possible contamination.

Better Tasting Sea Bass From The Institute Of Oceanography
GEORGIA - A group of sushi lovers gathered at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography last week for a special taste-test. Professor Dick Lee has been developing an aquaculture system to raise black sea bass for the sushi market.

Eel-like fish touted as new species
HAWAII - Marine biologist Marc Hughes grabbed his chance the next time he saw the strange fish in an underwater lava tube cave off the Big Island.
A clear vision from Intervet Aquatic Animal Health.
First energy saving hatchery under way
TEXAS - HDR Fish Pro should soon finalise the design of the proposed hatchery. Bids will be accepted for its construction in early 2008, according to Gary Saul, deputy director of inland fisheries with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Senator Clinton Calls for Federal Funding to Control Spread of VHS
WASHINGTON DC – Senator Hillary Clinton joined several of her colleagues in urging the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry to provide assistance in the upcoming 2007 Farm Bill to states whose aquaculture and fishing industries have been blighted by the deadly fish disease, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS).

Scientists hope maggots could help feed rainbow trout, as well as reduce cow manure, fish guts
US - Cow manure and fish guts and maggots. It could all soon be dinner - if you're an Idaho rainbow trout.

Aquaculture farm soon to be shrimp source
US - In a few months the shrimp on the hook at the end of your line may be seeing the outside environment for the first time in its short life.

Salmon farms cause damage to ecology
US - Farmed salmon may be cheaper than wild salmon, but the ecological damage should be considered, too, writes, Eric Spivak.

FDA largely lenient on Asian seafood imports
WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration responded to jitters over Chinese imports recently by banning some of that country's seafood because of contaminants. However, the agency has failed to apply the same standard to seafood supplied from other large exporters that use the same chemicals and fish-farming techniques.


Dual tool: Tilapia offers food and disease control
KENYA - The Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus ) is already a popular food fish in Kenya. But it may also be a great tool in mosquito control, which helps to reduce the spread of the infectious disease malaria.

Comesa countries plan to expand fish markets
KENYA - Small fishing communities are the main explorers of fisheries despite lack of infrastructure.

  United Kingdom

Wildlife Trusts scale up 'Petition Fish' campaign
UK - Sea Vision partner Wildlife Trusts is scaling up its Petition Fish campaign, in support of the Marine Bill, with the introduction of Bernard the Gurnard, an animated online petition.

Wild salmon infected with 'bleeding' parasite
UK - Thousands of wild Atlantic salmon returning to Scotland's rivers have been infected by a mysterious parasite that has left them with bleeding wounds.

Serious fish disease discovered
UK - DEFRA have advised all Kent Fisheries that a serious fish disease has just been discovered at Eureka Fishery on Eureka Business Park.
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

Egyptian firm to set up fish processing plant in Lamu
EGYPT - An Egyptian company plans to establish a multi-million shilling fish processing plant in Lamu District, says Cabinet Minister Njeru Ndwiga.

  South Africa

Mighty Zambezi threatened by fish disease
SOUTH AFRICA - Zambia is blessed with so many natural resources. Among them the Zambezi River which is a source of water and also home to different kinds of fish species. Fishing and fish production is one of the major activities practiced by the local people


Surinder Sud: The blue revolution strategy
INDIA - How the National Fisheries Development Board plans to make India's fisheries a success.

Business dries up for Orissa's dry fish producers
INDIA - Thousands of fishermen in Orissa who once had a flourishing business in dry fish - considered a delicacy in some parts of India - have now fallen upon bad times.

Annul trout fish prod touches 60 lakh
INDIA - In view of the increased demand for trout fish in the state, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Legislative Assembly has directed the Fisheries Department to take steps to increase its production.

MPEDA to promote 'cage' aquaculture
INDIA - India's government trade promotion body, Marine Products Development Authority (MPEDA), will promote cage fish farming, a system prevalent in Vietnam and Scandinavian countries.

US slashes shrimp duty rates after first review
INDIA - The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has announced the final rates of shrimp anti-dumping duties, according to its first administrative review, which covers the period from 4 August 2004, to 31 January 2006.


Malta exploring system for tuna breeding
MALTA - Malta's progress in aquaculture research is being acknowledged. The country has been asked to participate in the SELFDOTT programme together with scientists from seven other countries, said George Pullicino, Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs.

Hatching of amberjacks not ‘small fry’
MALTA - The 10,000 amberjack (accjoli) fries swim unconcernedly in tanks at the Malta Centre for Fisheries Sciences (MCFS) at Fort San Lucjan in Marsaxlokk or in a pen at Marsaxlokk Bay. They are ignorant that they represent a breakthrough in aquaculture research.
Schering Plough Aquaculture.

Genetic studies shed light on white spot shrimp disease
SINGAPORE - Singapore scientists are gaining a clearer understanding of the shrimp viral disease White Spot Syndrome.


Northern prawn industry makes full recovery
AUSTRALIA - The Federal Government says smaller nets, less boats and shorter fishing seasons have resulted in a complete recovery of the Northern Prawn Fishery.

Tasmania's seafood industry gets $4.8 million boost
AUSTRALIA - A package to secure a profitable and sustainable future for Commonwealth fisheries will give Tasmanian businesses and communities working in the sector $4.8 million in Australian Government grant funding.

Commercial fishing banned in metropolitan area
AUSTRALIA - THE metropolitan coast has been declared a ``no go'' zone for commercial fishermen in a bid to protect popular fish species.


First crop of farmed mussels in Georgia
GEORGIA - Fishermen in Georgia are gathering their first-ever harvest of specially farmed mussels and one local farm-owner is hoping to make them a major export.

  Viet Nam

Norway helps Viet Nam bring fisheries law to life
HA NOI - The Norwegian Government will provide $3.36 million US for the second phase of a project compiling Viet Nam's fisheries law, and other related legal documents. It will also help to put the legisation into practice.


Sperm Transplant Between Fish May Preserve Endangered Species
JAPAN - Transplanting reproductive cells between fish may help preserve endangered species or resurrect extinct ones, scientists in Japan say.


Six agencies ink pact to boost seaweed industry
THE PHILIPPINES - A Southeast Asian center based here and five government and private institutions and agencies have joined hands to help arrest the decline of the local seaweed industry.

Minister Coughlan to take over Fisheries
IRELAND - The fishing industry in Donegal can look forward to having direct access to their Minister following confirmation that Agriculture Minister Mary Coughlan is to take responsibility for the fisheries sector.


Norwegian technologist to acquire Canada's Future Sea Technologies Inc
NORWAY - Norwegian fish farming technology supplier AKVA Group has signed a letter of intent to acquire the assets of the Canadian company Future Sea Technologies Inc.

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