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TheFishSite Newsletter - 28th January 2008
Monday 28th January 2008
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 2 new features this week:

Bacterial Kidney Disease - Detection and Control in Great Britain
Published by CEFAS Finfish News - Issue 4, Summer/Autumn 2007. Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) is a chronic systemic bacterial condition of fish of the family Salmonidae caused by Renibacterium salmoninarum.
Bubbling on: De-gas Project Boosts Land-based Potential
By Jane Jordan, TheFishSite Editor. Land based aquaculture using water recirculation within fish tanks will become increasingly important.
A clear vision from Intervet Aquatic Animal Health.
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Aquaculture: Mutual Interests for Atlantic Ministers
CANADA - Politicians representing Canada's Atlantic provinces have reached regional agreements in six key areas and four themes of importance - and one of them is aquaculture.

Shellfish Opportunity May at Last Bear Fruit
BRITISH COLUMBIA - Don Tillapaugh, Director of Nanaimo's Centre for Shellfish Research says greater investment in British Columbia's shellfish industry will help it realise its true potential.

Charr Partnership for First Nation and Top Producer
NOVA SCOTIA - Arctic Charr specialist Icy Waters has joined forces with the Millbrook First Nation to form an international partnership that will produce and market the premium quality freshwater finfish.


Bleak Outlook for Bangladesh Shrimp Farmers
BANGLADESH - Nearly 400,000 shrimp farmers face an uncertain future two months after Cyclone Sidr struck Bangladesh's southwestern coastal belt.

New Fish Centres to Improve Quality and Revenue
MALAYSIA - Two new fish processing and accreditation centres are planned for the East Coast Economic Region (ECER). The investment will improve revenue capture and boost the earnings of fishermen in the area.

Dutch Acquisition Shelved as Malaysian Business Kicks-off
MALAYSIA - Barramundi production is now underway at Cell Aquaculture Limited’s joint venture business in Malaysia. Business is booming in South East Asia and more favourable prospects here have encouraged the company to pull out of a proposed acquisition for total ownership of a Dutch facility.

  United Kingdom

WWF Stirs Up a Stink
UK - An animated fish puppet emerging from an icebox is WWF International's latest means of pushing the virtues of sustainable seafood.

Raising Temperatures and Local Bass
UK - Technology which uses the movement of fish to heat the water is being used at a fish farm on Anglesey.
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  United States

Catfish Feed Deliveries Rise
US - Total catfish feed delivered in the United States during December 2007 was 7,434 tons, up 24 per cent from December 2006, but down 67 per cent from the previous month.

Kona Fish Farm Facing Opposition
US - A Kona open ocean fish farm is facing opposition as it seeks to double its capacity.

Tank Farmed Marine Species Win Fans
US - As populations of wild fish dwindle, researchers at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, are finding ways to farm marine species in tanks.

What's free about free-market aquaculture?
US - In December, Randy Parker of the Utah Farm Bureau published a case for private aquaculture in the free marketplace. Within it he aimed to justify Mike Noel's Private Aquaculture Revitalisation bill - a bill that if passed, could subsidise private aquaculture to provide trout for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Genome Research Aims to Yield Bigger, Batter Catfish
US - Catfish farmers hope that research at Auburn University will make the state's haul of catfish bigger, healthier and cheaper than ever before.

Anglers Thrown a Line by Hatcheries Plan
US - Florida wildlife officials have embarked on an ambitious plan that would create a statewide network of about 12 new and existing fish hatcheries.

VHS: Great Lakes Strain is Different , say Geneticists
US - A devastating virus that has killed thousands of fish in the Great Lakes over the past few years is different from other strains of the same virus found in Europe and the West Coast of the United States, according to new genetic research by the US Geological Survey.
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  Viet Nam

Trademark Production Will Improve Quality and Export Potential
VIET NAM - Viet Nam's government has embarked on a major initiative to fix quality standards for pangasius exports (Tra and Basa catfish) and develop a 'Made-in-Vietnam' trademark.


BFAR urges fish farmers on mudcrab culture
PHILIPPINES - Experts from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) are encouraging fishfarmers in the coastal areas of Cagayan province to try mudcrab culure.

  Brunei Darussalam

Collaboration Will Boost Aquaculture and Resources
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - Brunei is in discussion with Singapore on possible initiatives to boost revenue potential of the sultanate's aquaculture sector.


Mutual Muttering on a Fishmeal Deal
IRELAND - Irish-based agribusiness Origin Enterprises is believed to be in talks with Norwegian firm Austevoll Seafood to combine their fishmeal and fish oil operations, reports the Irish Independent.
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

Shellfish Plan Put to State
JAMAICA - A group of Kingston fishermen has asked the Board of Selectmen to consider opening part of Kingston Bay to commercial aquaculture.


Better Handling Means Less Mucoso
NORWAY - The stockfish industry can save millions if fish are handled correctly, resulting in less mucoso. After three years of research, fishermen and farmers are being warned to avoid storing gutted fish in seawater.


Eco-Aquarium To Promote Awareness
ORISSA - Bhubaneswar's Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) plans to build one of the biggest ecosystem-based aquaria in the country.

Science Outwits Seasonality and Boosts Production Potential
ORISSA - Hot on the heels of its planned Eco- Aquarium, the Bhubaneswar-based Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) has announced a successful breeding programme Rohu.


Malta Census of Fisheries
MALTA - A total of 80 cages, covering a surface area of 78,773 square metres and with a capacity of 1,758,534 cubic metres, were recorded according to the recently published Census on Fisheries published by the National Office of Statistics.


Prices Poised to Rocket
AUSTRALIA - The price of farmed fish is predicted to soar as the aquaculture industry becomes the latest victim of rising grain prices.

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