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TheFishSite Newsletter - 23rd September 2008
Tuesday 23rd September 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

US Feed Outlook
A fall in US feed grain production this month largely caused by dry weather has only partially been offset by increases in foreign production, according to the US Feed Outlook by the Economic Research Service of the USDA.
Fertilizing Mississippi Farm Ponds
Just like a home garden, the fertility of the water in a pond determines how productive the pond will be, writes Dr. J.Wesley Neal, Assistant Extension Professor/Fisheries Specialist, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. This feature was published in MSU Cares.
Utilisation of Plant Proteins in Fish Diets
The use of plant proteins in fish diets is having an increasing effect on global demand and supplies of grains and oilseeds, says R.W. Hardy, University of Idaho, Aquaculture Research Institute.
Schering Plough Aquaculture.
* Company News

DuPont Eyes Emerging Markets
NEW YORK, US - DuPont is well-positioned for accelerated growth, particularly in emerging markets, Executive Vice President Ellen J. Kullman told investors today.
* Global Aquaculture Industry News

   Northern Mariana Islands

 » CNMI Allay Fears Over Chinese Imports

   United States

 » What's in Your Water? New Oxygenation Process
 » Measuring the Impact of Mussel Rafts
 » Raising Fish in Old Coal Mines: a Healthy Alternative?
 » 'Kiddie Pools' Boosts Clam Hatchery Seeds
 » FDA Draft: GM Animals Under the Microscope
 » FWC: New Limits on Freshwater Turtle Harvests
 » Bracing for Tighter Oyster Rules in Florida

   New Zealand

 » Aquaculture NZ Applauds Sewage Scheme
 » Anderton Sinks National Fish Policy


 » Carp Culture Project Sees Room for Improvement
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

 » Mauritius Fishing Port Gets Kuwait Funding


 » Nairobi Policy to Spur on Fishing Sector


 » Positive Results for HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries


 » Worldwatch Report Envisions Future of Fish Farm
 » Bivalve Depuration: Fundamental Aspects
 » A Global Overview of Sturgeon Aquaculture
 » Insuring Aquaculture in Economic Woe

   United Kingdom

 » The £60m EU Fish Catch
 » Industry Welcomes FSA Listeria Survey
 » FSA: Eat More Fish
 » Sushi: The Catch of the Day
 » Scott Landsburgh: the New Chief at SSPO
 » Smoked Fish and Low Levels of Listeria
 » Scottish Salmon: a Story of Success
 » Essex Nets £85,000 of Funds for Fisheries


 » Jamaica Outlines Fisheries Policy

   European Union

 » EC Review the Common Fisheries Policy
 » Green Light to Mediterranean Advisory Council


 » Support for Fishing Vessel Energy Efficiency
 » Online Animation Illustrates Threat of Sea Lice
 » NDP in Favour of Closed Containment Fish Farms
 » Fish Health Report Confirms BC Industry's High Standards


 » CAARP Bring Help to Cyclone Hit Fish Farmers

   Viet Nam

 » Pollution Soars in the Mekong Delta
 » Mekong Delta Struggles Under Low Prices

   South Africa

 » Abagold in Exporter of the Year Final


 » Eating Fish in Pregnancy Improves Child Development
Your biosecurity partner.

 » Queensland Fin Fish Fishery Review Welcomed
 » Fin Fish Off Limits in Queensland's Coral Reef
 » WA Help Feed World's Farmed Fish

That's all for this week!


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