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TheFishSite Newsletter - 24th September 2007
Monday 24th September 2007
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Cage Culture: Site Selection and Water Quality
By Michael P. Masser, Auburn University and published by SRAC, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension. In the U.S. the majority of cage culture is practiced in ponds or quarries.
Valuable discoveries in the cultivation of finfish larvae
By Jane Jordan, Editor, TheFishSite. The development of novel marine finfish production requires reliable and cost effective supplies of juvenile fish. The OPEL project - 'The optimisation of environmental conditions for cultivating marine finfish larvae' - was set up to evaluate production methods and establish the economic value of improving the quality of juveniles produced by hatcheries.
Paddlefish Production: Opportunities for Pond and Lake Owners
By Robert A. Pierce II, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Robert S. Hayward, Associate professor, MU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Joe Parcell and Chris Boessen, Missouri Value Added Center, MU Department of Agricultural Economics; Chuck Hicks, Aquaculture research investigator, Lincoln University. Published by University of Missouri Extension.
* Global Fish Industry News (link to all this weeks news)


Nigeria: Flourishing fishing industry
NIGERIA - If there is anyone out there interested in fish farming in Africa, Nigeria is the best place to set up such business. Why? According to findings, Nigeria is the largest Africa aquaculture producer, at 15,489 tones a year. Egypt (5645 tones) followed by five other African countries (Zambia, Madagascar, Togo, Kenya and Sudan). Each produces more than 1000 tones.


Aquaculture gaining in prominence
US - Aquaculture will be the mainstay of fish and fish-based production the world over, according to Kristjan Thorarinn Davidsson, managing director and head of global seafood, Glitnir Bank, one of the three major commercial banks of Iceland.

Floods sink fish farmers
Farmers engaged in pisciculture have been dealt a double blow. If the Barak and its tributaries have swamped their fisheries, loans from financial institutions have left them neck deep in debt.

Pallo fish decline due to water shortage
HYDERABAD - The shortage of water in Indus and heavy fishing pressure from local fishermen are the main reasons of decline of Pallo species’ population says Prof Dr Naeem Tariq Narejo of Aquaculture Department of Freshwater Biology and Fisheries of University of Sindh here on Thursday.

Andhra shrimp farmers in troubled waters
INDIA - Shrimp hatcheries in Andhra Pradesh are reeling under severe losses due to lack of demand and a strengthening rupee.
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International call to end open-net farms
CANADA - Renewed calls to reform salmon farming practices around the world were issued internationally Tuesday by environmental groups and scientists who asserted that the farms will soon push many wild salmon populations to extinction.

Study proves link between emissions and mercury pollution in fish
CANADA - A groundbreaking environmental study to be published in a prestigious American science journal proves that mercury atmospheric emissions will end up in fish in as little as three years. Biologists from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, played a key role in designing and carrying out the experiment.

Fish farms slammed
CANADA - Wild salmon advocates on both coasts have targeted aquaculture operations, calling for major changes within the farmed-salmon industry.

Protecting Wild Salmon
CANADA - Recently a group of individuals wrote an open letter calling for action to protect wild salmon. At the British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association, we understand there are many threats to wild salmon and support the efforts of scientists to determine proper protection methods.

Lice from fish farms called threat
CANADA - Eighteen prominent scientists and researchers say there is no question that sea lice from fish farms are lethal to wild salmon, no evidence to the contrary and a need for greater protection.

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Calls for Balanced Scientific Dialogue
CANADA - The group of scientists who wrote to the Prime Minister indicating that sea lice from farmed salmon endanger wild salmon stocks unfairly expressed only one side of the story, according to Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance.

  New Zealand

Aquaculture apathy stagnating NZ's industry
NEW ZEALAND - Te Puni Kokiri (TPK) has spent more than $180,000 on seven information hui on aquaculture, but only 143 people turned up, says National's Fisheries spokesman, Phil Heatley. But the apathy is not surprising, particularly in Maori communities.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
  Viet Nam

Australian quarantine of Vietnamese shrimp causes outcry
VIET NAM - Vietnam’s fisheries quality agency has slammed a new Australian regulation that requires all shrimp imported from Vietnam to be quarantined and screened for certain diseases.

US dumping tax on two shrimp exporters
VIET NAM - The US Department of Commerce has announced that it will eliminate its 4.57 anti-dumping tax on two Vietnamese shrimp exporters.

All goes swimmingly for nation’s fisheries
VIET NAM - The Vietnamese government and fishery sector strive to meet international regulations on food hygiene and safety, especially those of the European Union (EU)’s, said Luong Le Phuong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Producer issues shares to fund catfish, factory
VIET NAM - Seafood producer TS4, which lists with the HCM City Stock Exchange, will offer two million new shares in a bid to raise capital for two development projects.


Fish kill robs revenue for Taal Lake town
PHILIPPINES - Another fish kill struck Taal Lake destroying at least 35 metric tons of tilapia in two villages, reports the Municipal Agriculture Office (Mao).

Government urged to address mangroves depletion
Fisheries experts and mangrove conservation advocates have urged the government to help stem the alarming depletion of mangroves in the country by implementing rules in the conversion of idle fishponds and other areas to mangrove forestland.

  United Kingdom

Fish kill costs water companies £40,000
WALES - Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and its contractor United Utilities have been ordered to pay more than £20,000 each after pleading guilty to polluting the Taf Fechan in Pontsticill, with approximately three tonnes of waste aluminium sulphate.

Great salmon escape could turn wild fish into ‘couch potatoes’
UK - They are an identical species, but while one is lean and incredibly fit, the SAS of the fish world, the other is an obese, idle creature, a couch potato with fins. When the two interbreed, the results can be a genetic disaster.

Breeding project to define knowledge gaps
UK - A new EU research project will promote the use of genomic tools in farmed fish production. The benefits to the industry are thought ot be substantial and the aquaculture sector is being urged to support it.

New guidelines for fish farming
UK - The Scottish Government has today published the Environmental Impact Assessment Practical Guidelines Toolkit for Marine Fish Farming.
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  United States

'Reservoir ranching' of paddlefish may provide extra income for pond, lake owners
COLUMBIA - One of the planet's oldest fish may present a new opportunity for Missouri pond and lake owners.

Radical change needed to protect marine biodiveristy
US - Around three-quarters of the world's fish stocks have been over-exploited, mainly by commercial fishing. Creating “national parks of the sea” may be the only effective way to reverse trends, says a study by the Worldwatch Institute.

Utah native trout restoration projects deemed to have little impact
US - The US Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that the proposed Native Trout Restoration and Enhancement Projects in southwest Utah will not have a significant impact on the human environment and will not require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.

Aquatic veterinarians form association
US - The newly-formed World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA) held its first general meeting in conjunction with the 2007 AVMA Annual Convention.

DNR Says Hatchery Fish Show No Sign Of Virus
US - A state fish hatchery won approval to stock thousands of brown trout in Lake Michigan and its tributaries after meeting new requirements aimed at reducing the risk of spreading a deadly virus found in fish.

Oyster farming begins to reap what is sown
US - With popularity and prices rising, more Long Island cultivators are taking the plunge, reviving an old industry

US announces new penal tax on Vietnam catfish
US - The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has slapped temporary punitive duties on tra and basa catfish imported from Vietnam based on a 2004 anti-dumping case.

Monthly US Catfish Processing Report
US - Catfish Processing Down 18%, report the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).
Virkon S from Antec Inernational.

Good news for the salmon industry
NORWAY - Recent trials have shown that the salmon harvesting plants can commence using a machine that slaughters salmon quickly and humanely. The current method used by many producers uses CO2, but this system will be banned from 1 July 2008.


Aquaculture expansion condemned
Shack owners in the Fitzgerald Bay area have condemned the government for releasing 100 hectares in the Upper Spencer Gulf for finfish farms without proper consultation.

  European Union

Bluefin tuna fishery closing may be too little too late
FRANCE - The European Commission has announced the closure of the Bluefin tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic, but MEP Marie Helene Aubert of France, a member of the Fisheries Committee, said it’s probably too late to do any good.

  Iran, Islamic Republic of

Shrimp Export Potential High
IRAN - Revenues earned from exporting shrimps are equal to those of petrochemical products.

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